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  2. Nice parting gift from Cole. 2 outs.
  3. calscuf


    Ooo, I think you’re really gonna like the punchline!
  4. Might almost be time to bring a hook, Brad.
  5. Then all is forgiven. And make sure to grab a couple of pizza bread slices at souplantation - those are worth your time.
  6. Never heard of this guy. And im a lesser man for that. I want to find Tad and rock this guys jersey.
  7. ten ocho recon scout

    Mike Trout to Undergo MRI Tomorrow

    We leave the souplantation to the savages. But even the cholos know the lettuce sucks. (That said, we would respond to protect the mountain dew, my brother)
  8. You know whats rad? Regardless of how this goes, this team has been shit on recently, and now without trout. Against the best team, theyre hanging. Everybody is stepping up
  9. Don’t you have a Dunkin’ Donuts in Santa Ana to protect?
  10. Looks like he has a real slappy, soft swing. Might explain the lack of power. But he is really having a fantastic season.
  11. Albert moves up to 8th on the doubles list.
  12. Kevin Gregg threw 4 in an inning once. The AL record for a game is 5. The Major League record is 6.
  13. Hell yeah Albert. Why can’t you do that more often, old man?
  14. Albert scores Jupton!!! A 2-bagger!!!
  15. I hope the Jersey Kid can inspire some offense in the fourth.
  16. John Taylor

    Cubs Acquire Martin Maldonado

    I would not be sad if he ended up back here. I always was a fan of Machete! Edit: Looks like he is headed to Wrigleyville.
  17. totdprods

    Cubs Acquire Martin Maldonado

    Maldonado to the Cubs per Rosenthal.
  18. totdprods

    Cubs Acquire Martin Maldonado

    Neither Thole or Bemboom really belong in the bigs..they're AAA catchers. Which, if the Angels acquired Maldonado, could mean Garneau is DFA'ed, and since he's out of options...could require a catcher or two in AAA...but I doubt it's the Angels.
  19. GrittyVeterans

    Ready to punt 2019 or no?

    Every move should be made with an eye towards next season and beyond.
  20. Kole's uniform could pass in Oakland. It's green.
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