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    We'd be just as well off wishing a happy birthday to two 35-year-olds.
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    That's one way to stop Bud Norris from shutting you out.
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    I'm going to miss his passion. Will never forget this moment.
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    Rangers: Josh you look great. You're hitting the ball a ton and you seem very mobile in the OF. We're excited to get you out there playing 140-150 games. We definitely see you helping the team. Josh: i think my knee hurts.
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    well, first you get introduced to the other players at camp:
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    it smells like pabst blue ribbon and racism in here.
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    Nebraska is playing UC Riverside in Tempe this weekend.
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    Due to some unforeseen immigration issues the role of Aladdin and his magic carpet will be played by Bill and Hillary Clinton.
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    I think if the French elect an anti-immigrant nut, you really have to cut them a little slack. They've had more real people die in real terrorist attacks than we've had fake people die in Trump made up attacks, which is saying a lot.
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    Did it mention them swimming in their jeans?
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    Hope he doesn't strain his pussy shifting into 3rd.
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    So Calzone should love Josh.
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    One is done in the name of Mohammad, the other in the name of Kareem.
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    You wanna know how people like Trump and to a lesser degree Hillary attain power? This post, though there are many in the thread which would also work nearly as well, is a perfect illustration. When otherwise quite decent people are resorting to divisiveness and framing administration of a country into us versus them you paradigm one can reasonably assume that it is indicative of a much larger problem. Each side thinks they will gain strength via shaming and blaming the other side. Instead we end up with two opposing sides entrenched their own version of the Somme. Indiscriminately launching volleys towards anything that dares moves. And the only thing left alive aren't rats for we are not this fortunate. It's sociopaths and narcissists and those that thrive upon the chaos and discord. People who have spent their entire lives preying on the emotionally vulnerable and naive. People act as if the people in power are the crazy ones. They aren't. The fact that they thrive is the only sane thing in the insane asylum we call American politics.
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    Speaking of Prime Minister Abe and Today's happenings: Trump shook his hand for like 30 seconds and wouldn't let go. When he finally did, Abe was like "horry sheet, dees guy reery eez runatic!"
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    That game was the equivalent of a CJ Wilson start.
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    My advice to Adam: Find the best player on the team and fire a fastball right into his ribs. It will send a message to the rest of the team that you're in charge and you're not taking shit from anyone.
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    This is absolutely unshocking in every way shape and form.
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    I pledge to shave my balls much more frequently and to proofread my posts thoroughly moving forward.
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    When I was growing up, my parents moved on four different occasions, but I found them each time.
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    "How the f*ck did I marry Elton John?"
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    He was a lunatic long before Trump was elected.
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    I let the half Mexican thing out of the bag and now I'm an hombre? Racist.
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    Hey one of em gets it!
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    Thanks for reminding me I just forgot Daniel Wright in my spring training preview story while listing the 36 starter candidates.
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    btw, this is great for baseball to get that loser out of the sport. Last year, forbes had their valuation at about 700mil. So it's going for more than 2x the forbes eval. Per forbes, the halos are at 1.34 B so conceivably they could be worth almost 3B.
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    All the kids in our league got trophies. We felt it's the best way to prepare them for real life.