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    Ha, I am having a lot of "I told you so" feelings today
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    AND he's done.

    I was 100% sure this was going to be an injury report on an Angels pitcher.
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    We have signed the best player in all of our lifetime's to contract in which he'll finish out his career with the Angels. It doesn't get better than this. A future that will consist of Trout, Ohtani and Adell is pretty damn exciting.
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    After all the DRAMA over Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, planes flying in and out of Vegas, the White Sox recruiting friends and family members, stake outs, one-year-deal rumors, endless ESPN pablum. Mike Trout, with no build up at all. At 7AM. On a Tuesday. Quietly, humbly, and with finality. So Mike Trout.
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    Roy Hobbs

    Press Conference

    The one thing I got from the press conference is that Billy Eppler is the MAN. Ohtani,Trout and the farm system all have his fingerprints on them. Seeing Mike Trout getting choked up about the Angels made me proud to be an Angel fan today.Great day.
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    I tried to keep quiet about this during the off season. A few on here know what aim getting at. I knew this was being worked on at the end of last season. The no opt out thing being part of it.... literally was just back east this weekend, telling NY fans the same. TROUT DIDNT WANT TO LEAVE HERE, HE DIDNT WANT TO PLAY BACK EAST. He likes his privacy out here.. Ill say it again, Wonk. Ive never taken pictures of it so I cant provide them. But Ive seen mike eat pizza here. And taco bell. And donuts. And actual adult food as well. The reason you cant google those pics is that he doesnt get bothered here...thats why he likes it here. Biggest contract in history. NOW CUT MORENO SOME SLACK. This didnt come out of nowhere...its been the priority the last 2 years or so. Now we can all calm down, and build a team smartly, instead of out of panic.
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    So... in response to the four years of idiocy we have suffered through here. "Suck it"
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    AND he's done.

    I do
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    Three of the most exciting players in baseball - Trout, Ohtani and Simmons. We get to watch them on a daily basis. Edge: McPherson
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    Are we sure it wasn't just a family meeting?
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    ten ocho recon scout

    Press Conference

    Hmmm.... Basically if Dipoto stayed, trout wouldnt... ... one man saved us from that..
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    Press Conference

    Trout's wife the real MVP. Trout's wife >>> Teixeira's wife
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    Turn the page on the obsession

    You do you and let Lou do Lou.
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    Thank you, Arte

    Arte just handed out the largest contract in history to retain the best player in baseball for the rest of his career. Anyone who calls Arte cheap from here on out is officially a dumbass.
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    The answer: Less
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    First thing I did was text my Philly friend to SUCK IT
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    Inside Pitch

    AND he's done.

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    I suggest you re-take your 8th grade civics class if you think the constitution says that. Free speech means you can’t go to jail because of what you say (subject to other limitations). It doesn’t mean you can’t get fined or fired or demoted or anything else at work.
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    Per Bob Nightengale... They knew that Trout was fully invested in the organization. Trout even studied videos and watched hitters before the last few drafts, and personally lobbied for the Angels to draft outfielder Jo Adell in 2017. They drafted, signed him, and Trout even gave him his cell phone number, telling him to call whenever he needed anything.
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    this has nothing to do with being butt hurt. it has everything to do with a player doing something that is against MLB rules and us not letting him get away with it.
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    Turn the page on the obsession

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