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    I think you have to be an Angels fan to understand...
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    This is how many of these offseason stories, including some I may write, come to be..... 1. writer thinks to himself: Moustakas is from SoCal. 2. Writer to himself: Angels need a 3B 3. Writer to himself: Angels need a LHB 4. Writer to himself: Angels have some money freed up (So far this is no different than what you can do yourself.) 5A: Writer asks Angels exec, off the record, about Moustakas. Told: "We are looking at everyone. He is part of everyone." Or: 5B: Writer asks exec, off the record, from other team if Moose to Angels makes sense. Exec does 1-4, just as writer did, and says "Yeah, that seems logical." Or: 5C: Writer asks Moose's agent, off the record, if Angels are interested. Agent says: "Oh yes! Many many teams are interested including the Angels." Agent then spends 30 minutes convincing writer that Moose is the best player ever Welcome to the hot stove season.
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    "So, tell me about your achievements." "I traded Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells ... I'll see myself out."
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    Good for Maldonado, he was excellent this year. Simmons is out of this world good, if he didn't win a riot would have been necessary.
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    Hey kids! I appreciate the kind words and that you guys still remember me! It's weird...I was just thinking of AngelsWin about two days ago. I'm alive and well and still stomping around the same area. My business really expanded over the last few years (which has been good and bad...you would think making more money would maker things easier, but not always). I'll follow up on this later tonight or over the weekend. I hope everyone is well, although I don't think Lee is. Thanks again!
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    (The image is 4800x4800? Sure why not? Then I'll quote it three times.) guy.
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    Upton wanted to be here, and we wanted him here. It's a great move for both sides.
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    Trade Calhoun and a prospect for a starting pitcher. Trade whatever for Stanton and Gordon. Collect the Off-season Championship trophy. Being a GM is easy.
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    His name is Billy. Not William. At least everything that the google machine produces about him has his given name as such. Not sure why that's interesting. Maybe it's because you'd expect it to be conventional but it's not. Just like Billy. Billy the greenhorn. At least that was my first impression. He's not Jerry Dipoto. Not some camera kind socal surfer with easy words. And that's a good thing as it turns out. So instead of Billy short for William, he's just Billy. The guy who inherited a sub .500 team with a bloated payroll, zero international spending capability, and the worst farm system in baseball history as well as an apparent upper extremity plague affecting any pitcher in a clubhouse radius. Apparently, the rally monkey is actually virus carrying anti-god from the movie outbreak. That inheritance also included Michael Nelson Trout. He's pretty good. Billy's first order of business was to make our farm system worse by trading our top prospect and others for a defensive specialist. Actually, that was probably his second order of business. His first was to get a bigger boat and navigate the shark infested waters of the front office. Fast forward two years later. So far so good right? But let the expectations begin. So far, there really haven't been any. If it wasn't a mess, it would do till the mess got here. Well, the mess came and went and now we stand with a mediocre farm, international money, injuries healed (for the most part. maybe), kumbaya, payroll flexibility, and a major league roster that seems primed to take the next step forward. There are holes to fill, yes. But now it looks like there are some actual resources to fill them. Would it be a tremendous surprise to not make the playoffs in 2018? probably not. Yet, it would be disappointing if we remained mired in mediocrity. Over the next 5 months I have no doubt that we will parse out every last option and granulate every potential decision. It's what we do. But the key component is that there are actual options. Lots of them. 2b, 3b, 1b. Do we trade Cron or Shoe or Kole? Do we tap into the farm? How much do we spend? A fairly savvy approach in just two years has put this franchise in a position we didn't expect to be in two years ago. Pardon my frances, but don't f**k it up now. Because the wrong trade or bad free agent move could turn that Viagra good feeling into the limp noodle of a Mike Trout departure. There are lots of decisions to be made in the coming months. I don't know what the right ones are, but Billy, not William better because pressure has resurfaced. Spalding, this calls for the old Billy Baroo. Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy.
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    This is amazing. Almost everyone on the board seems to like it, and at the same time Claude gets his sad boner.
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    Well, it's just after midnight on Oct. 27, so in the midst of constantly hearing about the Dodgers being back in the World Series, I can take a moment (or few) to reflect on the special night 15 years ago: Of Lackey's five innings, Garret's 3-run double, the bullpen coming up with one more shutdown performance, and finally the moment when that last out settled into Darin Erstad's glove. Happy anniversary, fellow Angel fans.
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    You just wait till I win a Pulitzer for Best Story That Says Nothing.
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    so someone. anyone on here is qualified to determine whether Eric Hinske is better than Chili Davis or vice versa? um. ok.
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    My personal belief is that the Angels will not pursue anyone that will cost them a pick.... not because they care about the pick itself but rather because they don't want to lose the pool money that will come with that pick. Eppler has done a really good job spreading money around in the draft and while it's still got a ways to go it does once again have some depth and tradeable assets.... it's the only reason Justin Upton is an Angel. I think any move for a name will likely come via trade but more likely I see him going after value guys..... Nunez, Walker, etc etc.. The lone area he may spend some name brand money on is possibly at the closer spot and that likely depends on if his analytics department is a bigger devotee of the "relievers are volatile" school of sabermetrics .vs the "don't spend money on the pen" school. Again this is all my opinion. I don't believe Eppler is prone to rash judgements.... I do believe Arte trusts him. Arte may be all about filling the stadium (Aw.com fact), but the team is no longer a FA superstar away from being the talk of the town... so, winning is the team's best chance as sustaining 3 mil in attendance in the long run.... More importantly if this board is any indication.... the casual fan will look at any signing as either ''the next big mistake'' or ''oh look he went cheap again".... People are hard core jaded right now .... winning is the only thing that will change that.... IMO. if Stonemans voice is being heard, I think he's telling Arte to let Billy do his thing. It's hard to argue with the job he's done... Simmons and Upton are likely the two best additions dollar for dollar we have seen since Vladdy and while they did have to pony up another 18 mil to keep Upton neither guy was a splashy FA signing.. So, let him do what he does. Lastly...... If Arte decides he wants to throw his schlong around and yell hey look at me.... wait a year.... next winter will lend itself to much bigger schlong waving potential.... Give Eppler another draft and the farm another year to show it's value... I think the team would be much better off.
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    I got's it again...oooh, big time Walking into the office today, I noticed a significant lack of the color "blue" where, just yesterday, it was everywhere... How odd
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    Throughout the season and off season sometimes we let our emotions and our frustrations get the best of us. Some of the things we hear/read a lot is Arte is cheap or he meddles or he only cares about 3 million fans or he isn’t really interested in winning. This inevitably ends with the “Arte should sell the team”. Right now in Miami we are seeing what a new ownership might do to a team. They are hellbent on reducing salary and are looking to trade their young MVP, who is marketable, and anyone else that gets paid. Who’s to say if Arte sold the Angels the new owner wouldn’t take the exact same approach? With Arte, you know what you’re going to get. A high budget team, that’s usually at least in the conversation for some of the bigger names. We have never seen Arte slash payroll and probably never will. Arte will never trade Trout to reduce salary, NEVER. That’s not to say he won’t trade him, but he wouldn’t do it for any other reason than Trout wanting out. ”I wish Arte would sell the team” should fall firmly in the category of “Be careful what you wish for”.
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    Yep, the Jordan owned Hornets have been unstoppable.
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    I saw a twitter response today that said "This tweet is so childish that Ray Moore would date it". Savage!
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    Nothing IMO. Upton's deal is fair regardless of what JD Martinez gets because it wasn't guaranteed the Angels would get Martinez if Upton wasn't signed.
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    Altuve should win in a landslide. But in other news...
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    Personally, I think Maldonado might be our best defensive catcher since Boone. He is more athletic behind the plate than Bengie.
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    I wasn’t too far off.
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    And that is saying something.
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    I was concerned that this thread would be about him doing something bad or being dead.
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    It wasn’t like one miss either. Almost every one of his deals has not worked out. The guy was a fuck up and then he was a bitch and quit in a huff mid season. Something basically unheard of in professional sports. Fuck that guy.
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    Boasting about his High School Guy.
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    We should organize a trip to the winter meetings with "get stanton" signs
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    Which team has the big red dot as their logo? The Indians?
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    People who ask me questions that are answered in my stories are banned for life from asking me questions.
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    You do realize those signs translate to Deport all Canadians?
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    Yeah, I can't wait to watch the Chevron car race commercial in FULL HD!
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    He did and he was awesome, every time. Dipoto's the white Obama. Great lip service, eloquent in speech & a great personality. He mesmerized & energized everyone, but came up short when it came to delivering success.