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    No more "Disabled List"

    MLB has decided to no longer use that name because a special interest group lobbied them to stop using the word "disabled". . . Evidently because they feel it makes people confuse injuries with permanent disabilities, and they also don't like that it suggests that people with disabilities cannot participate in sports. So now MLB will call it the "Injured List." This is one of those double stupid things. 1). It wasn't a problem before as the disabled list. Context. Language has context. If anything we should be promoting people developing the ability to understand context. 2). The solution to the non problem is AT LEAST as "inappropriate" from a simple definition of injured. Not every olayer that went on the DL was injured. Vertigo. Migraines. Staph infection. Recovering from wisdom teeth surgury. So this new "Injured" name really doesn't make sense. Let me ask one simple question. Have you or anyone you know ever "confused disabilities with injuries and further the thinking that a disability means someone cannot play a sport"? What's next? Change the name shortstop (an infielder not assigned to a specific base) because we don't want anyone being confused that short people cannot handle specific assignments in society? Rename bullpen. Animal rights people don't like the suggested acceptance of animals to contained areas? Do not ever refer to any player ever being on the "mound." Don't even go there. #metoo. No more "relief" pitchers. Those with chronic pain are simply tortured with being exposed to the word when it is something they cannot achieve in dealing with their condition. Very insensitive. Please rename home run. The homeless?? Duh. No more saves. Some people are not saved from natural disasters or drowning, etc. And then obviously no more blown saves since that is particularly painful for anyone who was almost saved. Why have we lost the interest in keeping CONTEXT as an important part of our language and ability to communicate? (Oh and I am deeply sorry and apologize for using the word "conTEXT" to anyone who has had their vocal chords removed and are now forced to communicate in writing only or "text")
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    Unfortunately Cramp is still being held as a POW from Obama's 2015 Jade Helm invasion of Texas, otherwise we could reach out to him for help.
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    you're 6 days early
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    Richest guy on earth. If I am going to split half my bazillions, wouldn't you risk it for a little less botoxy broad?
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    the dude abides

    AOC Thread

    This is how B.U.T.T. rolls:
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    No more "Disabled List"

    All sarcasm aside, would any of this actually surprise you at this point? However you forgot a few.... -Change the WAR stat, it promotes violence. -Rename fist base, it implies the others are inferior. -Left/right field imply political alignment therefore they must be called angel and bigot, im sure we all know which is which. -i had one about bunts, but noone does that anymore anyway so who cares. -stolen bases must now be referred to as undocumented borrowing, and the closest fielder is charged and error because of course the person who stole it cant be at fault. -the rosen bag must now be square is form due to its otherwise phallic resemblance to nutsack and male oppressiveness. -for that matter we can no longer refer to the ball as a ball due to patriarchal bias, it must now be referred to as the .... honestly i dont know what the F*ck to call it but it cant be a ball. -slapping another player on the butt is now punishable under sexual harassment. - and of course you must now get a players permissions before tagging them in any way shape or form.
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    Oh, I get that. I'm just saying the MLB portion is over with -- I don't think the legal stuff will work it's way into the clubhouse much
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    You know who the most similar player to Mike Trout is through his age 26 season? Frank Robinson. Similar Batters through 26 Frank Robinson (955.4) * Ken Griffey Jr. (940.0) * Mickey Mantle (935.5) * Hank Aaron (909.7) * Miguel Cabrera (896.6) Orlando Cepeda (877.8) * Mel Ott (877.3) * Eddie Mathews (866.2) * Andruw Jones (863.5) Albert Pujols (858.8) * - Signifies Hall of Famer
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    Do something? Like get busy getting this team to win a few games? Why? We haven't had a top 5 pick since Bobby Ryan.Why would anyone wake Bob up now and tell him to try and blow it? We're in 5th place (maybe 2nd/3rd if you consider games in hand). Gibson is hurt. Let's take this seriously and lose.
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    ERA is a terrible way to judge a reliever
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    arch stanton

    No more "Disabled List"

    Change noted. On with my life
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    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Better than @nate
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    Dick Enberg

    No more "Disabled List"

    Wussification of America continues...
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    Makes sense that a Chowd would be the root of all evil.
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    Rest n peace, Frank. I watched you provide the Angels with some pop (20 bombs) during your 129 late-career games under the Halo. And then you were off to Cleveland. You were never shy about sharing your opinions. And you were usually right.
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    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Obviously this actress never heard of slave owners having sex with their servants while still viewing them as only property.
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    2019 record

    anywhere from 78 to 95 wins. seriously. I feel the most unsure about predicting a win total for this team as I have in a really long time.
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    Remember when libtards were furious when this c*nty troglodyte was thrown in jail for not doing her job? FREEDOM OF RELIGION!!!!
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    Those libtards were f*cking pissed!
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    The anger over the parkland shooting kids actually speaking out against guns https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/commentary/2018/02/22/paul-waldman-why-the-parkland-students-have-made-pro-gun-conservatives-so-mad/comments/
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    The butthurt over black guys kneeling.
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    you're a couple of days early
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    The 3 batter rule is asinine
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    Just my opinion. But I think of the Dmen, Fowler is the only one that can consistently get the puck out of the zone. The others seem to have a lot of problems exiting the zone. That's why I'd put value on him. And here is a wild thought. Trade Fowler and Lindholm. Then try and sign Karlsson in the offseason.