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  2. Driverless Car Kills Pedestrian

    While people who think strolling across the street in the dark is a good idea should probably be removed from the gene pool, this might not be the best way
  3. New Trout Pr0n

    can you imagine Trout vs. pitchers who throw in the mid to high 80's that he's seen 3 times in one day? and they're pitching to contact? with no defensive shifts? Imagine if felix hernandez was the best pitcher Trout ever faced. Williams had the highest number of PA vs. Bob Feller. Considered one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Feller had a career 6.1 k/9 and 4.1 bb/9. yet somehow amassed 266 wins and a 3.25 era. Someone with those peripherals in today's game would be laughed at. There is no doubt that Williams was a gifted hitter. Maybe the best hitter ever. I would argue that Votto or Cabrera would be equivalent given the situation. I would argue that Altuve could hit .400 in 1920. Or that Trout would be Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, or Tris Speaker.
  4. He looked good

  5. Basket for lowered right field wall

    I have to say that the basket is the best basket I've ever seen. It's amazing. I'm delighted by the addition of the basket to the right field wall and I hope that more baskets, such as this one, begin to be installed on many more right field walls across the league.
  6. Texas Bomber

    I'm still holding out hope the roommates are involved. They took one of them away today in handcuffs. Waiting for an update.
  7. Basket for lowered right field wall

    Yep... I looked at it over and over and am still confused. And Calhoun is going to be hitting the net with his glove trying to rob home runs?? It’s just weird... and I am also not sure if the net is a basket. Wtf lol I don’t have laser eyeballs. Can someone confirm??
  8. New Trout Pr0n

    I like it when our old white guys get sensitive when people question how the old white guys of yesteryear would fare against today’s brown dudes and their 100 mph pitches.
  9. New Trout Pr0n

    I'm not sure if the doc concludes that Walter Johnson only threw 82. From what I recall, they do a similar experiment with the motorcycle, but with a modern pitcher, can't remember exactly who--might be Verlander--to test the validity of the Feller experiment from back in the day. They also do some actual scientific experiments in order to determine the velocity of some of the older pitchers. It's an interesting watch and it's very entertaining, regardless of whether or not you buy into the science and conclusions.
  10. Baseball Photo Trivia

    This thread is sputtering to a dead stop after five years. Oh well... Anyone??
  11. Trumped

    If this Kurt Swanson has a newsletter I’d like to subscribe.
  12. New Trout Pr0n

    Pardon me for not reading the article, but I find this prediction a bit ridiculous. He would have to average 115 runs a year for 14 more seasons to pass Ricky Henderson. One of the advantages Henderson had is he stole an awful lot of bases, so was in scoring position more frequently. Trout's game has already slowed down in that area.
  13. No he’s talking about Christians.
  14. Texas Bomber

    For FS this whole story is a letdown. White kid instead of Muslim, not a lot of casualties. No scrambling around today looking for the non-existent second bomber. Its like a porno with no money shot.
  15. Today
  16. SI Cover -- Cancel everything...

    Must Frame. Must Hang on the Wall.
  17. Texas Bomber

    Cops are calling him a "challenged" young man. Personal problems led him to become a serial bomber. Sure. Happens all the time, totally understandable. Close the book on this case. Nothing more to see here.
  18. Driverless Car Kills Pedestrian

    What the hell is growing on his head. He has like half a mullet.
  19. New Trout Pr0n

    If this is the doc that claims Walter Johnson (or pitchers of his era) only threw 82 then I'm sorry I just don't believe it. There is no way the human species has evolved to that point especially if you consider Nolan Ryan threw over 100 50 years ago or that Bob Feller threw between 95 and 100 82 years ago! One would have to believe that humans of Feller's era evolved from being able to throw only 82 to 100 in the space of just 30 years from Walter Johnson's time. Sorry I don't believe it. The real truth is that no one knows exactly how hard those guys threw the ball because there weren't any radar guns at that time. There was an interesting experiment done with Feller in which he threw a baseball against a motorcycle that was traveling at 86 mph and had about a ten foot head start. It has been estimated that because Fellers ball beat the motorcycle that it had to be traveling between 95 to 100 mph. Frankly I think the notion that pitchers of Johnson's era ( or Dizzy Dean's and Fellers) were only able to throw 82 mph is preposterous..that's my opinion.
  20. Texas Bomber

  21. Driverless Car Kills Pedestrian

    Plot twist: Not who, but what was in the driver seat.
  22. New Trout Pr0n

    How were the lights back then for night game's? I wonder if the advantage went to pitchers? I'm sure they have improved over the years.
  23. New Trout Pr0n

    There is a great documentary about the topic of pitch speed back in the day called, "Fastball." In the doc, they conduct experiments and try different methods to determine how hard some of the players from back then actually threw. It's pretty interesting and convincing stuff. The doc is available on Netflix. I highly recommend checking it out. It will shed some light for you on the question of how fast some of the guys were throwing before radar guns.
  24. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Holzer is significantly less shit then either of the cones. And he is definitely shit. Anyway, he wasn’t terrible tonight.
  25. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Yea I think they’re pretty much eliminated...
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