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Five reasons why Mike Trout will be an Angel for life

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By Jason Sinner, Contributor

5. Most baseball players don’t run home to mommy – There is quite a bit of hoopla around Trout being from the east coast. So what. Most players are on a team that isn’t close to their home town. Even after they’ve hit free agency. Especially superstars. A lot of them chase the money. But otherwise they chase wins. The distraction of being at ‘home’ can actually be a detriment. For a superstar like Trout, it certainly seems like it could be.

4. The Angels are going to be good – We’ll win a wild card spot in 2019 and we’ll win the division in 2020. You heard it here first!

3. Arte will pay him – there won’t be shenanigans. When it comes time, Arte will back up the truck and give him enough to where becoming a free agent won’t even be something he will consider.

2. Albert Pujols – yes. Albert Pujols, but not for the reason you think I mean. Albert should have stayed in St. Louis. He was beloved by the fans and when you are a declining superstar, that’s important. Why? It’s called grace. It the reason why David Price hates Boston. Or any other free agent isn’t as happy as where they were when they came to the bigs. He’ll impart this on Mike. If Albert is worth anything over the next 4 years, it will be this.

1. Mike Trout wants to win HERE. Most players want to win with the team they’ve been with. Not all, but I think Mike does. Because of points 2-5 and because he’s loyal. He wasn’t the the top pick in the draft. The Angels believed in him and he will return the favor. Money and wins need to a be a non issue and they will be. He has no loyalty to the Phillies or Yankees or any any other teams. So if you remove all the other variables, he will stay.

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