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  3. jackfruit has an assy flavor.
  4. So, I should ignore that the Dodgers are over-paying because he entered the league at nineteen with a barely above average OPS? Or that Mike Trout had a worse first year even though he's completely uncomparable since then? How are you addressing that he's not worth the prospects or the money? No offense, but I don't feel like continuing to argue is fair to you.
  5. failos

    Josh Hader

    it would be funny if he's secretly a gay
  6. Revad

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    Giving up is hard and I think unnecessary. A third of the season left and everything has gone wrong- I expect a movement toards the mean, which gives us an edge compared to Oakland and Seattle that have been playing over their heads. Trade for Moustakas and an optionable reliever and keep the season alive with a low cost. Stay in the race If at least 6-4 in the next 10.
  7. Puget Sound Angel

    Is Angel Stadium # 1 in baseball for opposing fans?

    The Blue Jay fans outnumber Mariners fans when they come to Safeco something like 2-1.
  8. Puget Sound Angel

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    Have the Angels gone to war with the commissioner?
  9. BackUpTheTruck


    Bill Clinton: "We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws." Clinton deported people. Obama deported people. Yet somehow they escape the rasicm label.
  10. Do0mT3cH

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    Tim Mead: "" Nice to see him have mikey's back. Just keep playin kid.
  11. Puget Sound Angel

    Statement from Mike Trout on Manfred's comments

    I'm not complaining Kate Upton hijacked this thread.
  12. He’s Chuck working for profit. My opinion comes from close to 60 years of worshipping boobs.. touched a few and scoped a million. Katie had some help.
  13. BackUpTheTruck


    You can't refuse to talk to a leader of another nation because of their system of government. It's unreasonable to ask any foreign leader to change themselves, or their entire culture on short notice as a condition to have diplomacy.
  14. MuellerTime


    Blindly following racist nationalist dialogue while wearing matching hats. Hitler didn't run on concentration camps, Trump supporters are fine with deportation camps.
  15. let's ask @Morris altalef
  16. ten ocho recon scout

    The Truth is Out There. Conspiracy Theories

    Which is weird because most democrats are vegan.
  17. ten ocho recon scout

    Recipe Of The Day: BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

    Kudos for "pulled" and "jack"
  18. MuellerTime


    Trump has helped two of the worst dictators on earth look strong to their people. Helping them maintain their dominance. It's disgusting. There is no defending it.
  19. BackUpTheTruck


    You made the assumption that Trump supporters are brownshirts.
  20. BackUpTheTruck

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I'm a Charger fan in the LA T.V. market, often times FOX would show the national game instead of the then San Diego Chargers. If Dianne Feinstein somehow fixed that, I would feel represented, but that doesn't necessarily mean I would vote for her. If what Sen. Baldwin is doing is pandering for votes, I think it is a futile effort.
  21. ten ocho recon scout

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    Ill add to the CJ Wilson quotes. Without going too into it, Ive spent enough time around Trout to back what hes saying. Ive known him since his first call up, and have seen him going from a guy no one knows who he is to the face of the game, and hes still the same guy he was when he was first called up. Ive never seen him be a dick to anyone. Fan, waiter, clubby, etc. He and a few of the other guys stood out that way compared to some of the others. Some are really just down to earth, regular guys. Hes one of them. The part where hes kept his profile low is 'him'. He knows hes the baddest ballplayer on the planet, but keeps it to himself. All he wants to do is compete. Baseball, ping pong, madden, etc. Ive mentioned before that he loves living out here. All the noise about how hes bailing east is very overblown. Thats not to say he wont...he by far and away wants to win more than anything else. This is where the angels will have to step up. Hes done his part... But this silly drama might help. This stupid controversy will be 24/7 if he goes to a more high profile team.
  22. MuellerTime


    You make assumptions. You forget, I'm old.
  23. MuellerTime


    Would you at least say there is no harm in maintaining our emission levels and working in a sensible manor moving forward? Would it really hurt to modern where we can? I'm not saying thats the democrats platform, but it could easily be achieved through negotiations.
  24. Brandon

    Car Rental tips

    I think the low end is something like $12 a day for the Yaris but then they add the fees and taxes and it’s $30 or whatever. Dude, for what you are looking to do, you might be better off just Ubering everywhere.
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