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    Man, you really know how to pick your spots. Good thing you found this great opportunity to push your bullshit.
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    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    I'm not sure why Fontana and Paredes should get a look over Rengifo and Thaiss. None of those two have shown any type of upside or results in the big leagues. Cut Marte and add Thaiss to the 40-man.
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    "The beds are too soft at the Ritz-Carlton" has to be the biggest first-world problem of all time.
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    holy crap, did the blow it again? i stopped watching. they could use a guy like Bedrosian. and when I say a guy like Bedrosian, I mean Bedrosian.
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    Good God Trump is really just Lou? Mind blown.
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    Graterol is no longer in the organization. Jewell is out for the season. Canning is probably maxed out on his innings. Morales is already up. Of guys not here right now.... Briceño, Despaigne, Blash, Hermosillo, Paredes, Fernandez, Fontana, Suarez (not on 40 man), Buttrey. Also, Shoemaker (not on 40 man). Also they’ll activate Skaggs and Tropeano. That would be 37 players Thats 2 40-man spots they need to clear (McGuire and Almonte?)
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    he gets three strikes called against him more than any other player in the NL
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    Wait...........what? Are we buyers?
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    If only we played teams 25+ games under .500 all the time.
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    How idiotic. You don't like him teeing off on your pitchers? Then make better pitches or pitch him differently.
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    They’re just trying to make me hate them more at this point I feel like
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    When asked by the Los Angeles Times if he could discuss Cox's cause of death, Tim Mead, Angels vice president of communications, said, "That is not important right now. What is important is that every member of Aaron's family and every one of his friends take time to digest this loss and grieve in their own way." https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/08/15/mike-trout-brother-in-law-aaron-cox-death-angels
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    There is nothing he said that wasn't true.
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    Political Gallery

    no shot of her teeth, eh?
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    More position players pitching! Bo Way pitched another inning, his first inning with the Bees. 1IP 1HB 2SO Also went 2/4 2B
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    Political Gallery

    MT, this is English Cop:
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    Jesus they’re such fuckin bitches. The bed was too soft. Is this guy serious ?
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    Yes and certainly someone Trout was close to, he played for Millville and was three years younger than Mike. Tragic, nobody should die at 24.
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    Worst possible debut for Ward

    Shouldn't people wait to see today's lineup before bringing out torches and pitchforks?
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    I Am Pumped Upton!

    Upton is the first left fielder since Juan Rivera to have at least 25 HR and 70 RBI. One more homer and I believe he's the first left fielder since GA to hit at least 26 HR. That was in 2003..... But he sucks and we shouldn't have signed him, obviously.