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  2. Here's a look at top prospects to watch in today's Minor League action: View the full article
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  4. You'd think so but it won't. This offense is incompetent
  5. At least all the Doyer fans are getting a boring as hell game.
  6. Ryu definitely pays women to step on his nads.
  7. Odds they score a run tonight?
  8. This is the longest scoreless game ever.
  9. Now...hit him again.
  10. I dint recall saying he is great but it's tough saying your pitcher sucks when he's throwing a shut out. While you may pore over the walks column I pay attention to that pesky scoreboard. I'll take 5 shutout innings from s starter over 6 innings with 3 runs (a quality start) any time.
  11. Take that Doyers!
  12. Simba just wounded Kim Il Jung. Stuff writes itself.
  13. That will slow him down.
  14. Adds a new meaning to "throwing some stank on it"
  15. Watch him get lit up
  16. But 602 homeruns
  17. Kershaw throwing a perfect game tomorrow
  18. Trying to pull those outside fastballs isn't working for Pujols
  19. Glad you think he is something great. Walking 7 or 8 every game isnt gonna work in big leagues bud.
  20. like you're not sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to type something. nice try, bud.
  21. that seems a little bit illegal.
  22. I hope they don't do anything to violate their parole.
  23. You suck Meyer!!! Another scoreless inning. Boooooo.
  24. That has got to be the first or one of the few innings he has not walked a batter.
  25. Meyer has been trying to give this away but they aren't accepting it.
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