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  2. One of the weed out questions should be “what is the value of grit ? Describe in detail” anyone who writes anything other then “there is no value in grit” or something to that effect should automatically be disqualified.
  3. Today's lineup for Mesa vs Glendale features 3 players from the Angels farm.
  4. I think we can all agree on one thing. That the next manager should be solid with building a solid clubhouse AND with analytics. Say a combination of Scioscia and AJ Hinch? Sounds like Joe Espada? He and Eppler both worked for the Skanks in 2015.
  5. I mean at some point, wont a manager just carry a laptop with every situation and scenario (and corresponding move) pre-calculated? By that point, the system itself is the manager, not the human.
  6. They should narrow the field down to three guys then have them play a winner takes all Jenga. Talk about being outside the box....
  7. mtangelsfan

    Voter Suppression in Georgia

    LOL, way to garner support with the youth douchebag.
  8. UndertheHalo


  9. Seems pretty clear that most teams in baseball are moving away from those types. Probably for the best.
  10. Angel Oracle

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Something to remember with AD, he's only 27 when the 2020-21 season (first year after FA) starts. I'd just as soon wait until he's a FA during the summer of 2020.
  11. I think I'd rather have first- timer than some crustiness like Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter, or Joe Girardi. Obviously, there is a predictability in those hires but it doesn't appear that is what Eppler is going for.
  12. Angel Oracle

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    I love the 1960s/1970s look, myself.
  13. True Grich

    Moving to Colorado. Tips?

    I've been to Estes park three times and it is one of my favorite National Parks. I've seen moose, elk, big horn sheep and plenty of other wildlife on my visits. It's just a great place to see some nature. Mount Evans is cool too - you can see some mountain goats (not native to Colorado) there. If you're into fly fishing - you'll find lots of places to do that. Coors Field is pretty nice too.
  14. True, although it does open up space for Gurley to run. Might be one of those choose your poison, defensively, strategies?
  15. UndertheHalo


    She should sue him for the money. It’s what he’d do.
  16. Taylor


    Classic Trump.
  17. ettin

    Jean Segura?

    The Mariners will be competing next year so it seems very unlikely that this could occur. On top of that we would have to send an equally valuable piece or pieces. Would be very difficult to consummate but not impossible with a wheeler and dealer like Dipoto. With Cozart's contract I don't think 2B is our issue right now as he is almost certainly slated for the keystone.
  18. Doesnt matter what I want. Just a comment about the lack of experience in these candidates, and wondering if that is intentional. I've always like Showalter, but I have no idea if he is a good fit for THIS front office or THIS team, however it is constituted before 2019. But he is a solid strategy guy who seemed well-liked by the Oriole players. We've had some recent examples of managers with no MLB experience who, according to the reports I've read, struggled as managers. Ausmus was one of them. Dave Martinez. Gabe Kapler. Scott Servais. Dont know how true all that is.
  19. Santa Ana winds down there? Hot afternoon at the latrine could make the over/under on HR's interesting.
  20. You have a choice between two guys in today's lineup. One guy has always played in the past against lefties because the previous manager relied on the traditional lefty/righty matchup theory when making out his lineup cards. However, one player is 5 for 40 in his last 40 at bats against lhp. The other guy went 2 for 3 with a walk, a home run yesterday, and has been raking in his limited opportunities. Are you able to make the decision who gives you the best chance of winning the game today without taking into account how many major league games each guy has appeared in, and who you personally like as a person more? Also, please explain if there is any situation in which the contact play should ever be used. If your answer is "I saw it work once in one of my son's little league games." Please return the test immediately.
  21. totdprods

    scioscia's availability

    It's going to come back around eventually, but I agree, he doesn't really fit what anyone's looking for as of now. I hate mentioning it because it's obvious, but should the Dodgers part with Roberts, the Padres with...Green?, or the Phillies with Kapler while they're still in a window of contention, Sosh seems like a good contender for any of those.
  22. I feel like something like that is more window dressing than actually matters. Its more about how much they want the job if they are willing to go thru it. It also tells me that the big names are out, those guys wont do that. Could you see Girardi being bothered with something like that with his resume? Were looking at Chavez or another first timer, book it.
  23. To be fair. Isn’t Canadian Halo posting from some frozen tundra in Manitoba or something. That can’t be great for cognitive function.
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