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    Way to get out of that bases loaded no outs jam, Weaver!
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    Dear Mr. Shoemaker

    Hey Guys. This is David, Matt's Dad. Thank you for the kind words and the laughs. I have been on the board for quite some time, but do not write too many comments. Just to clear a couple of things up. My wife, Karen, Matt's Mom does not have a beard. HaHa I do not have a full beard now but did a few years ago. Just a mustache and goatee now. Thanks for supporting Matt. He is a great young man who has worked his butt off to get to where he is at. I am so glad he was finally given the chance to help this team. We are so blessed that he has performed the way he has. He will give you every thing he has each time he pitches. I hope it continues. GO ANGELS!
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    Matt Thaiss MattThaiss MatThaiss Mathaiss Mathiss Mathis!!!!!!
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    He'll be the first MLB front office guy to go on the DL
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    Hello everyone, my name is Elaina and I am Mike's (aka PercySquint) daughter. I have tears in my eyes as I write this-- I am so incredibly moved by the kindness of the community on AngelsWin.com. As you know, my dad had a brief (just over 2 months) battle with cancer. We were shocked at his sudden passing, and not a day goes by where I reach for the phone to call him. It's just surreal. My four year old son and especially my two year old daughter, with whom he had a special bond, ask about him, wonder out loud if he is looking out for us, and shout "Hi Grandad!" from the backseat of the car, anytime we drive past Anaheim Stadium and the big A. I've always known he was a diehard fan, and have countless memories of going to games with him growing up. But I didn't know about his presence in this forum until after he passed, and what a gem it's been for me to discover. His wacky posts, all of the photos of him in that unforgettable hat, and the touching tributes many of you left upon hearing the news that he had died. My husband and I read through each one together, laughing at some memories, crying at others, and blown away by the amount of people whose lives he touched. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank this community for remembering my dad. For the unbelievable kindness you shared by raising funds for the kiddos. For the touching tributes in the jerseys and Angels sweatshirts, which they will proudly wear in memory of their Grandad. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know my Dad is having a blast watching all of this unfold from above, and I know he'll be there when I take my daughter to her first Angels game, and when my son starts pony tee-ball in the spring. He'll be there with all of you guys, his buddies, as future seasons (and hopefully playoffs) unfold. A million times over, thank you. -Elaina Francis
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    Rough year for Angel fans

    I think you have to be an Angels fan to understand...
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    I'm giving myself a 100% discount on my 2014 seats. A big thanks goes out to Pujols and Hamilton for helping me choose my new seats for next season which are located 25' away from my refrigerator. Free Parking included.
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    DiPoto speaks

    If anyone thinks this was about MS's unwillingness to use advanced metrics then the big picture has been missed. I actually think MS will use certain metrics and it's clear he's implemented some of this into his style. This was about the fact that Dipoto wanted to run the show and he was handcuffed in several directions. He even said that he wasn't able to help the club the way he wanted to. his budget was pulled out from under him by the pujols and hamilton signings he was forced to use a pre-existing manager and coaching staff his farm director wasn't of his choosing he tried to provide data to the team to help them win and it wasn't implemented to his liking so every little thing he did was a battle. he was constantly forced to compromise the way he wanted to do things. Not only did that wear on him (clearly), but it undermined his authority and bred a lack of respect and trust for what he was trying to do. It was an accumulation of headaches that shouldn't have been. He was constantly asking permission to do things he shouldn't have needed to. When your owner effectively brings in big named players and your manager gets to pick and choose the which of your ideas he wants to implement and you have to ask supposed subordinates if its ok to do certain things then who are the guys on the field accountable to? this organization set him up to not receive the respect he was entitled to based on his position. and when he held a meeting with his coaches and manager indicating 'this is how I want things done' he got inappropriate resistance from someone who should have been keeping their mouth shut for fear of losing their job but that persons job wasn't accountable to Jerry. and when he held another meeting with the players indicating 'this is how I want things done' he got inappropriate backlash from someone because that someone is more accountable to the owner and manager than the gm. and like that.....he's gone.
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    Howie, Thank you for the memories. You busted your ass for the Angels and you were great with the fans. You're a class act, and even though you're going to a team I hate, I wish you the best. Respectfully, Angels Fans Everywhere
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    These fat jokes are really getting out of hand.
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    Hamilton Out 6-8 Weeks...

    We haven't seen baseball activities from Josh in 3 years
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    Friends of Percy Squint

    Hey guys- Just wanted to check in a bit, it's been a while, yes? First of all, my apologies for not posting of late. I had been busy with work (2 jobs) and caregiver duties for my mother, who passed away in April, moving, and other stuff going on. These were also the main reasons why I didn't make it out to spring training this year. I hated that. The medical stuff is very recent. Here's the deal, long story shortened- last Friday, shortness of breath. Went to 19-inning game against the putrid stinking white flag tossing bottomfeeding Chowds on Saturday. While walking from stadium to car after, got winded and had to stop twice. Put in a call to my doc Sunday. Saw him Monday, he sent me to hospital. They started running tests. Tuesday, the doc came in and told me I have lung cancer "somewhat advanced." He looked sad. Said it's 7 centimeters, upper left lung, pushing down on bronchial tubes which partially collapsed the lung, causing the shortness of breath. Said they will know more after the biopsy on Wednesday. That was the worst day of my life until Thursday. He came in and told me stage 3, not operable, into lymph nodes. He also said if aggressive chemotherapy and radiation are successful, it would give me a year/year and a half to live. Not sure how to describe what it was like to hear that. Friday, they ran 2 more tests, and finally sent me home. I will be very honest with you- I think I'm still in shock. I have very, very raw emotions. I have chosen not to censor them. So the tears and snot have been flowing rather freely. I am very scared. I'm scared of dying, the treatment, not getting treatment, you name it. I'm grieving the loss of my health, also known as feeling sorry for myself. I'm told this is a normal reaction for anyone in my shoes. I wouldn't know. I've cried more this last week than the last 10 years. The biggest reason for it is the tremendous outpouring of love and support that has come my way. I have a vast network of friends who are absolutely unbelievable. A few of them have been through cancer treatments, and will be holding my hand when I start next week. Others have visited me, brought me stuff, and fed me. I got prayers flyin' my way from Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Tennessee, New York, etc. I am loved and cared about, in a very big way, it seems. I can feel it. Which brings me to you guys... I was fortunate to discover AW some years ago. And through games, fanfests, spring training, etc., I've been able to meet many of you. From the mondo strikeout game with Blarg, playing cards with Brandon, winning my Oppo Taco shirt, playing softball, watching Adam wielding the broom as he led the conga line at Throwbacks after we swept the stinking Red Sux, composing Squintfest threads and film reviews, to the infamous (but hilarious) exchange with Arte, etc etc. I have excellent memories that will last the rest of my life, however long that is. Sometime during last week, I was made aware of this thread. A good friend read some of it to me in the hospital. And wouldn't ya know, I started cryin yet again. It blows me away that you guys care this much for just another diehard Halos fan you don't know that closely. I am humbled and blessed. You guys have touched my heart. THIS is what AW does best, at least in my experience. I'm off for 4-5 days, then the "ugly stuff" starts. Yup, I'm pretty scared, but I'll do it anyway. I'll try to post updates if possible. For now, keep them prayers coming, and let me thank all of you once again from every part of my heart (especially Eric, Patti, Mancini, AO, Derek, and Tank, who reached out). AW frickin rocks. And how bout my beloved Halos right about now? First place, bitches... Love you guys, -Mike PS- May as well throw in some humor- Besides the 2 main docs who consulted with me, there was a 3rd doc who did the actual work- draining lung fluid, the biopsy, and installing the Porta-Cath. This guy was a little weird, so I liked him. During the biopsy, I was lying face down on the table. After it was done, the nurse said I need to slide over to the gurney for transport back to my room. Being a smartass, I said "Nah, I'll just sleep right here". Then I heard the doc say "You go right ahead. I'll shove this proctoscope so far up your ass, you won't know weather to sh*t or go blind. Sweet dreams". It was only time I busted up laughing last week. Just thought I'd throw that in.
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    Hitting 50 years old is going to get rough on any athlete
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    Dear Mr. Shoemaker

    I don't know if you have an account here, but I know you at least read this board. I just wanted to say thank you for having Matt. He is awesome. Also, I'm assuming you have a beard, or have at least had one at some point in your life, but thank you for giving him his genes so we can stare at that bush of holiness while your son pitches. Again, thank you for Matt. We appreciate it.
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    Kole #CalBOOM

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    DR is feeling a little rough tonight, so I thought I'd come here and throw my pasta against the wall. This time last year, I was carrying my wife around and tending to her every need...feeding her, lifting her, reading to her, and so on. It was all a pleasure. Her eyes would get heavier with each day and the deep well that held her will to fight cancer was finally reaching bottom. On Monday, I will recognize the one year anniversary of her passing. And it's sucking right now. Just before she was originally diagnosed with brain cancer, she purchased a shiny red beach cruiser. It had a white basket on the front and she would ride along side me and we'd ring our bells and laugh. She wanted one of those little license plates attached with her name on it. It was hard to get it to fit given the shape of the seat, but I found a way to make it work. Her license plate is still on the bike, of course. This summer, my twin teenage nieces borrowed the bike while they were in town. Before I lent it out, I told them how important the bike is to me and it had better not get stolen. They treated it very well and the bike remained at my mom's house, where they stayed this summer. A few days ago, mom mentioned the bike was getting in her way and maybe I could render it back home. I went down to her house and carefully lifted my wife's bike in the trunk and drove it home. When I unloaded it in front of our house I started breaking down. Thankfully, none of the neighbors were around. The bike without my wife next on it made me think of a fly-over with the missing man formation. Or when there's a funeral for a fallen cop or firefighter, their boots or shoes empty in memory. The last time my wife was on that bike was in the same spot I unloaded it. It was the 4th of July, 2012. I thought she could handle a bike ride and figured the air would be good for her. We got out of the driveway and she fell off the bike. A neighbor came from across the street asking if we needed help. She couldn't stand up. Her brain was defying her arms and legs. I lifted her and she was heavy as stone. It was the first time I had to lift her and I could feel the difference in helping someone up, and lifting someone up. My wife looked at me confused, as if to say, "What's wrong with me?" I slowely peddaled the bike into the garage. Once inside the house, I paced from room-to-room, talking out loud. Cursing the day, cursing cancer and telling me wife it was bullshit what she had to go through. I threw down half a xanax. I could've taken 10. But the show must go on. I didn't tell Date Chick any of this, not that she wouldn't understand. It just wouldn't be fair or right. What the hell is she supposed to say? I've mentioned some of the tribulations before, and she was great about it. She feels terrible. She says the stuff I hope she would say, but I only realize that after she says it. She's hanging out with me tomorrow. She is coming over to work from her laptop in the morning. And she asked me to dinner at some restaurant in Laguna. Date Chick knows that this weekend and Monday, especially will suck for me, and I think she's trying to keep me busy. I think that's pretty great. I'm picking up my mom from the airport tomorrow. She re-married about 10 years ago to a man I call 'My New Dad.' He's a very interesting man and I've explained him here before. Since they got re-married later in life, neither wants to move from their respective homes. So, they fly back and forth, to and fro northern and sourthern California to spend time with each other. They usually have about 10 days off. They'll be married forever. My New Dad is coming in to town Monday to pay his respects to my wife. She was the daughter he never had. I don't know what we're going to do, but I think he just wants to be near the ocean where I put her ashes. I'm getting sad just thinking about it. Sunday will pretty well suck, too. My wife's family is headed down to my mom's where we'll remember my wife and walk out to the ocean and toss some flowers. I always gave my wife white flowers. Stargazer lillies were her favorites. When it was her birthday this year, I picked white roses from our garden and put them in the ocean by myself. I will probably mix the two this weekend. I've told Date Chick I'll be busy Sunday and Monday and she gets it. Damn, is it nice to not have to try and balance all that. On my iTunes, I have the Genesis song "Follow You Follow Me." When she was away this weekend, I texted Date Chick, writing that I was listening to the song via my Apple TV. She texted that she loves the song and that it makes her think of me. And the words make her cry. I just heard it a few minutes ago, and it made me happy and sad all at once. It makes me think of Date Chick and my wife. Music has that power, don't it? I came upon a blog today where this dude captures his wife's ordeal as she battled breast cancer. It's eerily similar to what my wife went through. As a photographer, his way of dealing with the situation included taking lots of photos of his wife's awful journey. Not only that, but he wrote about it in his blog, in a much better and concise style than I could. Or maybe we just have a little different route in getting there. Either way, it's worth a look. http://mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com/ Ya know, I really didn't need this week to get heavier, but as ever, it's part of the process. On this forum, I love that we can get along or fight just as fervently. But when you step away from your computer or phone and go beyond your driveway, remember that whoever you're pissed at might be going through something crappy and that whatever their offense is, it's tiny in comparison to what can really piss you off. DR's thought for the night.
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    so he went from assistant GM to assistant GM
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    I literally do not have enough popcorn to sustain me for the epic thread that is about to commence.
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    This is how many of these offseason stories, including some I may write, come to be..... 1. writer thinks to himself: Moustakas is from SoCal. 2. Writer to himself: Angels need a 3B 3. Writer to himself: Angels need a LHB 4. Writer to himself: Angels have some money freed up (So far this is no different than what you can do yourself.) 5A: Writer asks Angels exec, off the record, about Moustakas. Told: "We are looking at everyone. He is part of everyone." Or: 5B: Writer asks exec, off the record, from other team if Moose to Angels makes sense. Exec does 1-4, just as writer did, and says "Yeah, that seems logical." Or: 5C: Writer asks Moose's agent, off the record, if Angels are interested. Agent says: "Oh yes! Many many teams are interested including the Angels." Agent then spends 30 minutes convincing writer that Moose is the best player ever Welcome to the hot stove season.
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    It's time for a rant. (Warning, long post ahead. Bring chips.) If you follow me on Twitter, you would know I have grown up in Red Sawx nation. So I am accustomed to being surrounded by stupidity. But I would spend every night at Fenway if it meant I never had to come in contact with another Detroit Tigers fan, in person or online. Don't get me wrong, Sawx fans are obnoxious, self-righteous, and entitled and I despise them with every fiber of my being. But let me make this clear: Tigers fans are the worst. Bar none. They are whiny, self-absorbed, and are possibly the most defensive fanbase in all of sports. If Freud were alive today, he would dedicate his entire life's work to the study of the inferiority complex that plagues the city of Detroit. Now, I know what you are thinking. "tdawg, every fanbase has their share of idiots. It isn't fair to judge an entire fanbase based on a select few." And to that I say "shut the hell up you pubish imbecile". First off, I don't know every Tigers fan in existence, that would be impossible. But I grew up in a baseball neighborhood and have met hundreds of fans (mostly Red Sox fans) in person and online. The amount of stupidity that I have endured over the years would drive most men insane. However there has been one constant through all of it: I know a lot of good, intelligent fans. Yes, I know at least a dozen Red Sox fans who are actually pretty fun to talk baseball with. One of my best friends is a Yankees fan and he is one of the most knowledgeable baseball fans I know. I work with a Phillies fan as well, and while she is a casual fan, she is still knowledgeable of the game and their farm system, as well as other players around the league. Admittedly, I don't personally know a fan of every team in baseball. I have however, spent a lot of time on message boards throughout the years, and blogs, and have talked with fans of every team from around the globe. I know a lot of intelligent baseball fans. Guess which fanbase has 0 of them? Getting warmer! I have never, in my 20 years of being a baseball fan, associated with an intelligent, unbiased, non-defensive Tigers fan. Once again, does that mean that the 30 or so fans I've associated with online over the past few years represent the millions of Tigers fans in the world? Yes, yes it does. With the help of HaloThunder, I have calculated that 1 online fan represents 100,000 people, give or take. So 30 x 100,000 = 3 million. That's at least 98% of their fanbase right there. Probably more if you count the hobos. "But tdawg, you are just being silly. Hell, the Angels have their share of stupid fans! Just look at yourself!". This is true. This team has dumbass fans out the butt. But they also have a strong, albeit small, hardcore fanbase that is highly intelligent, rational, and not incredibly buttsore over every little thing. Now, you may be asking for some "evidence". And unfortunately finding evidence of stupid Tigers fans has proven to be extremely difficult. Haha just kidding, it was easy as shit. From the ESPN article about the 2014 ASG comments section, may I provide you with your monthly dose of stupid: And my personal favorite: This is the type of crap I'm talking about. This garbage plagues every ESPN article, every Yahoo article, and has even gotten some shit in Deapspin as well. These people have mental deficiencies that can't be cured. But why? How did this all begin? Well, there's this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-hate-Jered-Weaver/102496893183670 Guess who started that page? It was started shortly after the Weaver throwing at Avila incident. I mean, how childish can you get? I talked to one guy who used to love Weaver, and he said that what he did was basically attempted murder. No joke. This incident was what I believe to be the downfall of this fanbase. They went from being stupid but just kind of there, to being stupid, and annoying and whiny and the biggest bunch of crybaby man-children to ever disgrace the entire planet. The entire city of Detroit and all of their fans went full retard on that day. Now don't get me wrong, Weaver was a dick during that whole fiasco, but really now? Really? Then comes Trout, and Tigers' fans sphincters tightened up so much you could cut off the circulation of Adam's dick. OH NOES, a player who might dethrone their Miggy (the guy they traded for and didn't develop but act like they did) as the best in the game? The MVP debate the last few years has further shown the lack of intelligence from Detroit's fanbase. I have seen every excuse you could possibly imagine "Well Miggy went to 3rd and was selfless and it's a harder position to play than center so that's why his D isn't as good". "WAR is a completely useless stat and doesn't mean anything" (unless Verlander leads the league in WAR, of course). The list goes on. I could post links to forums, blogs, (I'm pretty sure there's an anti-Weaver Twitter page as well created by the special people up North). But I'll save Chuck the bandwidth. So there you have it. The Tigers have the dumbest, most obnoxiously ignorant fanbase in the majors. You are free to disagree, but I will leave you with one final gem before you hit that post button: We are living in dark times people. Dark times.
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