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  3. Duren, Duren

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    The first (and best) behind the scenes/baseball diary books were by Jim Brosnan, a decent mid reliever in the late 50s/early 60s mostly with the Cubs, Cards, Reds and White Sox. He got his ass kicked by the 61 Yankees in the World Series, but he was a better writer than player. He had a quote from team mate Stan Musial in one of his books (Pennant Race and The Long Season) that really applies to all negotiations, especially Trout. Musial talked about negotiating a new contract, having been through over a decade of experience at the time. Basically he said words to the effect "Don't try to sell management on what you already did. They bought it before. Sell them on what you'll be doing in the future." All sports have changed dramatically salary and contractual wise over the years, and projecting future performance is much more a science than it used to be, though still prone to unexpected deviations. The amazing thing about Trout is that his past is so consistently elite, and his age and health are at peak levels that selling management on his future is essentially a no brainer. As sure a thing to project as there is in baseball. ESPN had a story yesterday saying he might be worth a billion dollar contract factoring in a plethora of issues. And like Musial, destined to play for the same franchise well into two decades.
  4. good points...a big part of what this deal does and being finished when it gives the Angels time to do things right. They don't have to spend wildly and make short sighted trades hoping to roll a hard 12 in order to try and put a winner on the field to convince Trout to stay. They've convinced him they have a long term vision and commitment to winning and they have the breathing room to continue to do it correctly and in a sustainable fashion.
  5. calscuf

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    And if you can't see Tank is the biggest phony on AW, I don't know what to tell you.
  6. Tank can't decide what to order.
  7. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Bummer, it is a great title though
  8. Keener

    RIP Tom Hatten

    Wow, blast from the past . I was a child of socal in the 70's-early 80's.
  9. NeverOver

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    My guess is that Trout will play in minor league games the rest of the week away from the media. He will then head home to Anaheim on Friday to finalize the deal. It will then be officially announced with a press conference Sunday before the Dodger game.
  10. Me too. I'm not a NO-Way fan.
  11. Taylor

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Criticizing MT for being pretentious is like saying that Tank is a jerk.
  12. Chuckster70

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    They stole @Dave Saltzer article title.
  13. He's changed his focus.
  14. True Grich Today: An Angel for Life

    Mike Trout is our Stan Musial. Our Roberto Clemente. Our Ernie Banks. Our Ted Williams. He's the one guy, who is great that will always be associated with the Angels. Forever.
  15. Taylor

    Come eat your crow

    We're not going to eat you, Thomas.
  16. Trout is stuck on the 5 and/or in line at Del Taco.
  17. 3 ERs in 6 innings is a 4.5 ERA. Quality Starts are a dumb stat.
  18. he asked about Verlander, who is a free agent next year.
  19. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Trout changed his mind.
  20. Troll Daddy

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    What’s the holdup ... waiting on official announcement
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