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    Mike Trout's last 4 games

    GIDP to Kaz K looking single to CF hr to CF FO to CF K looking LO to 2b LO to RF FO to RF Single to CF Single to RF 2b to LF gap K on a foul tip walk walk single to RF line out to RF hr to CF walk 7-16 with 2 hrs, 2b, 3bb, 3k. ZERO outs made to the left side. 6 of his 7 hits from CF to RF including both hrs to CF. This offense goes as Trout goes. When he walks and hits the ball the other way, he's unstoppable.
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    By Adam Dodge, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer - It took nearly five months, but the Angels managed to pass the Oakland Athletics in the standings and will head into this weekend's four game showdown against their division rival with no worse than a share of first place in the American League West. At this moment the Angels hold a one-game lead with both teams in action tonight. Thursday's start to the series marks the beginning of the home stretch, one that figures to be the most exciting for the Angels in five years. While it is certainly possible the teams can split the four games and head into September neck and neck, a dominant performance by either team would create some much coveted separation. In this edition of Foe Fodder, we will take a closer look at some of the key foes standing in the Angels' way on their march to their first division title since 2009. OF - Coco Crisp When he's not dropping bloopers out of the reach of Howie Kendrick, Coco is a well respected member of the Crips' community. His gang name is Beetle. OF - Josh Reddick After a long day on the diamond, Josh spends his free time hanging drywall in Modesto. IF - Eric Sogard Eric pulls double duty for the A's as a slick fielding middle-infielder and team CPA. He also dabbles in IT and makes the best gosh darn pina coladas north of Solvang. SP - Sonny Gray Sonny likes legos, fig newtons and his best friend Timmy. His favorite subject is social studies because his teacher Mr. Warren is really cool. C - Derrick Norris Has wrecked teammate and roommate Josh Donaldon's IROC Z28 three times. Worst roommate ever! Works the swing shift as head bouncer at Red Hots Burlesque across the bay in San Francisco. Rob Neyer From Wikipedia - In September 2004, Neyer used a pseudonym ("Ike Farrell") on Amazon.com to write a negative customer review of One Day at Fenway, a then-new baseball book by Steve Kettmann.[22] Neyer subsequently took offense to positive reviews that he believed Kettmann's friends and relatives had posted.[23] "How did this project go so terribly wrong?" Farrell/Neyer wrote. "Presumably the author wound up with plenty of source material, and so I can only assume that he [Kettmann] lacked either the talent or the time (or both) to shape the material into a decent piece of non-fiction."[24] A Newsday newspaper reporter quickly identified Neyer publicly as the actual reviewer.[23] On September 6, Neyer issued an article explaining his actions, "I had such a visceral reaction to Kettmann's book that I felt compelled to do something" and so, under a "pen name" he decided to write a customer review on Amazon.com.[23] "I didn’t even imagine that it could do anybody any good if I wrote as myself", Neyer rationalized.[23] Kettmann responded: "The thing that I find strange about all of this is that [Oakland A's general manager] Billy Beane, someone who I thought Rob Neyer respects, read my book cover to cover and told me he loved it."[citation needed]
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

    No more Toronto trades (involving money) after he who shall not be named.
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

    Can you imagine Iannetta trying to frame a Dickey pitch?
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    ten ocho recon scout

    Hector Santiago

    Quietly shutting teams down. Would like him to go longer (onviously), but hes looked light years better than the beginning of the year.
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    In honor of Mathis playing tonight

    And a passed ball.
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    I believe "Colon" should always be capitalized whenever referring to the pitcher, otherwise it makes the entire sentence look shitty.
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    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    I got picked to shoot the puck from center ice at a NY Rangers game at MSG. It was between the first and second period, and the ice was a disaster. Felt like I was on the sand at a beach. Missed the goal by two feet, and was booed by 18,000 people.
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    Hector Santiago

    He came into this game with a 1.65 ERA in six no-decisions since the All-Star break. Finally got a win! He's been a stud for us down the stretch.
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    Mike Trout's last 4 games

    Josh Donaldson with 20 errors has a higher war than trout and Stanton...... Hitting 250 with 25 hr That is stupid
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

    I've never been a fan of Dickey.
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    In honor of Mathis playing tonight

    I thought Brandon Wood would sign a 1 day contract, retire as an Angel, and give a ceremonial whiff to the opening pitch, with Mathis catching it.
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

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    He only ended up going 4 innings but he struck out 10. The amazing this is he only threw 60 pitches to get those 10 Ks.
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    Angels go up 3-1 just as the Astros go up 3-2 on the A's!
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    GameDay Thread 8/27/14 Marlins @ Angels

    Guy crushes lefties. 0-8 as an Angel. Guy can't hit righties. 1-1 as an Angel. Baseball.
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    He put out for A-Rod.
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    I'm happy to find a backup catcher better than Conger in the offseason, but Iannetta is having a seriously underrated year offensively and is on a friendly contract. He should be our guy. We have far bigger holes to fill than that.
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    Go See the Movie "108 Stitches"

    Will I get banned if I say it looks terrible?
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    This is what I hope everyone realizes. The parties are just 2 sides of the same coin. They want everything done in secret and that more than anything else should scare the shit out of everybody.
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    Angel Dog and Beer

    Buerhle, Dickey...

    I remember Bob Ueker had a great quote about trying to catch a knuckleball.... if only I could remember what it was.
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    Still, you have to like the control and the overall 2014 numbers. Leading the NL in fewest walks/9innings (1.2), a career-best SO/BB ratio of 5.91, and 1.147 WHIP, also a career best. Almost 7 innings per start too.
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    tank, we both work for government. We are both living the anti-yk dream.

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