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    "In a counter move, the Marine Layer has announced it will increase its vertical reach by 15 feet."
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    They should make the yellow line raise and lower depending on which team is batting.
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    Claude is awake he took the red eye to Boston to blow Bill James.
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    I just want to be the first to officially say this guy blows. In before Stradling defends Scioscia. In before Brandon accuses me of attention whoring. In before Lou resuscitates this thread when Ohtani wins the Cy Young Award in 2020. In before Scotty overrates an Angel prospect. In before Doc posts a dissertation in-between surgeries. In before someone shits on Chuck's couch. In before Lifetime...oh, wait.
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    You know what else is a gigantic waste of time for the Dodgers? Attempting to win a WS title again
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    Thanks for sharing, @Geoff. Let the good times roll. To me my favorite time as a website & group was 2009. We made the playoffs and USA Today had us blog on the Angels during both the ALDS and ALCS. The Angels granted us as a fansite/blog full access media credentials. We had an our hour radio spot during rush hour titled "The Richter Scale" that talked up the Angels and it's farm system/prospects. Produced content for preseason rankings and prospect lists for Fox Sports and Baseball Today magazines. Forged a content partnership with the OC Register. Had Rex Hudler and Terry Smith join our Spring fanfest. Rex was an absolute riot. We crammed about 75 of us into a small sports bar in Tempe and Rex chugged beers with us, shared stories and was high giving everyone. Turned down ESPN, Fox Sports, Scout to join their websites and Angels coverage to remain indy. Many more website highlights, but finally beating the Boston Red Sox was my favorite part of that season. That was truly epic! The only downside to 2009 was that a rival Angels Blog was so jealous of our site's success that the lead guy there dragged my name through the mud on his blog and then tried to get me fired at work, claiming I was doing AW.com stuff on the job. To which my boss at the time said, "Chuck we love the work you do here and we love the success your website is having. Don't worry about this jealous creep."... My boss was an M's fan. Either way, 2009 was exciting times! It has equally been an exciting 14 years in totality.
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    Because Ohtani is left handed and they wanted him to hit like Ruth.
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    I'll just rename the website, ChuckWins.com and ban everyone. Unraveling failos, one member at a time. ChuckWins.com - The Internet Home for one Angels fan, named Chuck.
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    Losing to the A's? And how many outs on the basepaths? Also no Trout or Ohtani. It's like Sosh is just mailing it in! Guess the lasagna was getting cold. Lasagna.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think the Ohtani signing will turn out to be a good move. Eppler should sign more guys who are aces for nearly league minimum.
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    Join us as we get to know the new member of the Angels Family! Name: PTBNL Gender: Male Sport: Baseball Music: Likes it Food: Non-vegan Daily Habits: Showering, Brushing Teeth, Two Deuces Favorite Song: Say My Name Does he have any skills or talents that most Angels fans don’t know about? Yes
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    I don't feel he's wrong. I think that's part of the reason he chose the Angels. They offered a solid contract, but beyond that he enjoyed the clubhouse, the players. Mike Scioscia is great at creating that environment where players can thrive off the field. It might not always show up in the box score, and he makes some questionable decisions. But Upton enjoyed it, and he made sure he let Kinsler and Young know it.
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    Sounds like he'll be great as long as we don't ask him to steal bases - seems like he gets caught a lot.
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    How about circle back to this article come midseason at least. Spring is in the air, optimism surrounding the club & Pujols is at an all time high. Let's just see it play out and root for Albert to succeed rather than be incredibly pessimistic.
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    Hey guys, this is my first post, but I've been reading this site for a while. I've been closely following the farm system for the past couple of years, and needless to say, the improvement has been striking. But I also have to say our scouting department under Eppler has dramatically improved as well. Now, we have quite a few players who aren't rated as major league average prospect yet (they are rated a 45 instead of a 50). But we have quite a few pitchers who are close and just need one more quality pitch to pass that threshold. The positive is they are all young and most still in rookie ball. Take Stiward Aquino who has a massive fastball and curve, but just needs time to work more on his change up and control (which will undoubtedly when he becomes more consistent with his delivery). If I am not mistaken we got him for less than $200,000. The point I am making there are a hand full of pitchers who seem to be one pitch away, or refining what they already have, from being a top MLB prospect. We got Aquino, Soriano, and Suarez all on the cheap. And I am not including position players who are equally as impressive in their own right (Divas). And when you take a look at a later round steals in the draft like Rivera and Hunter (who isn't ranked in our top 30 surprisingly) its pretty clear our scouting department has improved dramatically since Eppler took over and have been consistently finding diamonds in the rough. And this was the first full year they had our full allotment of international money, and look at what we did! And I am not including Ohtani in that evaluation because he was a special circumstance in his own right. If some of these guys (Rivera, Aquino, Suarez, Divas, Deveaux, Soto, Duensing, etc.) just simply develop on the trajectory they are expected (of course, not all of them will pan out, but if half to two-thirds do) then next year we'll have one of the top rated farm systems in baseball. In fact, it will look much like what the Astros system looks like now. But, let's take a look at the top 30 and I'll discuss some initial observations ... http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018/?list=ana Here is my take on some of those listed (or not). 1. I think Hunter should be in our top 30. He has a way to go, but he has good speed and strong plate discipline. Last year was his first full year in baseball since high school and IMHO he showed great plate maturity. Now, he'll hit a brick wall once he gets to high single A, but with his athleticism and speed I don't see how he's not rated higher. 2. Joey Gatto is also underrated. Now, I think he projects as a #5 and although he's fallen off the face of the earth he made a pretty good comeback last year. Of course his lack of third pitch makes one think bullpen. I would like to see how he builds off his comeback year first before I'd relegate him to the bullpen. 3. Jake Jewell shouldn't be on the list. I think of a lot of other prospects not on the list I'd rather have than Jewell. 4. Castillo is still not getting the love I think he deserves. He's much like Barria. He gets average to above average grades on everything he does but he's still rated as an below average prospect. Furthermore, he's already put together back to back excellent minor league seasons. I expected he'll put together a similar year that Barria did last year and the scouts at MLB will begrudgingly give him a higher grade next year. I also believe he has the frame to fill out more and add more velocity to his pitches (whereas I think Barria may have already his ceiling). 5. I am a bit surprised Aquino is getting the love this early, and I wasn't aware how quickly his fastball developed. This guy could be a monster prospect soon. 6. This may annoy people, but I think Ward is a bit underrated. In fact, I'd rather have him than Hermosillo and am undecided about Thaiss. Now, he quietly puts together good (but not great) years every level he plays in the minors. But that's only as a batter. Behind the plate he is fantastic. He has a great arm and is a solid defender. Now, I have no clue how well he frames pitches or if he has the ability to manage a game. Nevertheless I see him being an average batter at the major league level and a potential gold glove catcher. And minus a couple of teams who have all star catchers, just about every team in baseball would love to have a starting catcher that fits that criteria. 7. This will equally annoy people, but I believe Chris Rodriguez is a bit overrated at this point. I know he has all the tools, and I know he has a wide range of pitches that are above average and even a couple of plus pitches. But until he puts it all together and gets better production on the mound, I am in a wait and see - holding pattern. Anyways, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts, so go check out the list ....
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    I bump the other thread.
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    The yellow line across the scoreboard was actually Plan B. Plan A was to reinstall the All Star Game fence.
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    It was great to meet up & hangout with so many friends from the website this past weekend. I finally got to meet @Mark68, @krAbs (looks like Hector from the movie Troy) and of course, my roomie @tdawg87. We both had a great time! Toby was a fun roommate to hangout with. The tiki bar was amazing. Besides the Tim Mead talk, one of the highlights of my weekend. We hung out at this private reserve Tiki bar with Matt and his wife Daisey, @Katie and husband Nick, @BaseballMom & her friends Gail (forgot the name of your other friend). If you're in Phoenix I highly recommend making a reservation at the Undertow. Check out their website: http://www.undertowphx.com/ We also attended a place called Dilly Dally. A great dive bar. @Dave Saltzer and his crew joined us. @Juan Carlos Vazquez & his gal hung out with us at a very good brewery (cannot remember the name) and a few spots downtown Tempe on Saturday night. I had a very tasty craft beer called "Church Music". And about 20 Kilt Lifters over the course of 4 days.. burp Even if it was brief at the game, it was great to see you @calscuf. Good to see @Pablo, Rob Goldman and @DebbieWooters (I know I'm forgetting some people). It was good to see the Angels bats come alive while we were there, as well as JC Ramirez and Heaney pitch really well. We were there at the Ohtani start and he looked good, though his fastball was straight that day, but his breaking stuff was incredible. Albert looks GREAT. Kinsler is going to be a force atop the lineup and Calhoun really impressed me. I think he's going to have an outstanding season this year. Once Saltzer uploads the video of Tim Mead's talk with us on Sunday, you all have to watch it. So many nuggets of information that you won't find anywhere else on the web or social media. Trust me on this!
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    I'd like them to incorporate the navy blue back into the color scheme, but that's just me. It think it'd offer a nice contrast and is sort of tipping the proverbial cap to our history as a team.
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    https://www.mlb.com/angels/news/garrett-richards-stays-the-course-for-angels/c-267223768 The first "ball was coming out of his hand great" quote from the Big Catorce himself. It's official now y'all
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    Claude must not be awake yet.
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    I've been called douchey and a fag today. Surprisingly not my worst day on the board.
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    now I'm listed with Anaheimbob? maybe I'll find a nice Dodgers website.
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    Of course he is a math enthusiast, Tank, don't be obtuse.
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    you must be a math enthusiast with that screen name. welcome.
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    Shoemaker pitched like he did in A ball.
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    the pertinent information is 18 and 95 mph.
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    ... has died after a battle with bladder cancer... It's very curable if detected before it hits stage 3 or 4. He must not have had any noticable warning signs or mistook those for something else. So here's the warning: if you have any urinary problems, difficulty peeing, discoloration, blood in the urine, burning sensation, needing to pee often, all of these could mean your Bladder is in trouble. Don't accept a doctor's off the cuff remark about its probably an infection, go see a urologist and get all of the proper tests done.
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    Justin Upton is one of my favorite players, but I have absolutely no sympathy for the players what so ever. In many cases they have held the league hostage, and I am a good capitalist, and know the league would give two farts about them unless they were a superstar. But I believe there is a continuum and constant balance between the league and owners and players and their salaries (and the fans are in there someplace but they have been more or less left out). And quite honestly, I am glad the owners are fighting back with the players. After all, where were the players when Josh Hamilton held our program hostage for three years. That POS completely didn't fulfill his end of the bargain and walked out on the team. In any other industry he would have been given a severance package and told to hit the door or be just fired out right. You can't tell me the owners didn't watch that situation closely and see exactly what these massive contracts can give you if things go south. I would absolutely love it if some reporter would respond to a player lamenting about the state of baseball and say "Do you think how Arte Moreno was forced to pay the remaining amount of the Josh Hamilton deal when he walked out on the program and how all the players went to Hamilton's defense has something to do with the hesitancy the owners have in giving these massive long term deals?"
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    Being in the NRA is like someone who does crossfit. They'll tell you if they're a member.
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    I just realized who Trump's tweets remind me of.
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    Remember when we had Wood, Kotchman, McPherson, and Mathis all coming up through the system? That's why rankings don't mean shit. The fact is our farm is deeper and better than it has been in years. We have talent at the big league level with plenty of talent coming up through the system within the next few years.
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    This year's Yellow Home Run Line brought to you by: Auto Trader
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    The transformation from AFL to MAGA was fascinating, sad and a little disturbing. It’s definitely up there with the legends.
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    Watch him hit 30 HR, and 85 RBI, .820 OPS getting to play everyday.
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    The ball was really spinning well off the Cleveland bats today.
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    Make sure the sound is on.
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    Let's be honest. The "with a super model" part was completely unnecessary.