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    Please send the holy spirit into Garrett Richards right arm. Please do this so some weird nerve fuckery doesn't knock him out for the next 18 months. Also, ask the holy spirit to charge up the platelet cells in his arm because we all know the muscles and shit are waiting to explode. Thanks for doing the Angels this big solid. Amen and such. -Angelswin.com community.
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    Angels pitching is terrorizing their fans.
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    I had to laugh last night when the A's shortstop booted his ground ball...there was absolutely no panic on his part. Oh look, I dropped the ball....let me scratch my balls and pick it up...toss it to first underhanded...and it still beat him by 5 steps.
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    They've won like 27 out of their last 28 games...is this a serious question?
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    I'm in Las Vegas. I don't drink. I'm staying at my friend's house. I can hear him snoring upstairs. I need something to do: Enter the Weekend Shenanigans, mid-stream, as it's only Saturday morning. Too lazy to proof this... I drove out to Vegas Thursday night to avoid Friday traffic. I forgot that the 91 freeway has no sympathy and will suffer traffic any day/night. But once I got through that it was clean, pacing at about 82 mph on the drive out. I pulled over in Barstow to get a cappuccino at the drive-thru Starbucks. "Sorry...We're closed." Seemed kinda early but I know that meth waits for no one so they were probably ready to get out of there. A wasted 10 minutes from my drive. I like driving to/fro Vegas at night. Solitary time which is good for the mind. It was my first time using my Apple music account. Of course, no Vegas solo journey is complete without playing Bryan Ferry's "Windswept," which I did. I also studied the use of keyboard in JoBoxer's "Just Got Lucky." Whoever produced that thought of everything. A masterpiece. I also played a new semi-favorite: The Rolling Stones' "Heaven" from Tattoo You. I'm not a big Stones guy, but I do like the casual guitar riff in this one and it's a good midnight driver. I pulled into Vegas about 1am, meeting my out of shape/fat friends at Hennessey's Tavern at the end of Fremont Street. These are friends from college. I would say they've really let themselves go, but they frankly never had it together. Even though they were sitting in a giant booth, it still looked like a pack of steroided sardines. They like staying in Downtown Vegas because it's not pretentious and you can point at the women who don't mind any kind of attention. And there are some real characters up and down Fremont St. Usually, they prefer the Plaza since Michael Mann's television series "Crime Story" (starring the GREAT Dennis Farina and, in part, Andrew Dice Clay) shot some of the Vegas episodes there. But it was sold out so they ended up at El Cortez. Free parking! Class has its privileges. I was the sober guy so I eventually drove home my friend, whom we call "W" because he has an Arab name beginning with "W" and back in the Iraq war, we thought naming the Arab "W" in part as tribute to W would be hilarious. I couldn't sleep. Going to bed at 4am only makes you not sleep. I was out of bed about 8:30, and drove to Del Taco to get some breakfast items. I like to scrape the "egg" out of the breakfast burritos and eat semi-tortilla free. I want to fit comfortably into the booths at Hennessy's. Eventually, the troops rallied and the downtowners met me and W at the M for it's fabulous buffet. However, on Fridays, they jack up the price because they offer prime ribs of beef. At 2:30 they really hike it up because that's when the seafood buffet opens and all manner of chinamen crush the crab, etc. It's real America: fat, older people slopping spaghetti, pork chops, and thai curry on a single plate; younger fat people of all colors racing for the next round; families and friends huddling at their tables comparing the buffet's many treasure ("The potato salad is insane. Look to left of the mashed potatoes!"). At more than one table you see the couple who's given up. The dude is just cramming the food down, stains on his shirt. He don't care no more and they sit silently. The wife sips her chardonnay (included) while pretending to people watch. She's typically on the thinner side, gets her hair done as a splurge before the trip. Like a cylon, her eyes go back to center to look ever so briefly at hubby scooping up another fork of slop. A brief hope of conversation. They stay silent. It's all over but the dessert (included). I have to admit, I took that buffet down. I was going to make that $26.95 pay. I ate too much. I felt gross. Still do. Later, I went with one friend to the outlet mall. He likes to go to buy, what else, but extra large sweaters. He lives in Utah and wears layers in the house in the winter time which is on approach. I hunch he spills food and god knows what else on his sweaters, but I am happy he has pride enough left to get annual replacements. I drove us back downtown to meet up with another dude, who is a friend of sweater guy. Flew in from Utah. W, and my other friend whom we call "Jive Ass" because he walks like a black man and is originally from Trinidad, had gone to retrieve him after the buffet/diarhea. We eventually met up at the Cortez where I hung out in my friend's room, watching the end of Jaws 4...The Revenge. Something like that. With Academy Award winner Michael Caine, who I think was sober in at least one scene. We were on the 14th floor ("Did you know we're not on the 14th floor? We're on the 13th floor," said my friend). I looked out the window and down below, in huge block letters someone who was clearly expert at their job painted "DURAN DURAN." I took many pictures. It looked so out of place. I told my friends I had to shower. But really I just wanted some alone time. So I drove back in traffic to W's house, took a shower and watched some of the Angels game on my phone. I also did some online battling (total waste of time...I'm better than this) about Obama, the 4th Amendment, Due Process, and Title IX). I was eventually summoned by my friends who wanted to go to a sort of nerdy/Star Wars themed bar near downtown called the Millenium Fandom. I drove and parked for free at El Cortez. I thought the bar was close and I needed a post Meaning of Life-food scene walk. And boy, did I walk. And walk. My phone gave me the wrong directions. I walked past pimps, hookers, and probably some druggies, but really, is it worth differentiating at that point? Very reminiscent of the Miami Vice episode "Florence Italy" starring race car driver Danny Sullivan. I took off my watch and put it in my pocket. Hilarious. "Yeah, that'll throw 'em off my trial." I was lost. I saw a little naive looking Japanese dude walking in my direction. I scared him, but not on purpose. "Are you walking to downtown?" I asked. He was perplexed. I could see what I'd done to him. His face said, "Oh shit. They told me about this kind of thing here. Yankee come off real friendly. Then rape you and have their way with your yen." But he was surprisingly receptive. I told him he should consider getting a taxi, or for certain, put away his phone and hide his wallet. He was most appreciative. I would like to think he even gave me a little bow. Respect. My fingers hurt from typing too much/too fast. Will try to conclude later. [The newbies will wonder what the F this Weekend Shenanigans thing is all about. If any of the Oldbies want to explain, be my guest.]
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    This MF better not come here and hit .165
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    TwinsOracle will selfban if by some MIRACLE the Twins win the 2nd wildcard!!!!! Really? Really? Really? Really? F*#& Paul Moliterrible!!
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    Verlander would have cost all of the progress the farm system has made. That isn't felt today so you think you are winning, like the Dipoto days, but what you are really doing is insuring you have no future. Moving on Verlander doesn't insure a playoff spot and doesn't insure future success because he is at the age pitchers fall off dramatically, far moreso than position players. While on the other hand paying almost nothing for Upton isn't much of a gamble and could cement the left field problem down while the farm kids develop. It puts a legitimate bat in the Moto spot, the void Hamilton created, for about half of the cost. This is a five year rather than 30 day plan. It will give the Angels a good chance to reach the playoffs which signals a franchise turnaround while not making it a false start by decimating the farm.
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    Lets not get ahead of ourselves. We still dont know if upton is going to platoon with revere, or EYJ.
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    Again, you fucking beer snobs are the worst. JFC. Drink what you choose to drink and don't worry about what someone else likes.
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    Ok, ill bite. I avoid these topics on here as much as possible. Ive mentioned on here having MLB connections. If i ever said who and to what extent, no one would believe me (except chuck). One thing i have in common with these guys is that both what i do and what they do is routinely second guessed by the public...which by and large habe no idea what actually happens behind the scenes, nor do they habe any actual background in what we do. As such, as much as i like reading the smart things guys like @dochalo, @ettin etc say, i dont discuss that with them. Why? Its simple. As well addressed and intelligent as their posts are, they (no offense to doc, ettin and the rest, who i think are brilliant at analyzing baseball), they still are merely observers, with no background other than an amateurs opinion. Its why i wouldnt tell doc anything about medicine, or a woman how to handle her pregnancy. So discussing my profession with anyone who doesnt have a rudimentary knowledge of what i do is best left alone, because it would take too long to explain week one of a 4th amendment class and the subsequent case law to every question. Much as when im having beers with someone we talk about on here, i dont tell him how he should approach his at bats. The funny thing about this bullshit narrative of cops not wanting to turn in other cops is simple. You know who burns cops? Other cops. How did the whole rampart scandal unravel? Heres a hint, it didnt start with perez...the actual reality, contrary to popular myth, is that i dont want to lose my job or go to federal court...and my partners arent going to lead me there (and vice versa). So the idea we (as the majority) look the other way for some idiot, with the tradeoff being i lose my job, but hey...hes a brother. Bullshit. Lumping all cops together is as retarded as lumping any other group. How much interaction do you believe different police agencies have with each other? Do you think there is some vast conspiracy where we all congregate and share our shady little deeds? Most cops, regardless of the movies, dont even hang out together after work...you think im gonna lose my job for people i dont even drink with?.. You mentioned in another post about accountability. Agreed. Next lets let BLM take some. Its 2017, almost 18, and were still saying the mike brown shooting was bad...fucking kidding me? This problem will not be fixed until some things change. First and foremost, and as of yet ive never heard this discussed, the general population needs to become educated on what the law actually says about search and seizure, and use of force. The most overused term out there is "i know my rights". No, most people dont.
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    I served. And I support any American's right to protest in any non-violent way they deem necessary. To me, this is EXACTLY what veterans have fought, and died, for. I certainly don't want to live in a conformist society. There are plenty of those types of societies now. Kim Jong Un leads one. NFL teams weren't even on the field during the anthem prior to 2009, so it's not like protestors are breaking some time-honored tradition here.
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    There nothing Newcomb can do as a pitcher that could equal the value as a everyday player like Simmons.
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    I don't know if the baby Jesus can help. Adult Jesus might be able to do something though. Babies are fucking useless.
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    You can love Trout, be grateful he's here, think he's the best and still state the obvious. He's been a huge letdown this month
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    We know he won't be running away from it.
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    Thank you for your assistance.
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    The Budweiser corporation shut down beer production at their Georgia plant to bottle and can drinking water for the victims of the Texas hurricane. They're ok in my book.
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    I spent no less than 4 hours putting together Jabba's Palace. It lasted 5 days. Now it's a Vampire house/fire station
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    The fascination with a guy who has about a 2 percent chance of being any sort of impact major leaguer astounds me.
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    That's Huston Street.
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    I don't see the humor ... kudos for Eppler. Fans and players appreciate the support from management.
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    Damn, they've lost 9/10. That's pretty terrible. And also wonderful.
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    I am one dumb fat piece of shit.
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    2 black dudes in the same day? This is basically the greatest day in Angels history.
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    All this mentioning of Kate Upton and not one photo has been shown. Shame on you all.
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    If you weren't familiar with Long before this trade, then STFU about giving him up. Glen out.
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    Just for the record....I will join all of you in the "Scioscia is stupid" camp if Pujols bats ahead of Upton.
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    Not fucking funny at all. This isn't a softball beer league where he's the manager and gets to choose where he wants to play and bat in what order. It's time the Angels start putting club first over has been star.
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    Now this is real.