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    A player on the Angels who had a good career but currently sucks should be released, whereas a player on another team who is available because he currently sucks should be acquired because he previously had a good career.
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    What's funny is that my initial reaction wasn't shock, or anger, or sadness, it was honestly "Gee that isn't a surprise" I'll bump this thread if the April Fools joke is prophetic down the line....
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    Roy Hobbs

    Press Conference

    The one thing I got from the press conference is that Billy Eppler is the MAN. Ohtani,Trout and the farm system all have his fingerprints on them. Seeing Mike Trout getting choked up about the Angels made me proud to be an Angel fan today.Great day.
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    I thought 3.7% was the chances of us making the playoffs.
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    True Grich


    Boy... you'd think this team was 0-6.
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    ten ocho recon scout

    Press Conference

    Hmmm.... Basically if Dipoto stayed, trout wouldnt... ... one man saved us from that..
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    Press Conference

    Trout's wife the real MVP. Trout's wife >>> Teixeira's wife
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    Billy Eppler

    Simmons trade Ohtani signing Trout extension Farm revitalization (from "worst ever" to borderline top 10 in two years) vs. Tommy La Stella Justin Bour Zack Cozart Harvey/Cahill vs. Shoemaker (so far) I'm probably missing some things but the first list far outweighs the latter, so...
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    Ausmus has some pretty big pants to fill
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    IDK what standings you're looking at. I see 5-1 with the Astros right on their tail, as expected
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    Because that’s how he played growing up in the 1950’s.
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    There's a Reckoning Coming

    I'll bet you $5,000 that Cozart won't be released before May 1, 2019
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    Matt Harvey

    Box score doesn't do him justice. Fastball had great movement even though he didn't miss a ton of bat. tons of weak contact. kudos.
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    Matt Harvey

    Pitching out of that bases loaded, no out jam was epic.
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    Looking forward to my 26th (at least) consecutive opening day.
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    F*ck these Facking losers

    It’s not 6 games, it’s 9 YEARS without a playoff win. Angels fans have every right to be cynical.
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    Did you know the angels started 6-14 in 2002?
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    Day Off Tomorrow

    Angels will find a way to lose tomorrow
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    90% of us overreact to bad news and losses. @Lou is always a maybe & the world's best online thread bumper. We can always GM, manage and coach the team better than those in the Angels brass & staff. @Dochalo, @ettin & @Inside Pitch are smart baseball guys. <add what you've learned at AngelsWin.com over the years here>
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    Political Gallery

    Hey @Adam here's an updated pic for your avatar.
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    Adam has taught me that it's OK to like horses and have homosexual thoughts. Tdawg has taught me that it's normal to have a few extra pounds and masturbate hourly. Lou has taught me that your past will always come back to haunt you. TORS has taught me that I was right about never wanting to be a cop. Arch Stanton has taught me that the Middle East is no place I want to live. (or visit) Stradling has taught me that fast food workers are just as bright as I always thought they were. Lasagna and fat jokes are not funny..never were. Blarg is the brains behind such fine tv shows as The Bachelor. Bixby Knoles is a real place and AO controls the weather not only there, but in the entire western hemisphere. Chuck is an unfare idoit. Tank is as bad at fantasy golf as he is at real golf. Gotbeer, when not watching crappy movies, climbs mountains. Dipoto sucks and Mariner fans are mostly gay. Arte Moreno actually knows a great baseball player when he sees one. Lawyers have small dicks and perverted dogs. Cubs fans are unfairly discriminated against here. The season is basically over on opening day.
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    Dan Straily anyone?

    Not sure about Dan Straily but Steely Dan could probably be a #3 in this rotation.
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    This forum is like a 16 year old girl when she finds a zit on her face the day of her prom....
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    Bummer we don't get to hear @Angel Oracle saying "Williams Jizzed" after he blows a hold.
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    Inside Pitch

    Press Conference

    Yup.... Hearing Mike Trout flat out say he made his decision in the last two years and specifically mention Billy as a core reason confirms a lot of things... In Billy we trust!
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