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  2. Couldn’t hurt...his market might collapse some....
  3. Pujols Documentary

  4. Can Angels win World Series?

    I'm clearing my schedule in November for the parade
  5. Pujols Documentary

    No I didn’t watch it.
  6. Anyone tried any of that good ole PRP?

    Our choices in 2016 totally sucked. I don't recall another election in my lifetime in which it was this bad.
  7. FCC Giveaways

    This isn't over by any means.
  8. Unforgiven

    Dipoto was literally as good at building teams as little bill was at building houses.
  9. Pujols Documentary

    Did you even watch any of it? What you think of Dan Lozano/Pujols, even if you think he's his stated age the evidence for HGH/PED's is unquestionably high.
  10. Pujols Documentary

    Pujols was on the grassy knoll, shooting down WTC 7 with weapons created by the reptilian overlords. Wake up sheeple.
  11. +1 Okay to spend money, but don't gut the farm. Bullpen should be a priority.
  12. Pujols Documentary

    We sure needed another Albert hater. Dude is to Albert as AnaheimBob is to Scioscia. I’ll put my Albert is his age logic and put it against what other people think about his age any day.
  13. Pujols Documentary

    Finally, a Fw: fw: fw: fw: thread finds its way to the main forum. I'm surprised Hillary Clinton wasn't mentioned.
  14. Pujols Documentary

    I'm not sure how many people have seen this, it starts to get very interesting around the 37th minute mark. I encourage anyone to watch at least the PED/Dan Lozano/Wil Pujols stuff. It's definitely not boring the way the video was, I found it easy to watch from middle to ending. I think the Cardinals definitely knew some background/dirt on him, his agents, entourage, etc. It would be like if Mike Trout was a FA and we offered him a 5 year deal, kinda just going through the motions/not very serious. In 2011, Pujols was still considered the best player in the game. I honestly agree with Wil Pujols that the culture in Latin America is so strong that it's take this stuff or live in poverty forever. Ozzie Guillen has been very vocal as well that so many latin players are taking PEDS from a young age, using false birth certificates. Miguel Tejada, Vlad, Feliz all lied about their age, all Dominicans. If someone has an agent with that kind of track record and still stands by him I'm pretty sure they're in too deep, they both have blood on their hands so to speak. Players from latin america seem to be super human compared to normal suburbanized mexican-americans. There's like 5 times the population of hispanics in the US that love baseball but all the best players seem to come directly from the caribbean/LA. Cliffs: Pujols was on minimum, HGH, he's probably not even 37.
  15. Can Angels win World Series?

    A lot depends on our schedule in 2018. Looks like we play the NL West in 2018, in addition to our usual series' against the Dodgers? Quite a few good teams in that division. Last year we drew the NL East, which was, and might still be, the weakest division in baseball. All but one team in the NL East finished at least 8 games under .500. And it's too early to tell how much our rivals in the AL West have improved or regressed. Certainly the Astros are still very good. We still have a lot of question marks (as ever!). Will Ohtani make the transition on either side of the ball? Can Albert improve at the plate AND begin to play more first base? How will Valbuena hit with even fewer ABs than last year? Can Cozart learn 3rd and also prove that his hitting stats from last year weren't a fluke? Can Kinsler bounce back, offensively? And then there's the health of the starters and the questions about who slots where in the BP. Lots of question marks, indeed, but I feel like a lot more of them have a chance of going in our favor this coming year.
  16. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    Bill Stoneman vs Stroman.... I say hold on to the prospects. If were gonna make a move, do it via FA. But personally, id lean towards bullpen help. So much of this hinges on who we already have. If ohtani is truly a front line starter, were good. If richards is healthy on top of that, were great. If heaney or skaggs or shoe can be an effective 3, were set. But if the bullpen stumbles, and last year was a fluke... I say keep the farm for the deadline, and give the rotation a bonafide bullpen to take over their leads.
  17. Next Move?

    Flop I just can’t see a scenario where they make all the necessary moves it would take to solve first base. It would require trading Cron and probably Valbuena. They are believed to be only carrying four bench spots. So a catcher, 4th outfielder, a utility infielder and your first baseman.
  18. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread You can vote in a poll. A lot of people are voting yes to the Angels making the playoffs, myself included.
  19. Next Move?

    This, 100% this. There is no way they went out and got Kinsler for 1 year, without planning to make a run. Right now all eyes are on this season, not next, with a nod towards showing Trout they are serious. This is why i dont think they will go with the current 1B solution when options are out there to upgrade.
  20. Today
  21. Improving the Six-Man Rotation

    Lance Lynn
  22. Last minute gift ideas

    That's another way to tell someone to kiss your A$$.
  23. Designated Survivor

    The season ending was interesting.
  24. Angels hire Eppler as GM

    hey it was their copy not mine!
  25. Next Move?

    I think this team as constructed has the potential to take off running. Leaving an extra $15M - $20M for a deadline deal is a luxury they should keep ready if needed. You never know if someone gets injured and who could to be available on the market at that time. Don’t forget that Maybin was a 1 year deal that ended up being less than a year. Kinsler is a stop gap.
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