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    William Wilson

    Hey so some of you who know me on social media know that my grandfather passed in May of last year. He and I really bonded over Angels baseball in the past 25 years as we always went to one game at least when I was a kid when we’d go to his rental beach house in Newport Beach every summer. In recent years we’d always watch games together and we watched game 7 together in 2002 spontaneously (he drove up to LA from Palm Springs for the game) because we wanted to celebrate together when they won. His name was William “Bill” Wilson. So I have a new favorite prospect. (I also Attached a photo of him and my grandmother with CJ’s dad. I’d gotten them Wilson jerseys and he spotted hem when they were in the crowd. Not a lot of Wilson jerseys in the crowd in 2014.)
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    Hello all. I attended the Angels game last night and moving forward, I will be a fan of the LA Angels. I love the game of baseball. I understand the game of baseball, but I've never had a favorite team to root for. As a California resident, I've been searching for a franchise to buy in to. I've been to the Coliseum, dump....and no one goes. SF Giants? Meh, there's a certain schtick with their fan base I couldn't get over. The Dodgers? I went to a game a month ago and it took me 50 minutes to leave. Yesterday was my first time at Angel Stadium and though it wasn't a great crowd, I had a pretty good time. Seeing the Big A driving in was sweet; Spirit in the Sky during the starting lineups got me going; Loved the Calling All Angels video before the team took the field; Can't NOT like Mike Trout; Went up to the upper deck in the 5th inning and got a good look at the DLAnd fireworks; Affordable tickets and parking and also took me less than 5 minutes to leave the parking lot after the game. That said, I hope you guys can accept me with open arms! haha. One note... I noticed lots of fans wearing the old Angels logo.... the "CA".. That logo looks great along with the mix of navy blue in the color scheme. I do like the Angels red, but that mix of Navy blue would be great... I do not own any Angels gear so I'm going to start looking. Ok I'm done. Go Halos.
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    Ha, I am having a lot of "I told you so" feelings today
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    why is everyone worried? we already play in Dodger Stadium every year.
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    AND he's done.

    I was 100% sure this was going to be an injury report on an Angels pitcher.
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    I think Angel fans have every single stinking right to be angry and feel like there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel. There isn't a single starting pitcher who give us any confidence what-so-ever. Not a single one. Seeing the team give up runs early night after night is just demoralizing. Then watching late inning come backs fall short - adds to the frustration. Adding to the misery is the fact that Houston is still a very, very good team. Seattle is exceeding expectations and that doesn't help matters either - especially when you just watched your team lose 3 out of 4 (plus the two earlier in the season). The hole is getting deeper and darker. This sucks. It blows. I still go to games and will continue to go to games, but it's getting easier and easier to find reasons not to. Baseball is supposed to be fun. This brand of baseball is hard to stomach. I have season tickets... I'd like to get my money's worth out of having them. I feel like I'm wasting my time and my money. I don't like it. It all adds up. The lousy pitching. The poor hitting. The stupid mistakes in the field by guys like La Stella and Bour. The questionable decisions by Ausmus , etc. For 19 years - we were used to a certain style of Angels baseball. When it was going good - there was aggressive base running. There was solid fundamental defense. They forced the issue on the bases. They did the most with the talent they had. They frequently out performed projections - or at least I thought they did. This team looks like it's falling into the abyss. It's on Eppler. It's on Ausmus. It's on Arte Moreno. Last night's dismal crowd was shocking to see. It was like we were back in the 70's and 80's when people didn't show up and those that did - were there to root for the other team.
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    We have signed the best player in all of our lifetime's to contract in which he'll finish out his career with the Angels. It doesn't get better than this. A future that will consist of Trout, Ohtani and Adell is pretty damn exciting.
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    Buttrey being used in the highest leverage situation, regardless of inning is one of Ausmus' smarter moves. He's in the exact role he needs to be in. And Robles is doing a decent job as closer. It'll be nice to have the depth once Anderson gets his head straight, and Ramirez and Middleton are back. You don't want Bedrock pitching with the game on the line in the 7th, but that's where we're at right now.
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    If we are going to buy...

    We're definitely buyers at this point. But if we lose tomorrow, we're definitely sellers.
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    Exciting and Interesting Times

    I've felt great ever since we started winning the second half of April, following that awful stretch we had against Texas, Seattle, and the Yankees. The offense has been solid for nearly two months now, without Upton or Ohtani, and I knew sooner or later we would see the pitching start to improve, either by way of the kids, vets returning to health, or garbage being DLed/DFAed. It's great seeing the youth get so much playing time. This year is a transition year, or at least that's what I had hoped, and currently, with so many kids being promoted and playing well, that seems to be the case. I don't know how the year will end, but I'm not unhappy right now.
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    A player on the Angels who had a good career but currently sucks should be released, whereas a player on another team who is available because he currently sucks should be acquired because he previously had a good career.
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    After all the DRAMA over Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, planes flying in and out of Vegas, the White Sox recruiting friends and family members, stake outs, one-year-deal rumors, endless ESPN pablum. Mike Trout, with no build up at all. At 7AM. On a Tuesday. Quietly, humbly, and with finality. So Mike Trout.
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    David Ortiz shot in the DR???

    Was Cahill the shooter?
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    Dallas Keuchel

    2 reasons: Cahill Harvey
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    Inside Pitch

    Justin Bour optioned to AAA

    First time ever I believe the Angels GM made a move to keep his manager from using a guy... You guys always make cracks about it, but I believe it actually happened.. Playing for the HR... As a saber inclined manager????? That's Jerry Dipoto level "that's not how it works" thinking....
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    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Goodwin nearly had to change his name to Badloss.
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    What's funny is that my initial reaction wasn't shock, or anger, or sadness, it was honestly "Gee that isn't a surprise" I'll bump this thread if the April Fools joke is prophetic down the line....
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    Roy Hobbs

    Press Conference

    The one thing I got from the press conference is that Billy Eppler is the MAN. Ohtani,Trout and the farm system all have his fingerprints on them. Seeing Mike Trout getting choked up about the Angels made me proud to be an Angel fan today.Great day.
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    I tried to keep quiet about this during the off season. A few on here know what aim getting at. I knew this was being worked on at the end of last season. The no opt out thing being part of it.... literally was just back east this weekend, telling NY fans the same. TROUT DIDNT WANT TO LEAVE HERE, HE DIDNT WANT TO PLAY BACK EAST. He likes his privacy out here.. Ill say it again, Wonk. Ive never taken pictures of it so I cant provide them. But Ive seen mike eat pizza here. And taco bell. And donuts. And actual adult food as well. The reason you cant google those pics is that he doesnt get bothered here...thats why he likes it here. Biggest contract in history. NOW CUT MORENO SOME SLACK. This didnt come out of nowhere...its been the priority the last 2 years or so. Now we can all calm down, and build a team smartly, instead of out of panic.
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    So... in response to the four years of idiocy we have suffered through here. "Suck it"
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    AND he's done.

    I do
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    He needs help. Build around Tommy!

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