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    California is doing really well financially so I think this is a great idea
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    I've been wanting to move in with my parents so this is great news!
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    How well does Ward throw to first when a runner is stealing second?
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    Scotty if this dude hits 25 homers in a single year for the Angels I'm so taking you out to a Super Fancy, High End, Spectacular Steak Dinner at the Sizzler
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    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    Future MLB umpire.
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    100% possibility. If he hits a dinger in his first at bat of the season. Then goes on the IR after stepping on home plate.
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    1. never. his BABIP isn't bad luck. it's bad contact. Maybe 2015 was a little bad luck, but 2014 and 2016 are pretty much what he is now.
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    So do I - the reason that I voted third party last November.
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    What are the odds that Richards has a .05 ERA with 300 SO and 50 walks. In other words a silly question
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    This is posted on the wall backstage at the concert hall in Winston-Salem, NC. Those of you who are musicians will appreciate this.
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    Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    In case you're looking for some music for the upcoming weekend (after all, we have to do something until baseball starts). Looks like the kind of guy who would have a naked woman on top of his piano. Funny, I remember Playboy as being a bit less satanic. No idea why these guys didn't make it big. Apparently it's good to be a guitar player in Japan. Catchy title. Uh, no. Includes The Letter, Mr. Postman, Take a Letter Maria, Signed Sealed Delivered... For that romantic evening with a transcriptionist. Archie apparently doesn't have the kind of friends that most people have. Hoss Cartwright singing! What else do you need? Well, maybe Kirk and Spock singing.
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    Say what? Gene Autry signed a ton of free agents....Baylor, Grich and Rudi in the first year of full free agency....Lyman Bostock, Reggie Jackson later on... He traded for guys with big contracts---Fred Lynn for one...Jackie was the tight wad after Gene was ill....
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    whoa, slow down, bill gates.
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    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    And here I am, looking at the forecast. @Tank Looks like that sunblock that I have in my bag will get used on Sunday. It will be such a glorious anti AO day.
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    that reminds me, it's time to get a new dog in my house.
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    Making T-ball Great Again!
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    Dude must have the smallest Asian dick ever.

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