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  2. Showtime gets nothing to hit and walks.
  3. Cubs are in first place at 50-44 and the reds are in last at 43-48 (5.5 GB) Good, competitive division or shitty division?
  4. ANGELS LEAD 4-3!! Simba RBI on a ground-out.
  5. I'll still take the Ohtani HR here
  6. Hermosillo sporting that do-rag like:
  7. Simba base hit followed by Ohtani HR right here
  8. Fletch doubles. Gallego threw up a stop sign on Hermosillo. Don't make an out at home.
  9. Machete may be heading to Wrigley Field.
  10. John Taylor

    Cubs Acquire Martin Maldonado

    Willson Contreras to the IL, so it explains why the Cubs made the move.
  11. Michael contributes a base on balls.
  12. Stranded Astros are a great thing to see.
  13. m0nkey

    Cubs Acquire Martin Maldonado

    They gave up World Series hero mike Montgomery, who still had a couple years of team control left
  14. Middleton is nowhere near game shape, apparently. Velocity tonight for SLC 88 to 90.
  15. d'arnaud with a 3 hr game today, he has 9 hr and a OPS over 800 with the Ray's. Something really is wrong with the Mets and their Clubhouse. Robles is doing pretty good for us, d'arnaud aswell, Harvey has been crap but the Mets broke him.
  16. tdawg87

    Cubs Acquire Martin Maldonado

    Season over.
  17. Do you think they should build more? Also Catalina can be the new Ellis
  18. Brandon

    2019 WSOP Final Table

    I don't believe he played in it. I'm in the same poker crew deal he is and I didn't see him talk about it. But he still plays, I actually back a bit of his action over the years. A couple years ago he took second in one of these events for a nice score. Fun fact of the day, about 10 years ago Derek messaged me and invited me to go with him to Vegas for a poker boot camp type thing with some pros. I ended up clicking with one and he is now one of the winningest players on the circuit and won his first bracelet this year. (in some talks he was considered one of the best to not win one, like Rickie Fowler in golf). Always grateful Derek brought me along and kept me in poker circles even though I don't play as much or full time anymore.
  19. Josh Reddick looks like some meth-head tweaker.
  20. Nice parting gift from Cole. 2 outs.
  21. calscuf


    Ooo, I think you’re really gonna like the punchline!
  22. Might almost be time to bring a hook, Brad.
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