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Forum/Club for all things photography. Show your work, ask questions, post cool photos and articles you have found on the web. Please respect the work of others and photos should be safe for general viewing (ie. no NSFW). Unless specifically noted in your post, you should not be posting the work of others.

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  2. AngelsLakersFan

    New Lightroom CC

    Don't know if you read about it yet but Adobe will end support of Lr 6 at the end of the year. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this as a CC user. Up to this point Adobe has done well at easing my fears of becoming locked into their service, but the new Lr CC & Lr Classic seems like a step towards more control and an inevitable price increase. I do theoretically like that Lr CC could back up your entire catalogue to the 'cloud' but the price for that is a little over the top.
  3. red321


    @AngelsLakersFan yes. All handheld. They do not let you bring a tripod in to the location. So I shot at a high ISO and wide open, took advantage of having IS. Fuji has pretty good low light and noise isn't too bad up too 1600.
  4. AngelsLakersFan


    From the album: Anaheim Hills Fire

    Loved the way the sun's reflection in the water looks like fire.
  5. AngelsLakersFan

    Anaheim Hills Fire

    Anyone get any photos of the fire? The sky was so dark, with red and orange hues that I had to pull out the camera and see if I could make something.
  6. AngelsLakersFan


    From the album: Anaheim Hills Fire

    Went a little more contrasty and desaturated with this one. By this point there was some ash falling and my filter was filthy (you can see the dirt in the corners).
  7. AngelsLakersFan


    These are some absolutely beautiful images red. Did you hand hold most of these?
  8. red321

    La Sagrada Familia

    The past few days it's been hard to escape images of the horrible things people have the capacity to do. I was browsing through some catalog items today doing some cleanup, kind of a non thinking task and came upon some photos I've been meaning to get to and I spent some time browsing through them, if only for a reminder that we, as people, have the ability to create and do wonderful and amazing things. Nothing deep, nothing too introspective, just a reminder that from the same minds that can do terrible and horrific things also have the capacity to create and imagine something so beautiful. La Sagrada Familia is the work of Antoni Gaudi, an unfinished Roman Catholic church in the city of Barcelona.
  9. red321

    Lighting cheap I forgot...Fuji doesn't really play well with the intervalometer, I'm thinking I have to stop trying to use the in camera shoot continuously tied in to the intervalometer for long exposure
  10. AngelsLakersFan


    Which one did you get? I got the Shutter boss awhile back. That dock picture I posted was from when I tested it out for the first time. It's not particularly intuitive, but I think I mostly have it down.
  11. red321


    I did start to do some at ISO 100 but ran into some trouble getting the cheap intervalometer I bought to work correctly.
  12. AngelsLakersFan


    Ah makes sense. I was mostly hand holding so I didn't even think of a long exposure. Too bad the ISO's were bumped up on your pics, though it looks like the sky was so dark you probably would have had noise even at ISO 100.
  13. red321


    30 second to 3 minute exposures. In some cases allowed multiple bolts to get captured. If it was daytime neutral density filter would be required. But yes. Lightening was epic. 2 plus hours of lightning.
  14. AngelsLakersFan


    How hard was it to grab these shots? Was the lightning super epic? Don't they have lightning specific shutter releases? There was a bit of a lightning storm off the coast on Sunday night. It was too rare and quick to grab a photo of so I shot a video. The lightning lasted only one frame.

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