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    Welcome to the Angels Patrick Sandoval. Tommy John Surgery this way.
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    Scioscia is not getting fired with two months left on a 10 year contract. I don't drive my trash cans to the dump today when tomorrow is trash day.
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    “On behalf of the Angels Organization and baseball fans everywhere, congratulations to Mike Trout on another outstanding All-Star Game performance. Mike Trout is an exceptional ambassador for the game. Combined with his talent, his solid character creates a perfect role model for young people everywhere. Each year, Mike devotes a tremendous amount of his time and effort contributing to our Organization, and marketing Major League Baseball. He continually chooses to participate in the community, visiting hospitals, schools, and countless other charities. One of Mike’s traits that people admire most is his humility. His brand is built upon generously spending his time engaging with fans, both at home and on the road, while remaining a remarkable baseball player and teammate. In addition, Mike spends quality time as a husband, son brother, uncle, and friend. We applaud him for prioritizing his personal values over commercial self-promotion. That is rare in today’s society and stands out as much as his extraordinary talent.” --@Angels--
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    arch stanton

    Can you imagine being traded?

    I’m a career military guy. I can imagine
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    I am going to be extremely pissed if we sign 34 year old Josh Donaldson and his fucked up shoulder and calf muscle.
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    Results don’t matter to the Angels.. we all know that. Mike Scisocia has been to the playoffs 1 time since 2009 and leads us year after year to mediocre results. Yet he stays. Albert Pujols, Luis Valbuena, etc make it to clear to me that winning just isn’t at the forefront. Moreno is chasing money and couldn’t care less about winning a World Series, or even making the playoffs for that matter. They get the best player in baseball and F*ck it up big time, can only get him to the playoffs once. Fire the entire coaching staff, release valbuena, force pujols to the bench. Thats what the RED SOX/YANKEES/CARDS etc. would do... because losing isn’t acceptable.
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    Jeff Fletcher

    The Cardinals are bold

    I thought the Angels needed to sign a lockdown closer like Greg Holland? I swear I read that somewhere.
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    The pessimistic thread

    Business is slow. I’ve been having erectile dysfunction. Sometimes I think I’d be happier fat eating what I want, but then I see myself naked and I get sad. My mom wants her boyfriend Gary to move in, and he’s only like 5 years older than me, and he has a Trans Am. My ex-wife is Facking a Mexican.
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    Meh....i feel like a battered wife when the husband in the greasy v neck says hes sorry, it wont happen again.
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    Tonight's walk off had me curious - how often does a player fall apart in the first half of the season and truly excel in the back half? To FanGraphs I went, hoping that their split leaderboard would make the exercise easy. It didn't. Can't query first and second half splits over multiple seasons. Long story short, I'd wanted to do this going back at least 30 years, but had to do first and second half splits by year one at a time, so this only goes back 10 years. Still interesting. Methodology: Had to have 200 PA in first half at a 650 or worse OPS, back half at 800 or better OPS with 200 PA or more (25 for 2018 - we have a long way to go this year) Only 14 full seasons qualify in last 10 years. Interestingly, Kinsler actually leads the pace over last 10 years. Why is this about Calhoun, then? Because for him, it started before the All Star Break, the FG splits just don't make looking at it that easy. Calhoun has 79 July PA with a 1.083 OPS. Kinsler's full 72 July PA are at just an 816 OPS. Much better! Big news? Not yet. If either comes even close to keeping this up, they'll destroy Dan Uggla's 2011 rebound that was a 326 point swing, as both are north of 500 point swings currently. So, on to the leaderboard, sorted by 2nd half OPS minus 1st half OPS, for last 10 seasons. By no means do I expect either Calhoun or Kinsler to keep this up. I do, however, want to give credit where credit is due and root them on in the pursuit of the greatest 2nd half turnarounds in the last decade. 1st = 1st half of season, 2nd = 2nd half of season. Keep in mind that Kole has kept this up for 79 PA now, not just the 27 shown here. Name Year 1st PA 1st OPS 2nd PA 2nd OPS OPS Var Ian Kinsler 2018 354 0.647 25 1.429 0.782 Kole Calhoun 2018 279 0.556 27 1.103 0.547 Dan Uggla 2011 374 0.622 298 0.948 0.326 Byron Buxton 2017 283 0.594 228 0.893 0.299 Asdrubal Cabrera 2015 325 0.627 226 0.916 0.289 Dustin Ackley 2013 219 0.522 208 0.809 0.287 Carlos Gonzalez 2017 298 0.637 236 0.921 0.284 Jorge Polanco 2017 287 0.596 257 0.870 0.274 Coco Crisp 2012 247 0.617 261 0.860 0.243 Omar Infante 2011 386 0.602 254 0.841 0.239 Ender Inciarte 2016 254 0.600 324 0.836 0.236 Cliff Pennington 2011 324 0.591 246 0.814 0.223 Gregor Blanco 2014 223 0.600 221 0.814 0.214 Aramis Ramirez 2010 261 0.648 246 0.847 0.199 Jonathan Lucroy 2015 212 0.632 203 0.808 0.176 Adam Lind 2010 351 0.641 262 0.807 0.166
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    Seriously. I hope Valbuena isn't next, he is crucial to the team's chemistry.
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    Martin Maldonado traded to the Astros

    There's a lot of buzz here about Sandoval, but what about the other guy they got, International Money? He has a cool name. Is he a rapper or something?
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    Unlike Valbuena who is a offense first player with no offense.
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    Hey everyone, how's going? Feeling good? Last night on the farm... Rengifo! 3-5, 2 doubles - now slashing .354/.415/.604/1.019 in AAA and .319/.422/.489/.911 on the year! Hermosillo: 2-5, 3 K, Thaiss: 2-5 with a double and triple, Ward 3-4 with a double and walk 1B/RF Jared Walsh pitched again, and it was good! 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts. On the year, he has 5 G, 5 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K (1.80 ERA, .211 BAA, 1.20 WHIP, 12.6 K9) Jahmai Jones with a big night! 3-3 with a double and 2 walks Jose Rojas, second half (26 G, 90 AB): .333/.398/.688/1.086 with 8 doubles, 8 homers Jo Adell since the Futures Game (7 G, 35 PA: .200/.294/.300/.594 Jorge Tavarez took the loss, but he's had a great year at Burlington/IE as a multi-inning reliever (28 G/60.1 IP): 2.39 ERA, .231 BAA, 1.21 WHIP - 22 walks, 72 strikeouts, 0 home runs Livan Soto is backing up the hype I'm trying to build: 3-5 with 2 doubles last night, hitting .395 in his last 10 games and .289/.379/.356/.734 on the year Francisco Del Valle 1-5 with a triple and 3 RBI Tim Millard hit HR #5; he's 23 and likely just beating up on inferior competition, but slashing .308/.408/.485/.893 on the year in Orem Jordyn Adams had a nice night: 3-4 with a double and SB, now slashing a fine .286/.407/.388/.795 through his first 5 games. Get the feeling he may develop more as a speed/OBP guy in contrast to Adell's raw power. Trent Deveaux: 0-4, 3 K - he's still 18 but tough start for Trent. Lots of strikeouts (38 in 89 AB) but he's at least drawing walks too (11) D'Shawn Knowles: 1-3, BB - slashing a nice .316/.389/.411/.799 with 11 walks, 24 strikeouts, and 6 XBH in 25 G/95 AB - better yet? He's still only 17-years old. UDFA Parker Joe Robinson, a 22-year old 6'5" RHP from Junipero Serra HS is pitching well in AZL: 13 IP, 0.69 (nice) ERA, .200 BAA, 0.77 WHIP, 1 walk, 13 strikeouts I haven't brought him up much this year, but I'm still watching 17-year old DSL IF Julio de la Cruz, who is slashing .200/.321/.356/.676 in 38 games. His 5 HR are 4th best in the league, and while he's striking out too much (46 in 135 AB) he's also walking at a good clip (14.5%) and to exhibit that much power and discipline at his age seems like it's worth keeping an eye on.
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    Just fucking release Valbuena. It won’t solve anything, but if he is a big clubhouse favorite, maybe it will wake up some of these assholes and get them to understand this is a result based profession.
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    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/07/mets-to-place-noah-syndergaard-on-dl.html If Lackey had got the same disease it would have been Hand, Hoof, and Mouth disease. Thank you I'll be here all week! I am a Stable Genius by the way! Oh!!!!!! Sorry didn't mean to saddle your relaxing Sunday with puns! Damn Gina!!!!! Forecast for today: Rein!!!!! DAMN I AM ON FIRE!!!!!!
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    Eppler Like Trade

    One page in, and this has already become a "Let's trade [mediocre/2nd tier Angels prospects] for [stud young impact player]" thread.
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    Dick B Back

    On the bright side...

    There are a lot of youngsters on AW that have not lived through the real pain of being an Angels fan.
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    You're missing the point entirely. 2018 is a lost cause. Holding onto the veteran turds who won't even be here next year while we have younger guys killing it is absolutely detrimental to the team going forward. Would you rather lose with Valbuena, Marte, Blash, etc... Or with Marsh, Fletcher, Rengifo etc...?
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    CJ Cron

    I'll take our future 2B and leadoff hitter over C.J. Cron any day of the week and twice on Sunday's.
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    Last night on the farm... Rengifo: 1-4, 2B, SB. Thaiss and Ward 0-4 (Ward with 3 K) Hermosillo 1-4 with a HR (9) and an OF assist at home Jose Suarez 4.1 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 5 BB, 4 K, 88 pitches, 44 strikes, 44 balls Jahmai Jones hit his first AA HR Jack Kruger 2-4 once again, Jose Rojas with another walk, Zach Gibbons hitting .333 in last 10 games Bo Way walks to strikeouts: 2015: 49:90 in 520 AB, 2016: 31:87 in 425 AB, 2017: 28:64 in 364 AB, 2018: 17:16 in 100 AB Roberto Baldoquin at AA: .253/.301/.299/.600 - 5 walks, 24 strikeouts in 22 games, 87 ABs Brandon Marsh homered off Clay Buchholz, 2-4 on the night, Jo Adell 0-4, 2 K Torii Hunter: 6 at-bats, 3 hits, 3 strikeouts. Orlando Martinez hit his first Burlington HR, and his 3rd on the season. Someone named Michael Santos threw 4 innings of one-hit ball with 6 strikeouts in his first start with the org. In 26.2 IP this year, a BAA of .189 and 14 BB to 33 K Anfernee Benitez struck out 7 in 3 relief innings. On the year he has 42.1 IP, 33 hits, 1 HR, 27 walks, 44 strikeouts - 3.40 ERA, .213 BAA, 1.42 WHIP Livan Soto 2-5 with SB #6 and error #11 19 year old Francisco Del Valle hit HR #2 - slashing .298/.389/.430/.819 on the year with 14 walks, 30 stirkeouts, and 10 XBH, playing 1B, LF, RF Christopher Molina has been on the periphery of our Latin arm radar for awhile: 5 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 0 BB, 8 K - up and down career but still promising and only 21. D'Shawn Knowles: 3-5, K, Jordyn Adams 2-5, 2 RBI, E (2), Jeremiah Jackson 0-4, BB, 2 K, William English 1-4, 2B, R, 2 RBI, BB, K 19-year old RHP Emilker Guzman '17 DSL/'18 AZL: 61 innings pitched, 1.62 ERA, .182 BAA, 0.90 WHIP, 39 hits, 1 HR, 16 walks, 50 strikeouts
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