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  2. I wasn't discussing the TV show, I was talking about the radio station web site pregame (Smith-Langston), which isn't involved with the FS1 issue.
  3. For the record, I was having In-N-Out as I posted that comment. Yep, I was juicing. True story.
  4. My worry about Barria last year is that he wasn't striking anyone out (6k/9IP), which spoke to mediocre stuff. But his K rate has improved (7.8/9) this year. I haven't seen him pitch, but my instincts say mid-rotation. Do you think it is realistic to consider Hermosillo an option for next year, or am I jumping the gun?
  5. There wasn't a pregame today. The game is on FS1 and the Cubs BoSox game was on and it just ended.
  6. Chuck will be live-Tweeting the game using @angelswin and @PabstBeerUS !
  7. It's definitely one of those I-wish-I-was-there moments.
  8. I would. In fact, I may see it up here in Seattle. The Angels come up next week.
  9. Scribner's certainly put himself on the Angels radar. Hermosillo doesn't look like he's struggling AA so much as the hita aren't falling for him just yet. And Barra looks like he's going to be a starting pitcher in the majors by the time he's 22. The guys just looks like a starting pitcher. Nothing fazes the guy. Like Shoe, you can't tell I tell if he has a no hitter going or has given up 10 runs.
  10. Really simple question, would you go out of your way to buy tickets to games if they are at home and he is at 599 home runs? I am asking not so much about how you feel about Albert, because I know there are a lot of people here that don't really care for him and his performance/contract. I have had the chance to see two guys get 3,000 hits in person, Carew and Brett. I have never seen a 500th home run, or a no hitter, although I had tickets and gave them to my sister in law for Weavers no hitter. I did see a 1 hitter, Willie Frazier allowed a lead off home run to Griffey Jr and then didn't allow another hit after that. I have only gone to a handful of games the last couple of years, but I think I will make a point to go to some games to see this milestone.
  11. I'll keep you posted on which players hit the DL tonight.
  12. Outstanding, bruin
  13. I'm in Montana right now with no way to stream the game.
  14. Duh, the Angels were just keeping with their tradition and retired:
  15. I don't have the MLB audio or video subscription this year, but 830 usually leaves the pre-game and post-game chats open on the free internet. Today the block is up during the scheduled pre-game program. And KLAA has been spotty on removing the block after games on Saturdays. Probably nobody there to make the switch.
  16. Skaggs will miss at least the next 10 days on the DL with a right oblique strain.
  17. Skaggs added to the 10-day DL as well. Oblique strain.
  18. Let's go Halos!!! Let's get the W for Chavez and don't let Naps go yard!
  19. I just checked the weather report again and it looks like the storm has moved east and it looks clear now.
  20. Two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes
  21. Perhaps Trout's extreme studliness causes everyone else to become mere mortals in his presence. Thus, the massive amount of injuries the last few years.
  22. Yeah, it makes no sense that the Angels had to retire Mo Vaughn's number.
  23. I knew I should have checked the weather before i road tripped up here.
  24. /sigh. This is what happens when we hate more than we love.
  25. Today
  26. I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong with the training staff or something along those lines. The amount of pitchers we have on the staff that are extremely fragile is absurd.
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