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  2. Surprising facts about your favorite snack food brands
  3. Mom gets 6-pack after birth
  4. Wow, that's a lot of damage. Going to take some time to repair properly. Water is so powerful when moving like that.
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  6. Angels 3-0 this spring. No stoppin them now
  7. My favorite thing is the early matchups around the country. I like the idea of watching a game at like 5 AM while drinking some coffee and watching a crowd doing chants and being excited. Not sure how many of the early match-ups I'll be able to see(probably be sleeping through most of them) but I dig the uniqueness of seeing a baseball game as I wake up and get ready for the day/.work USA should own if the best players participated but they rarely do so it's hard to have a rooting interest since USA is usually putting out a lesser product of what they SHOULD be able to put out I wish Shohei Otani was pitching this WBC so I could get a bettter look at him as a prospect tbh
  8. Arte legit looks like a ventriloquist dummy that somebody set aside on that table
  9. A Simple Plan with Billy Bob Thornton was a good dark comedy kind of along the lines of Fargo.
  10. Hard to go a week with how many teams and countries would be represented...... But, I could for go the dull drums of July to come back to some meaningful Mid August/September games! Might actually inspire some cellar dwellers to step up!
  11. Yeah, But, But, But....We got Chris Knapp! And the Frosty Bear!
  12. Are we talking out of the bottle Glaus or out of the bottle Lansford?????...... Hey, Thanks Dave McKay!.....
  13. they're laughing with us, not at us.
  14. so the elevation there is about 10k feet?
  15. I'm so confused. Are we laughing at Tank for fake conspiracy or laughing at the media for fake news or laughing at Jason for pointing out what's obvious or laughing at MT for pointing out the obvious for those that needed the obvious pointed out more than just what's obvious?
  16. Maybe a Joe Saunders-type career path? Nothing sexy, but steady enough to have some inflated counting stats if pitching on some good teams? He looked like a MLB pitcher in his brief appearance today. I feel good about Eppler's approach to our pitching this offseason. Considerable risk - maybe enough to still ruin our season - but there's so much potential between our plethora of arms it could really be huge in the long run if we get even a couple panning out. For a team with so much need for cheap, high upside MLB-ready youth, it's well worth the gamble.
  17. You beat me to it!

  19. @ClimateRealists @DailyCaller @BillNye ignore the data massaging to get there. The fact predictions fail and not repeatable no science

  20. 400 yard drives here we come. I'm curious to see this course.
  21. Hahahahahahaha, you mean Montana.
  22. Yeah. And I have experienced that lull too. Had to increase my gym time and drop another beer out of the regular rotation. Down 215 (35 pounds lighter-I am 6'1")
  23. Lansford .vs Glaus is a pretty decent discussion about who was the best 3B to come out of the Halos system... I'd go with Glaus personally.
  24. This. And if you like add the 027 spin.... Trout, Mike Trout Of course it is no secret what he can do.
  25. You guys are kind of like politically correct conservative assholes. Just say "damn Mexicans" and stop being coy.
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