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    I don't know if you guys have been watching, but this guy is passionate behind the plate. Fist pumps, head nods & attentive. I mean, he noticed Richards' flicking his arm and ran right out there. I'm guessing Garrett would have kept pitching and could have done more damage to his bicep if he didn't catch that. Moreover, the relationship he has with the pitchers on the mound is like none I have ever seen. The way he sets up and frames pitches and knows where to be and what pitch to call is top notch. I mean, this is all in addition to him having one of the strongest, if not the strongest throwing arm in baseball. I'm impressed. Maldonado, Simmons/Espinosa and Trout up the middle. Is there a better defense alignment in baseball? Calhoun & Maybin in the corner outfield spots are excellent as well. Color me excited about this team.
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    what are the odds that Gimli, Gandalf and Frodo would all be Angel fans?
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    I couldn't think of why anyone would question this move, and then I remembered I'm on angelswin.com.
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    Angels win 3 games in a row: "Will Scioscia be in the HOF?" Angels lose 3 games in a row: "Is this Scosica's last season?"
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    This is why we can't have nice things!
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    Projected A's lineup: Vogt Davis The other Davis Some AAA guys The tarp Broken toilets Expectations for the 2017 season Complaints about the "light wave" from Brodie Brazil The Las Vegas Raiders
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    It's a traffic jam, when you're already late. A wild boar terrorizing Islamic state.
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    Maybe it was because of the jersey you were wearing.
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    haven't seen the video, but i'm guessing after his delivery that aybar managed to hit himiself in the nuts somehow.
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    A new project I'm working on. Talked it over with Chuck and he was gracious enough to let me post this here on the board in a new informative/comedic style segment. I'll be doing Angels series recaps and in the Ducks thread I'll be posting Ducks game recaps. Along with a top 3 performers of the series and a few selected topics to discuss. Check it out and let me know what you guys think! Still new to the whole Youtube world so bear with me as I improve. Maybe I'll put together a couple of clean peanuts. Anyhow... Enjoy! *Slightly NSFW with a few bombs in there* Series Recap Video
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    Tied the score in the 9th in consecutive games. A real hitter would have finished the job
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    So we're looking at two/three months of inactivity, then some soft toss, followed by an outstanding bullpen session, then the witness protection program. That's the usual protocol.
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    savage: Hey @United, my ex is flying from Atlanta to San Antonio, Flight 2145, Row 12, Seat D... do your thing
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    The Angels are in first place in the West.
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    i have a feeling that's not the only pic of a penis you have on your hard drive
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    Poor Brady and his duper bowels... I hope he can fix that issue.
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    No. Check in again later in the season. Santiago sucked when he was traded, and Santana was inconsistent at best. You don't get a do-over because they've had a few good starts.
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    Don't worry. The offense will be back in full force—just as the starting pitching is beginning to suck again.
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    Hope you have a great day, @Lou.
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    I think Woody Richards is going to be on the shelf for a while.
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    This is BULLSHIT you can't just take days off we NEED info dammit
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    Lou is somewhere between 45 - 70. I can't really tell.
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    So many people ask me how the hell I became an Angels fan, living in northern New Jersey, in the middle of Yankee country. Growing up, all my friends were Mets or Yankees fans. Step 1: I got an Angels plastic batting helmet as a little kid. This was only because by the time my parents took me to get one, (they were all the rave at the time) they were sold out of Yankees and Mets. So as a little kid, I cried and took the first one (alphabetically) that was available. Not happy, but the seed was planted. Step 2: Joined little league baseball, and get drafted by the Angels. It was a sign. An old friend of mine shared this on Facebook, in honor of opening day, so I thought I would share it here. My first team picture.
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    That combo is going to light the halo at least 20 times this year. We will win the west.....i know it is not true but there is a part of me that thinks it will happen. I love being a halo fan. Can't wait for the season to start!
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    J.C. Ramirez = Ace Bud Norris = Elite Closer Ship the motha fuckin' title.
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    According to doctors a healthy sleep schedule promotes good health and increases the ability to lose or maintain your weight goals. I post this at 1:30 in the morning when I know I have to be up at 7am.
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    A once useful Street is now a dead end.
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    If he wasn't fired in 2012 with that roster and missing the playoffs, he's not getting fired missing the playoffs with this team. I know I'm considered a Scioscia apologist, but I'm curious, what manager could win with the pitching the Angels have had the last three years? What manager wins with this rotation this year? What manager makes Richards and Skaggs healthy? Place the blame where it belongs, Arte and Dipoto. Scioscia didn't sign Albert or Hamilton. Scioscia didn't create one of the worst farm systems. Scioscia didn't overuse Weaver or Wilson that caused them to age prematurely, they just got old early which made them ineffective. Theyve lost five games this year. How many can you point to a moment in the game where Scioscia blew it? If he had talent the last few years I would agree with you. That simply hasn't been the case.
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    Hey, all you dads out there, how many of the jokes below are in your joke inventory?
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    Calhoun's underrated. Dude's a gamer. Can hit, play defense, and gives you his all every single game.
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    I commend my boardmates for waiting until opening day before posting a thread like this. Remarkable restraint.