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  2. Confederate Monuments

    Abraham Lincoln monument in Chicago was torched today. A city alderman took to Facebook to condemn this act. “F- Abe Lincoln,” responded someone named Quintin Mitchell, whose comment was “liked” or deemed “funny” by 160 others.... Meanwhile, I wonder how many people were shot there today.
  3. Trumped

    I wonder what percentage of Trump's diehard supporters believe the Pershing story. @Make Angels Great Again?
  4. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    The manager should get credit for the players success.
  5. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Can you tell me with a straight face that Scioscia hasn't gotten the most out of this team that has be decimated by injuries? Questionable tactical decisions does not over shadow strategic success.
  6. What we do know is that the Marlins got a call from the Angels .
  7. Pujols hitting behind Trout

    Dude, it is called satire!, just laugh at it!!
  8. Somewhere in Wyoming is going to also be at 100 percent. The digital highway signs on the 25 in Colorado said to expect heavy traffic all weekend. Joy!
  9. Trumped

    That's what someone who is afraid of pigs blood would say!
  10. Trumped

    I certainly can't speak for all of them but the Muslim members of the Saudi, Bahraini, Jordanian, and Emirati armed forces that I've worked with all laugh at the idea that they're afraid of pig blood and especially laugh at the idea that these people who live in caves and tents would be afraid of it. They may believe in Genies but they aren't morons
  11. Today: Exploring an Angels-Giancarlo Stanton trade

    Meh, not necessarily. In reality if they locked up both, its not drastically more than pujols/hamilton. That said, id rsther pay more money to go see the dodgers right now than angels. (For clarity, i would never go see the dodgers and would never watch them over the angels. But im sure their fans are happier paying more for a ticket than we are paying a little less to see a lot less)
  12. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Scioscia's done a mostly good job this year (minus the Pujols nonsense and overusing Norris when he had clearly turned into a pumpkin), but coaching a below average roster to a merely average record doesn't make for a compelling enough story to win MOTY. They usually give the award to someone who coaches an average team to a great record (like Black or Lovullo in the NL), but since no such team really exists in the AL they'll just give it to Hinch or Farrell for coaching a loaded roster to the record they should be anyway.
  13. Yeah, good to see Adell get that promotion. I really want him to start next year in Burlington, v=because highs school players as good as he is go there. But I just get this nagging feeling the Angels are going to hold him back in Rookie Ball an extra year. They've grown into a middle of the road, maybe slightly conservative when it comes to promoting now, but even that philosophy would suggest Jo belongs in full season ball. I think at the very least, we can say the Angels are using an individual plan for each prospect now, instead of the uniform promotion schedule crap we saw under Reagins and Dipoto.
  14. Hate speech

    Even them!?!
  15. Baseball Photo Trivia

    Hah hah, Harvey Haddix
  16. Today
  17. Trumped

    But yeah also this.
  18. Trumped

    This is a symptom of the current mob mentality. I almost feel bad for her as it isn't hard to see how one could come to this place emotionally.
  19. Trumped

    She should resign immediately.
  20. I could see Calhoun being of interest. He is affordable by Marlins standards and gives them a productive player to at least keep them a fringe contender, provided they don't sell off everyone else. He'd be flippable for prospects too if he rebounds - something they wouldn't be getting much of by dealing Stanton and his contract.
  21. Trumped

    She's a dumbass
  22. Trumped

    “The way I responded this morning was wrong,” she told The Star. “I’m frustrated. Did I mean the statement? No. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. The president is causing damage. He’s causing hate.” Says the person that posted a hate filled message. Her constituents read her statements and could be influenced by her message as a go ahead to take steps that cause damage, that spreads hate. All from a position of authority. Not Trump's but her state senatorial chair. We need a re-education process in America where your own actions and words are your property and not a causation from outside sources. If you live in a house of hate, that's your address, don't say you're only renting.
  23. It is mind boggling that historians even need to be asked about this. SMH

  24. Red, you can stay with my mother-in-law in Salem. Don't believe anything she says about me though.
  25. Trumped

    The other day I said I was concerned something terrible was going to happen. I didn't mean that it could only come from the right.
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