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    So I just wanted to start off with an apology for being down this afternoon. This was scheduled, but no down time was expected as it was a package I purchased to tune up my database and apache side of things after the Monday debacle. Go Daddy F'd a database table, so they had to repair it today. I'm locked into GoDaddy for the next 10 months so it is what it is, but I have the highest level of server possible. Just some bad luck and a bad forum software update a few weeks back. Just a shitty past few months in terms of up time. That said... We're not ESPN, we're not MLB, we're not some other high profile network that can guarantee 100% server, forum uptime. Though after learning some tricks and server maintenance tips on Linux (I'm a Windows server guy, that does software engineering & account management for work) I think we're in good shape going forward. The entire day today was frustrating and exhausting. But it made me realize a few things... While nothing is guaranteed, the interaction and friendships that have been formed here trump everything else. So I will work harder in making sure that this home is up and running, 24/7. Long day, going to bed. Thank you for your patience.
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    Why is Cam Bedrosian still on this team. Must be Scisocia. FUCK
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    For the love of God, DFA this POS right now.
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    Prior to Mike Scioscia's becoming manager in 2000, the Angels franchise was known for being snake-bit or cursed (Lyman Bostock, '79, '82, '86, '89, '95 off the top of my head), was coming off the Terry Collins mutiny led by Moo Vaughn, and was considered the small market (per Jackie Autry) also-ran to their neighbors up the 5 freeway. The end of '99 would mean the beginning of the Bill Stoneman era which started with Mike's hiring. Since then, an entire generation of Angels' fans have got to grow up with competitive baseball and expectation of, not only being .500, but being in the thick of a playoff hunt. I became an Angels' fan in '76 at 4 years old and got to witness collapse and disappointment enough to believe that was who the Angels' were and that, barring a miracle, that was the way it would likely always be. Then 2002 happened and all that past noise got drowned out by the sound of Troy Glaus' game-winning RBI double in Game 6. For a decade, the Angels ruled the AL West and dominated it's rivals like I'd never witnessed in this team before. The last few years have been a struggle but at least there is still that expectation, almost a demand, of winning, of which previously did not exist prior to Mike's arrival.
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    How is this team going to release Pujols when they can't even move him down the lineup?
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    Going back to the game after (April 29) Richards' implosion vs the Skanks at home: 191 innings (almost 6 per game), 153 hits, 183/59 Ks/BBs, 2.59 ERA, 1.11 WHIP
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    Mike Scioscia likes to give veterans every possible chance to succeed - if they have a past history of success. He doesn't let them play indefinitely - his timeline just isn't the same as the fans. The Angels as an organization has cut bait on lots of veterans who haven't panned out - again, in their time frame and not ours. In a world where everyone wants instant gratification and fantasy baseball managers make moves on a daily basis - the real world of baseball just doesn't move fast enough for most fans. Everything is a process. If Kinsler and Calhoun don't start hitting - I"m certain they'll do something about it. Again - in their time frame and not ours. I believe MIke Scioscia has done a great job as the team's manager. I've been following this team since the mid to late 60's and I appreciate everything he's accomplished over the years. Winning is hard. Winning it all is extremely hard. The Angels as a whole have had some bad luck and made some bad contract decisions, but the one constant in my mind is the steady hand of Scioscia. He is the one individual most responsible for injecting a winning attitude into this organization from top to bottom. 1600 wins is an amazing accomplishment. He runs a great clubhouse. It's evident in the extension that Upton signed and his help in recruiting Kinsler and Young (their poor performance is an aside). Players who put out max effort and put the team first love playing for him. Those that don't (i.e. Jose Guillen) don't last. Scioscia did an amazing job navigating the team through the tragic loss of Nick Adenhart. I will always admire and appreciate him for that. I love the fact that he's the longest tenured manager with one club in all of baseball and one of the longest tenured managers of any team in any sport. As a fan, I take pride in that. Having that consistency has been great, IMO. Do I agree with everything he does? Of course not. I would like to see someone other than Albert Pujols in the clean-up spot - but it's not as if he has a list of great choices to replace him. Albert is hitting well with RISP. His albatross of a contract magnifies things - but there are bigger issues on the club right now. We will probably never know the reasons for some of his roster and lineup decisions. I can live with that. Most of all, I admire MIke Scioscia - the man. I think he is an individual of high integrity and I am glad he manages the Angels. He doesn't seek the spotlight. He let's his coaches take the opportunity to interview on camera (i.e. when the team has been in the post-season and networks do live interviews in the dugout - it's always been someone other than Scioscia doing them, unlike other teams). He's humble He's smart. He comes across as boring - but if you've ever seen him at spring training out on the practice fields - he's a great leader. He's funny. He's engaging. I've been as disappointed as anyone that the Angels haven't returned to the world series. I just know it's harder than most people think. There were lots of woulda, coulda and shoulda's to go around. 2005 is especially painful. I just don't believe the lack of championships is Scioscia's fault. It's the organization's fault. Scioscia may share in the blame - but for me it's not really about blame - it's about what did or didn't happen and there's a difference. Luck definitely has something to do with it as well. It's hard to grasp that - but it's true. We don't like to admit it - but it's true. If you don't like Scioscia for whatever reason - I can respect that. You're entitled, obviously. If you are anxious for a change - I can appreciate that. It's a perfectly logical point of view. I just happen to be fine with Scioscia as a manager. I happen to think he does very well with the talent he's given each year. Last year that team had no business competing and yet it did for most of the year. You can disagree... that's fine. My only issue is with those individuals who try to push the "fire Scioscia" narrative into every single thread. It just gets old. It's annoying. That's all. Love him. Hate him. I don't really care. I won't apologize for being a Scioscia fan. And when he's gone - I'll move on - but I will do so with great appreciate for what he's accomplished in my lifetime as an Angel fan. Angels baseball has been a part of my life ever since I can remember and the Scioscia years have been the best of them for me. I have great admiration and gratitude for him because of it.
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    Now folks are bitching about how Mang signs a ball? Geez.
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    Every contender HAS to have a solid bullpen!
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    There's no question Kinsler and Calhoun are struggling. Pujols is not producing at a level that meets expectations and Cozart and Valbuena are constant topics in this forum as well. Some perspective... The league average BA is .245 The league average OBP is .317 The league average OPS is .722 Offense is down across the board. There are so very notable players struggling right now - including: Dexter Fowler: .157 BA, .249 OBP, .564 OPS, Ian Desmond: .184 VA, .239 OBP, .617 OPS, Gregory Polanco: .205 BA, .317 OBP, .732 OPS, Logan Morrison: .196 BA, .313 OBP, .653 OPS, Cody Bellinger .234/.301/.738, Anthony Rizzo: .228/.335/.724, Jay Bruce: .228/.298/.649, Edwin Encarnacion: .228/.302/.763, Kyle Seager: .226/.286/.709, Nelson Cruz: .220/.304/.724, Paul Goldschmidt: .208/.324/.705 The list goes on and on... The Angels have four players who rank in the bottom 40 for the lowest OPS. Calhoun is last and Kinsler is 4th worst. It's unlikely the Angels dump Pujols - despite the AW sentiment and it's also unlikely they'll dump Valbuena. The focus clearly needs to be on Calhoun and Kinsler. Every team has players - many of them big names that are struggling. I mean when you look at names like Goldschmidt, Rizzo, Bellinger, Cruz, Bruce, etc. - it's crazy. Even Bryce Harper is only hitting just .228 (although he continues to walk a great deal). Tons of guys like Kendrys Morales, Hunter Pence, Billy Hamilton and Neil Walker have negative WAR. All this is to just provide some perspective. We know the Angels offense is struggling - but it helps to see how the rest of the league is doing. The Angels are 9th overall in OBP and 9th overall in OPS. They're also 7th overall in runs scored. While that's hardly good enough to be a legitimate conteder - it's not nearly as bad as most of us probably thought.
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    Regarding Calhoun’s contractual status... If they ask him to accept an option, it’s up to him to accept or refuse. If he accepts, he’s optioned and goes to AAA just like anyone else. If he refuses, and the Angels still want him off the roster, they have to DFA him. During that time they can try to trade him, in which case another team would take on all of his contract unless the Angels agree to eat some. If they want to get him to the minors, they’d have to put him through waivers to outright him. Any team could claim him, but if they do, they take the whole contract. If no one claims him, he goes to the minors as a regular non-roster guy. I actually don’t think he’d refuse the option and if it got to him being DFA’d I’m not sure anyone would claim him because of the money left.
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    Kole Calhoun, due to the fact that he is never on base, has simply forgotten how to run the bases.
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    @BaseballMom !!! Lib, er, live it up!
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    they forgot to address the Angels bullpen.
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    A thread suggesting we trade Trout and Simmons reaches 4 pages. Successful troll effort.
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    so basically. You want the Angels to be the Rays for the next 10-15 years. The Astros drafting a bunch of guys that have actually matched their draft potential in the last 10 years is remarkable, lucky, and basically unprecedented. It’s not a model for success. It’s not going to happen again. Baseball is not basketball. When you have a Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons, and Shohei Ohtani, and Justin Upton you have to win with them. Otherwise F*ck you. The Angels have to figure this out now.
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    Should of paid attention in class.
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    0-5, 7 LOB, had a run subtracting baserunning error and you could argue that his great throw was only needed in the 9th because in the same inning he dove for a ball, missed entirely and let it roll to the wall. Really appreciative of the effort and the killer throw, but "puts the team on his back" isn't quite accurate.
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    June 1, 1975 Nolan Ryan wins his 100th game and pitches his 4th no-hitter, tying Sandy Koufax on the all-time list. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CAL/CAL197506010.shtml
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    He shouldn’t be leading off. Ever.