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    Might as well just have the full 200,000 mile overhaul done all at once.
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    “Hopes to be able to go through his normal winter training regimen” Lucky for him he doesn’t need a knee or an elbow to do his off season workouts
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    It is a shame we can't just rebuild him like the million dollar man.
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    You guys never said that.
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    Whoever fixed Kole's swing should be the hitting coach.
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    I'm actually going to run counter to most here and say that I think Canning can grow into an ace. His stuff is VERY good. But that's not out of the ordinary, I mean there are a ton of guys in the minor leagues with a great fastball and breaking ball. Both of Canning's fastballs are great, and both his breaking balls are great, and that's not all, his actual best pitch is supposed to be his change up. He has too many ways to get you out, so even if he ever lost velocity in his fastball, he'd still be very good. Look at the numbers he posted in college, when his fastball was working 3-4 ticks lower and he hadn't fully developed his curve or slider yet. His mechanics are a little funky but that's what separates him. Canning is very committed to his process and highly intelligent. I think he grows into a Trevor Bauer type (though to be fair, it took him a few years before he fully developed). Or he might be similar to Lance McCullers and be a dynamic #3. Or we could hit the jackpot and he's the next Pedro. But I think Canning's going to be a solid front of the rotation pitcher.
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    If Fletcher adds loft to his swing he will be worthless. What he is now is perfectly fine spraying singles and an occasional double down a line. Leave the pop to the big guys and the getting on base and moving runners across to Fletcher. Role play rather than try to over play.
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    I don't trust Calhoun to not slip back into his old habits of trying to pull every pitch, his batting average this month has plunged to .174.
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    Are you drunk or high or both? Fletcher is under club control through 2024. I feel like this doesn't even need to be said but there you go.
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    Park effect. Don't forget it. I don't think it will lead to Trout winning, but remember it when comparing slash stats. Also, runs and rbi? Lol.
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    And FWIW, Machado has been offensively similar to someone like Upton through his career. Very good, and he'll likely improve, but one more Justin Upton wouldn't have saved this team. Corbin's track record isn't significantly better than what we have either. They're not assured to be team-changing additions.
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    He played 70 games at 1B this year. I can live with that in 2019: 70 games at 1B 10 games at DH 10 games as PH = 90 games played
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    The quote in your sig cracks me up. Classic Mota
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    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    Aaron Rodgers is a beast. Unreal comeback on a bad knee. Epic.
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    Why am I seeing a post from 4 years in the future? This is wild!