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This is a forum for those who want to air their grievances with the way Sosh manages the bullpen, the lineups and the overall game. Seek council and vent here so that you do not kick your dog, yell at your kids and/or wake up with a poo poo face.

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  2. Typo, my ass! You typed:"He brings the infield in with a runner on second" How the hell was that a typo? lol I know Cron wasn't holding anyone on 1b, you nimrod. Why would I have said that when I said there were runners on 2nd & 3rd? Cron was drawn in to try and cut down any more scoring. (pssst it's done all the time, Nancy) You were wrong. Just admit it. Your rant was asinine. Just admit it. As for pulling your head out of your ass, you may want to try that next time you watch a game because you're obviously watching from way deep inside your anal cavity. Holy crap. You are officially the Dumbest Poster Ever on Angelswin For that, we bestow upon you the Lennie Smalls Lifetime* Award. Congratulations! "I wasn't kicked in the head with no horse, was I, George ?" "Be a damn good thing if you was," George said viciously. "Save ever'body a hell of a lot of trouble." *no pun intended
  3. Hey, Bob, I posted at 1am on Saturday morning and it was for the days up through their last game updated. Your brilliant comment was, Where did you get these stats , there not accurate. Trout does have 9 walks in his last 7 games. You didn't even provide stats that differed from what I had posted to prove those numbers were incorrect, which they were not. They were for only the month of September and only through Friday night's game. Trout's walk totals for the Month of September hadn't changed since last Wednesday, he did not take a walk on Friday night (1-4, 2b), they did not play on Thursday. That walk total hadn't changed from Wednesday night through to when you posted on Saturday morning at 9:45am. God, you are a stubborn mule. And you don't know the difference between there, their and they're.
  4. If you go back to that thread and read the responses to your posts you would have to eat your words. I didn't even have to defend the accuracy of my posts, several others stepped up and explained to you how wrong your position was. You wouldn't happen to know a guy from Rancho Santa Margarita, in real estate, hated Vladdy? You sound like amigos.
  5. Bob, most teams draw the infield in to try and cut down a runner trying to score from third to try and keep the score from increasing when they are behind. They can't complete a double play with runners at second and third so the next best is run prevention. Playing back would allow a soft ground ball or bunt to score the runner from third and advance the runner from second to third. Do you not know anything about baseball and that is why all of this frustrates you so much?
  6. It is amazing that Bob can actually remember his log in since he can't remember the events of the game he just watched.
  7. There were runners on 2nd & 3rd, dumbass.
  8. He's going to come up in the 2nd inning after Pujols grounds into a double play and miss out of many RBI spots. F'n Sosh....
  9. “The one real fly in the ointment right now that really needs to be addressed is our ability to churn out quality starts from our rotation,” “The only fly in the ointment was five walks, but he wasn't missing by much ..." He walked four -- the only "fly in the ointment," Scioscia said that would have had us contending, so that's kind of the fly in the ointment." . it was his last inning anyway,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. ... And he struck out (10) so the only fly in the ointment was four walks ... If there's a fly in the ointment, it's that Hamilton had a major off-year "The only fly in the ointment is you're taking a multi-inning power arm out of the bullpen that's already stretched.. "Right now, there's a little fly in the ointment...
  10. Truthfully, almost everything!...... Example: The other night he brought in Revere to hit vs Claudio for the switch hitter Cowart! Revere had never faced Claudio before. And Lefty vs Lefty! I thought, well, maybe, Revere is up to move the runners up via a bunt! Nope 3 swings back to the dugout......Cowart could have done that and the %'s would had been in his favor as he could hit righty vs the Lefty Claudio! Example: Last night: down 3-0 in the 8th inning he brings in our Closer Bud Norris to pitch the 8th chasing 3 runs. Why? Bud has already surpassed his career appearances, he's given up ass the last 3 weeks! So, the over-work he is going to hit a wall and we may need him during our stretch run. Example: All arms in our Bully have been over worked and have now surpassed their career highs in appearances. The only one who had 70+ appearances was Hernandez and he's Gonzo! Example: Last night; needing at the very least a split in the series with the Rangers. Two of our hottest bats in Revere & Valbuena are sitting on the bench. I get the Lefty vs Lefty thing.....But come on SVEN MAKE UP YOUR MIND (See Example #1) !!!! You just threw Revere out there against their Lefty Closer the other night! And Maldonado & Cowart were also sitting for (the other Fat Catcher whatever the fuck his name is Geritol?) and Cliff Pennington!....
  11. Scioscia said he could tell something was wrong with Colon because "the ball wasn't coming out of his hand well." Angels starter Andrew Heaney, making his second start since returning from Tommy John surgery, gave up four runs on eight hits, three of the runs coming in on solo homers. "The ball was coming out of his hand really well tonight," Scioscia said. ... “It's good to see the ball coming out of his hands so well,” Scioscia said. “The ball was coming out of his hand hot,” Manager Mike Scioscia said. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim manager Mike Scioscia ( ... The ball was coming out of his hand well (I guess versus throwing it over a batter's head) ... Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. ... and, all things considered, the ball was coming out of his hand better. Angels manager Mike Scioscia said of Anderson. ... “I don't think the ball was coming out of his hand well.
  12. Ghost Pujols batting third all season, despite the .650 OPS, is maybe the most mystifying thing I have seen in MLB.
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  14. You missed a few. 1. No matter where Mike Trout bat's in the line-up, Mr. Doubble-play (Pujols) is batting right behind him. 2. The 'Running on contact play' with a runner on 3rd and no outs. 3. Giving a player who was 'red hot' the prevous day the next two days off to rest. 4. Calling pitch-outs from the dugout. (Can't the pitcher/catcher use their own common sence?) 5. Having (had) a10 year contract, and more than likely being extended to another 5 years or more.
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