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  2. Used to drink w that guy. Ill see if i can get him out tonight to DOA him for the next 2 nights. I was "that" guy for a bit. That was my go to, as a fan. Learned it from Celtic Pride.
  3. ah nice, Smith has Skaggs’s number on his hat
  4. Well... have you seen our pitchers?
  5. l don't understand why Ausmus takes out pitchers with 2 outs and bases empty...
  6. it's ok. Bedrosian usually does well vs. Houston.
  7. just another terrible performance by an umpire for both teams. really embarrassing.
  8. Another 0-2 home run. Unreal how many this team gives up
  9. A 2-Run homer by the Bad Guys is not a good thing.
  10. If they blow this game it will make me sad.
  11. Please don't let this game be a carbon copy of the one against Houston right before the break
  12. I have tickets this week. Id be cool w Kate in the seats. Like, were gonna lose the harvey start anyway... but if i can just once in my life make eye contact w her when she walks out of the bathroom after a number 2, and... just for once in my life... have something over a chick well out of my league... be happy.
  13. Si se puede. 538 rates our chances entering tonight at 3 percent. It's a chance. Better than the less-than 1 percenters..
  14. Realistically how long is a small calf strain gonna keep him out for? I’m guessing all of this week?
  15. Until Trout returns and slows down this offense
  16. 95 percent of MLB is super healthy. 4.9 percent dips, still. Josh reddick is the last throwback that smells of marlboro reds every at bat.
  17. Feel pretty good about their chances with the offense scoring 6+ runs a game
  18. At first glance I thought the title said Anthony Bourdain.
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