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    Why are none of the big free agents signing? Well, for one thing, analytics have improved. Also, I think owners have figured out that signing guys to contracts that are going to take them into their mid-30's, or longer, is just not smart business. The last 5 Borass' clients who signed 7 year 9 figure deals at ages 30-32? Jacoby Ellsbury hasn't received a single MVP vote since signing the deal Chris Davis - ditto Shin-Soo Choo - ditto Matt Holliday received MVP votes in 4 of the 7 years of the deal, but finished no higher than 11th Jayson Werth received MVP votes in 2 of the 7 years of the deal, but finished no higher than 13th So, that's $445,000,000 spent thus far over 24 seasons (and counting) ZERO top 10 MVP finishes and 1 World Series win for Holliday in which he hit .158 and didn't drive in a run. Is anyone stupid enough to sign J.D. Martinez to a 7 year contract? What would the Yankees, Orioles and Rangers give to dump those 3 contracts with a combined $241,000,000 left on them?
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    I'm thinking it's time for a new banner, they have plenty of space for it
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    Ian Casselberry = Anaheim Bob. There is exactly a zero percent chance of MS being let go in season. Not unless there is some sort of Dipotoesque meltdown. Even if the team performs poorly in the first half, they'll just let his contract run out and move on. He deserves that level of respect.
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    Simmons should get Wilson's old shampoo gig because he is Head & Shoulders above the rest of that field.
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    the Angels are 154-170 since you joined Angelswin.
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    You dummies made Jeff Fletcher waste 2 minutes of his time responding to this stupidity.
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    Trout, inspired by his teammate to try this two-way player thing, wins the Cy Young and hits 20 HR's.
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    Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2018 should be a very good year for me personally, as I’ll become a grandpa for the first time. I think we can all agree 2018 will be a great year for the Angels and AngelsWin! I wish you all health and happiness this coming year!
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    You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?
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    they should keep adding an I for each generation. Torii. Toriii Jr., Toriiii III
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    So many memories: the Ryan no-hitters, Wright's no-hitter, Ryan’s 383rd K in 1973, the Packers/Rams blocked punt game the same day as the Queen Mary docking, Merlin Olsen’s last Rams home game, and for years NFL games and Wimbledon And then years later, a sort of sound alike appears in Al Conin. R.I.P. Mr. Oh My. In tribute, Ohtani’s gloss: OhMyTani
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    He must’ve gotten too close to Angel Stadium!
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    Chuck is on vacation so this is a good time to remind him of this and that. Rams 42 Seahawks 7
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    Not sure how many are subscribers to the Athletic, but I subscribed to it recently and saw an interesting interview Kinsler gave them over the weekend: https://theathletic.com/211166/2018/01/14/ian-kinsler-q-a-on-the-angels-trade-his-time-in-detroit-and-in-n-out-burger/ I won't copy and paste the article since it's behind a paywall, but here were a few interesting snippets: - Kinsler confirmed that Upton spoke to the FO about him and definitely recommended coming to play for the Angels if given the opportunity. - Kinsler's no trade clause included California and New York teams due to the tax implications. Nothing against the Angels or the other clubs. - Kinsler would only waive his NTC for the Angels b/c of a variety of reasons, including Upton's push, the Ohtani signing, playing with Trout, pitching staff is healthy, and a chance to match up against the Astros. "The World Series champs are in our division, so you have a constant barometer to see where you're at, and [you're] trying to beat the best. If you wanna be the best, you've got to beat the best. I think playing for the Angels was something really intriguing to me. I want to be a part of the [team]." - Kinsler was honest about not really caring about the boost the farm system got this year with adding Maitan and others. "You could talk about prospects all you want, but for a player in the big leagues, it really doesn't matter too much for us. We're trying to win now." - Kinsler said he more cared about what they were doing to win now. He said Eppler told him they were trying to get better and dropped an interest snippet at the end. "Ohtani and Justin were huge parts of the equation, and then through conversations with [GM Billy Eppler], they said they're gonna try to get better after they acquired me. They did. They went out and [got] shortstop Zack Cozart, and I don't know if they're done yet." Anyway, interesting interview, Kinsler definitely is honest. Despite how you felt about him on the Rangers, I think he's a great addition to the team.
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    Upton @ 5 yrs $104 million sure sounds pretty good
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    After getting interviews with Reagins and Dipoto several times, but never with Stoneman, well you see where I'm going. I'm going to make sure we never interview Eppler as a website.
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    RIP Dick Loved listening to him do the UCLA games as well as the Angels games. Because Pop worked at KMPC, I once had the privilege of sitting in the press booth during a Sunday game and watch Dick and Dave do their magic.
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    I hear Kershaw and Keuchel are both coming to the Angels - crazy, I know!
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    Thought I'd make a separate thread tracking Eppler's moves this off-season so that we can reflect on it at a later date. If you see an inaccuracy let me know in the thread and I'll modify it if incorrect: Signed LF Justin Upton to a 5 year, $106M contract Declined RP Huston Street's and SP Ricky Nolasco's team options for 2018 Added prospects OF Michael Hermosillo, SP Jaime Barria, SP Jesus Castillo, and SP Jake Jewell to the 40-man roster Signed Brad Ausmus as a Special Assistant to the General Manager and Josh Paul as the Angels Bench Coach Signed OF Jared Hoying to a Minor League contract Signed C Curt Casali and 2B Colin Walsh to Minor League contracts Traded prospect P Justin Kelly to the Atlanta Braves for RP Jim Johnson (1 year, $4.5M) and $1.21M in 2017 International Bonus Pool money Signed RP Blake Wood to a 1 year, $1.45M contract, avoiding arbitration Signed prospect SS Kevin Maitan for $2.2M from our 2018 International Bonus Pool money Signed prospect SS Livan Soto for $850K from our 2018 International Bonus Pool money Signed Shohei Ohtani as an International prospect through the Japanese League posting system Signed OF Rymer Liriano to a Minor League contract Traded prospect P Wilkel Hernandez and prospect OF Troy Montgomery to the Detroit Tigers for 2B Ian Kinsler (1 year, $11M) Signed SS Zack Cozart to a 3 year, $38M contract OF Jared Hoying released by the Angels to pursue an International opportunity Signed OF Eric Young Jr. and 2B Jose Miguel Fernandez to Minor League contracts Angels agree to avoid arbitration with SP Andrew Heaney and pay him $800K for the 2018 season Signed C Rene Rivera to a 1 year, $2.8M contract Designate prospect SP Nate Smith for assignment Angels agree to avoid arbitration with RP Blake Parker and pay him $1.8M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with C Martin Maldonado and pay him $3.9M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with 1B C.J. Cron and pay him $2.3M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with SP Tyler Skaggs and pay him $1.875M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with SP Garrett Richards and pay him $7.3M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with SP Matt Shoemaker and pay him $4.125M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with SP/RP J.C. Ramirez and pay him $1.9M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with RP Jose Alvarez and pay him $1.05M for the 2018 season Angels agree to avoid arbitration with RP Cam Bedrosian and pay him $1.1M for the 2018 season EDIT (01/09/18): We have been pretty busy!
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    99 percent of arbitration deals work exactly this way. The guarantee date is about a week before opening day, I think. It would be news if the deal were guaranteed.
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    Here's a piece on Brandon Marsh that you guys might enjoy. https://www.milb.com/milb/news/toolshed-los-angeles-angels-brandon-marsh-ready-to-earn-wings/c-264309874
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    you want advice for a trip to oakland? get your affairs in order.
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    Well now the Angels have Eric Hinske on their staff. Joe Maddon never won a World Series without Hinske.
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    This thread guarantees a wild card spot for Seattle this year.
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    Josh Hamilton, Mo Vaughn, Gary Mathews Jr, Vernon Wells
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    I hate when I open threads and all the good comments are taken
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    RIP Dick. You and Drysdale were my introduction to Angels baseball.
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    Age 32 pitcher commanding nine figures through his age 36 season. Coming off a 1.9 WAR season with an FIP of 4.16 and 168ip. You aren't getting the guy that had a 2 era in 2015. You're getting a declining star. These are the exact types of contracts to avoid unless it's the final piece.
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    Pujols was on the grassy knoll, shooting down WTC 7 with weapons created by the reptilian overlords. Wake up sheeple.
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    All these offseason moves, Upton, Ohtani, Kinsler, Cozart, etc. should go a long way in showing Trout that the Angels are serious about winning and building a team around him.
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    Robb Quinlan just filled my tank with gas at the local station.
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    He got a tattoo of Mike Napoli.
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    Eppler molding and shaping a great defensive minded team with veteran leadership. I like it.
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    Inspired by the Angels Mount Rushmore thread, I thought it might be cool to see everyone’s thoughts on this. If we aren’t going with categories then mine would be something like this: Chuck (without him this wouldn’t exist) Dochalo (insight that is pretty great and I learn whenever I read his stuff) Tank (he should be everyone’s favorite dude on here, just a great guy) Tdawg (he makes me laugh more than anyone on here) This would be a cool idea to possibly do a series. We could do the Mount Rushmore of Trolls, of comedy, of poli sci board, of stats, those types of things. I am not sure we have ever done this or not.
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    Merry Christmas everyone, from the Caribbean.
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    Tough day... Enberg was the first voice I associated with the Angels -- I'd listen to games on the radio as I fell asleep as a kid. Endberg, Hearn, Scully, and on the writing end... Jim Murray... SoCal had it very good for a very long time. RIP...
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    Scully retired, Hearn and Endberg gone. There was that perfect moment when all three could be heard on the same day. The voices of Southern California sports I grew up with are silent.
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    Thanks for the memories, AO. That '67 season was still the greatest in LA Rams history, at least in my memory. We beat Green Bay and the Unitas-led Colts that year. Most of the "Oh Mys" that I remember from Enberg were during UCLA basketball games of the Alcindor era. So many idols are passing, now. Think of how lucky we were to be sports fans in the 60s and 70s. We could listen to the greatest sportscasters of all time in Scully and Chick Hearn, along with Ram and Angel and UCLA games with Dick Enberg. What a time!!!!
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    I have IBS so I have literally no choice. At this point in my life I'll shit anywhere at any time, under any circumstances. My biggest issue is I always end up spending 10 minutes wiping because it's like pulling peanut butter off a shag carpet. And then I end up having to re-wipe an hour later because my butthole starts to itch. Tbh there's not many feelings better than scratching an itchy asshole. I imagine it's like when you scratch behind a dog's ear and they start to shake their leg.
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    At the winter meetings Scioscia and Eppler said they had some data on Johnson they think can turn him around. They wouldn’t say what it is, but it’s probably something like he’s over or under-using some pitch. He was very good in 2016 and considering how relievers are so up and down, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bounces back to respectability. I also believe Bedrosian, based on my conversations with him, was affected all year by his injury. So I wouldn’t rule him out for being good. And I agree that Eppler isn’t going to spend big on a proven closer. Not his thing.