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    Two days in, two potential starters down................... "You only changed the names on the roster, you bastard, YOU NEVER REMOVED THE BODIES !!!!"
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    Just get the TJ surgery now, and go have a nice vacation with Ryan Madsen.
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    2020 Republican Field

    The never ending struggle between the heart and the wang.
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    Win the day?

    please bring back those unis..... pretty please.
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    Yes. The military and its defense contractors are noted for their financial efficiency and low associated costs. Also, military projects ALWAYS wrap up on time.
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    Thanks to everyone who's been calling to check on me.
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    Ive said several times id be ecstatic to sign Harper. Harper / Trout would be insane. That said, yes, he is overrated. Hes basically baseballs version of an NBA star. His rep goes back to before he was drafted. I cant think of anyone even close. No one knew who trout, kershaw, stanton, altuve etc etc were in high school (except scouts). But harper was on SIs cover already. Then the hype continues in the minors. Gets called up, does pretty well...but overshadowed (big time) by trout. He finally has a monster season, and its "hes arrived!" Then hes back to "someday hes gonna put it all together!" If you took away the myth surrounding him since he was 16, and he was just another prospect in the minors, everyone would see him totally different. Talent off the charts. Gamer. Still super young. But youth aside, hes also a 7 year MLB vet...have the 7 years been what we expected? No. Will the next 7 be? Maybe... but I think in the current age, we can throw the argument that guys oeak at 28-30 out the window. That was back in the day when most guys came up at 23/24 or so. The stats were skewed by the masses, not the stars. I just cant see how he would suddenly turn a corner simply by aging. Hes seen the league for almost 2 presidential terms already...whats left to learn? But i still think hes as solid as anyone to give you .270, 40 home runs the next 4 years. Not sure if thats worth $300 mill, but... ... ITS NOT MY MONEY! (Say it in your head like a catch phrase, like "ill buy that for a dollar!")
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    AOC Thread

    recycling energy?
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    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    how much do i love you?
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    2018 Hot Stove League

    I found this rather interesting (as well as a future predictor?) of where baseball could be going; given the disdain for long-term contracts. From MLBTR. From a payroll perspective, the Twins have zero issues fitting Polanco — or virtually any player in baseball — onto the long-term ledger. Minnesota is the only organization in MLB that doesn’t have a single guaranteed contract on the books for the 2020 season, with the only dollars they’re technically committed to beyond 2019 coming in the form of a $300K buyout on Nelson Cruz’s one-year contract.
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    So what they are saying is that Harvey is a little butthurt?
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    Oh. I thought he was just a really really really dedicated Garrett Anderson fan.
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    Why not both?
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    yep. so is Mike Napoli
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    So a couple of hours ago, I was alone in my car driving down the street when I heard the guy read some sports headlines on my humble AM radio. The words "Matt Harvey" register and are followed by "first injury of the spring" and "out" for a while. I BROKE INTO A FIT OF HOWLING LAUGHTER!!! Witnessed only by me. But I assume it echoed from San Diego to Seattle. I'm still periodically chuckling. How are Albert's knees and feet doing so far?
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    I'm quite certain someone in this forum uses voodoo dolls to make this kind of stuff happen. I have my suspicions as to who that might be; as I'm sure some of you do too.
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    We’ll put you in charge of measuring. It will give you a chance to break in those new pads.
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    Someone needs to give Harvey the memo.
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    Every good farm has its fair share of cows and chickens. The Angels need to milk the farm as much as they can and pluck nuggets from FA when ready. Do this until the cows come home and rooster crows.
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    Heroin? Meth? Cocaine? And BTW. The people I know taking the Ganja don't go to the "legal" stores anymore. The taxes make it cost prohibitive. They go straight to the suppliers/dealers and don't pay the tax, salespeople, utilities, rent etc.
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