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    Random pics for no reason

    Put a Halo on the A and you have next years slogan.
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    I couldn't figure out why the coach you can't understand from The Waterboy was following her around.
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    Gameday Thread: 9/8 vs. Dodgers

    This shitshow was brought to you by Jerry the Jedi.
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    For some reason this board always has to be split one side or another. Its simple, in this debate as well as a lot of the others. Trout is a beast, arguably the best player in baseball. That said, hes been average at best (very bad for his standards) ever since the tailspin started. And he shouldnt get a pass for it. That doesnt mean he isnt still a top 3 player in the game. Any team would still gladly trade their mother and virgin sister for him. Its just that hes human after all....
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    Landing on the aircraft carrier was a pain in the ass.
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    Troll Daddy

    Gameday Thread: 9/8 vs. Dodgers

    You're a flipping idiot
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    Gameday Thread: 9/8 vs. Dodgers

    Make sure you tell the usher that it is spelled skus
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    So lets get this straight..... 2015 with RISP Trout .342 / 1.193ops 2015 with RISP Pujols .228 / .731ops And we are complaining about Trout? WTF? Without Trout this team would be complete shit!
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    When they went 17-3 he was shouldering the load...Pujols was slumping...so was Calhoun. The fact is its a team game and you need people to pick each other up. The problem is: Weaver is done and has an ERA near 5 Wilson is on the DL Shoemaker is down and his "Strained Forearm" could be a ominous sign Heaney is reaching his inning limit Santiago has gone full retard the 2nd half of the season Tropeano is talented but is clearly not ready Appart from Street, there are no go-to options in the BP we can depend on nightly...Gott is still young, Smith caught Speier-Downs disease, Salas is f'n useless other than the fact he doesn't walk people, Bedrosian isn't ready, Rasmus can pitch (when healthy), Ramirez and Alvarez are both "meh" lefty options Calhoun is a poor lead-off hitter but the best option even with a .320 OBP Pujols is done-ski but he drag himself out there like an handicapped animal on rollers hoping to lean into a mistake while hoping not to kill another rally Our Clean-up hitter is David F'n Murphy who platoons with the cadaver formally known as Vicorino who's main accomplishment lately has been testing the integrity of the outfield wall Aybar is Aybar which isn't a difference maker Ianetta is shit on both sides of the ball...Ramirez is a solid back-up who is starting Featherton is a AAA hitter forced to play everyday due to Johnny G's unfortunate situation and yet they still in the WC hunt...within reach with all this crap going down. This can turn around just as easily as it can turn down I agree that Trout needs to swing at the first pitch...and needs to K less...I'm sure he's heard it but maybe he's doing the best he can and there is nothing more he can do except continue to grind until he gets himself out of it. Odds say he will at some point...hopefully soon
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    I'm ok with Trump saying that. I have Fighter Pilot on my resume. When I was a kid I lined up all my toy army men and threw rocks at them, practicing bombing exercises.
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    I think he is lying in his Subway commercial when he says he can handle the heat.
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    College Football 2015 season

    southern cal lucks out again. They get Idaho when The Vandals will be looking ahead to their big game vs Wofford the following week
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    Death by a thousand cuts.

    The Angels are not in a great position right now due to guys they counted on at least matching their career numbers not performing on offense. Fact is, despite having depth at SP, they really don't have a lot of players to deal unless they plan on disrupting their "Retooling" process. Heaney, Tropeano, Newcomb, Skaggs - these guys, along with GRich, are your future rotation pieces with Weaver and Wilson gone when their contracts end and Santiago/Shoemaker possibly traded or in the BP. I think at this point, you only trade cost-controlled SP for cost-controlled offensive pieces and not expensive vets - value for value. WIth the pitching this team has already, I think it will continue tread water, maybe ripoff a streak or two, but can't see it going beyond 85-86 wins with this currnet offense as too much of it depends on two guys.
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    Gameday Thread: 9/8 vs. Dodgers

    Those teams are good. Hence why they're ahead of us. Now if we played Seattle and oakland the rest of the season id say we have a slight chance bc this team handles bottom feeders (were close to being one)This team starting pitching is avg at best Bullpen is a abortion Mike trout sucks ass Our best players are cron Calhoun and freese at the moment 4.5 out of the 2nd wc (not the first) and 5.5 out of the divison with houston brining the pain this weekend. Not to mention the dodgers will season sweep tomorrow Chalk this season as done and get ready to watch the texas rangers win the western divison
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    if lineup protection was actual condoms, Mike Trout would be Vladdy. Kershaw pitches around no one btw.
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    Victor Rojas and Moreno S/B Banned

    The only way this article gets any better is of the referee was named Hamilton or Dipoto.
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    While I don't eat out there often, I have a few go-to spots that I frequent. Like Blarg said, most MB places specialize in seafood, with most of it being fried. If you walk around the embarcadero, lots of restaurants have walk-up counters to sit and eat basic fried seafood fare, I think Tognazzini is one of the better ones. Like I mentioned earlier, I would recommend Dorn's for a nicer meal, Taco Temple for good Mexicali food (cash only, try the carnitas platter), Tacos de Mexico for more "authentic" Mex food, Stax for wine/tapas (although might not be the atmosphere you're looking for with a 4mo old), Libertine Pub for a beer (great selection, just don't get any food there). Let me know if you plan on coming into SLO, more/better choices there. Hope this points you in the right direction.
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    Yes! Angels play two weekend series in Seattle.
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    I disagree. There's been plenty of games where Calhoun and Pujols contributed and Trout pulled an 0-fer. Love Mike Trout, but he has SUCKED the past 5 weeks and quite frankly, but not him alone, he will most likely cost us a playoff berth. Your best players need to carry your team.
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    then everybody wins!
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    Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics for no reason

    I don't want to know what is in the can. I thought that we were past this after the Abbey Road album cover fiasco. That helps. This isn't news. Get it while it's fresh. I believe that the second one is called hot water. As long as they are genuine fakes. Don't want any fake fakes. I'll have that one.
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    Pac-12 Fan Question

    Tank, give kids D grades and when their father asks why just tell him if they ever plan on getting into southern cal, they'd better start lowing their GPAs now. It's never too soon to begin your path to mediocrity