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  2. Spotify Playlists..

    Can’t wait for Tanks best men’s chorale playlist
  3. Political Gallery

    liquor? I hardly even fisted her
  4. His agent is a Bruin
  5. We are focusing too hard on free agency and ignoring the trade market a bit. Scotty you yourself promoted Matt Carpenter at one point. Tots and I have discussed Belt I believe. There are other options besides the free agent market. Admittedly I like the idea of Santana but there are many options in both markets. Just like Carlos, Matt and Brandon would probably be great 2-hole hitters.
  6. 2017-2018 General NFL Thread

    AFC looks like it’s Steelers/Pats NFC looks like anyone’s conference.
  7. #metoo

    meanwhile in AZ I guess they just shoot you if you even ask for their #:
  8. #metoo

    It’s nando and I, the two SC guys
  9. Can't disagree with any of that. Mostly the combination of several intriguing 'bargain' 1B and a frustrating Cron just wants me to see a change at this point.
  10. #metoo

    @Lou did I make the cut?
  11. For me, when deciding between Hosmer, Santana, LoMo and Alonso, it all comes down to cost. Hosmer at 7/140, Santana at 4/70, LoMo at 2/25 and Alonso at 1/10. Now look at the difference between Santana and LoMo. Santana will give you 30 more points in OBP and a safer investment, LoMo will give you more power and chance for greater upside. Seeing as the price difference is really only 5 million a year, Santana is the better option, except for the fact that he will cost our second round pick and LoMo won't. I think at the end of the day, LoMo is the most cost effective way of improving our offense in free agency.
  12. UCLA Football Thread

    Getting all that nfl money plus colleges in a bitting war for your services Not bad for him lol
  13. GO FIGURE!

    Huh? Oakland always looked like that
  14. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    I think they'll also do something at 1b or 3b, more likely 1b.... Valbuena then likely handles 3b...not my preference but...
  15. #metoo

    Unfortunately, when someone genuinely seeks the truth they are immediately attacked. This is why I don't give a shit about politics and why I've never participated in social media. I seriously don't care what 99.99% of the population thinks about something or what they are (going) doing, and I certainly don't want them knowing anything about me or my family. Angelswin is different. I genuinely care about all of you (minus two members)
  16. This highlights the huge benefit of acquiring Cesar Hernandez. We'd go from a -1.2 WAR at 2B to a 3.3 WAR, or a 5+ WAR turnaround. I know past performance does not guarantee future returns, but assuming no drastic changes, that's a significant turnaround at a single position, and it's a reason as to why I think second base is the prime target this offseason. If we can improve either 1B or 3B (whichever ends up being the better value play), then we could possibly add another 2-3 WAR in that spot, or a 7-8 WAR turnaround in offseason at just two positions. Combine that with a full season of Upton, some (hopefully) improved health from SP, a (hopefully) full season from Trout, and that's a huge improvement from one season to the next.
  17. I don't see this happening at all. Maybe the Dodgers of the past, but not Friedman's Dodgers. The biggest contract that he has given out to date with the Dodgers was the 5/85 contract he gave out to Jansen. The second highest was to Turner at 4/64. Friedman is not going to trade for a 300mil contract player unless the Marlins willingly absorb at least 1/3 of that contract, if not more. Just doesn't jive with the way Friedman has operated that team since taking over.
  18. the whole fist, eh? tdawd, get to work
  19. maybe once or twice, but I appreciate a little though behind the gift.
  20. For everyone's reference since there seems to be confusion about our biggest areas of need: According to WAR 1. DH -1.3 WAR (Dead Last in MLB) (two times worst than KC) 2. 2B -1.2 WAR (Dead Last in MLB) (4 times worst than TEX) 3. 3B . .4 WAR (4th worst in MLB) 4. 1B .4 WAR (5th worst in MLB) So our biggest area of need is actually DH, but Pujols is not going anywhere. So the #1 focus should really be 2B. I think Cowart can put up an amazing Dwar at least at 3B and if he can hit it would be a huge bonus so I would give him a shot there and instead focus on impoving 2b and 1b.
  21. I see the dodgers trading puig, Peterson, etc for Stanton. They are pissed they missed the ring by 1 game and are going to double down.
  22. UCLA Football Thread

    Fair point
  23. What the hell does that have to do with UCLA athletes caught stealing in China?
  24. 2017 College Football

    It's still no excuse to schedule an FCS team.
  25. Read my comment re: Power 5 battles vs tough conference foes. Yes, Ohio St was mentioned. Yeah, they had a real slugfest yesterday. You also have to remember that not a lot of top teams want to schedule a team like Alabama.
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