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    Probably because those are his seats.
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    Bour can feel free to show some power-hitting anytime now. One stinkin HR in 70 PA's? Really? Really? Really? And he's batting 3rd????
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    Hold these fuc*king false hope L’s forever. I don’t need this shit but here I am giving myself brain damage every night. Willing Zach Cozart and friends to not suck ass in a big moments. put this shit on loop nonstop @Chuckster70. Just passive background noise for anyone that does this to themselves. We all deserve it for plowing our faces into this of our own volition. AW deserves the buttercup. See you you guys tomorrow.
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    This was golden...
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    Anaheim Ohtanitrouts

    New leadoff batter

    Goodwin should bat after trout every single game until Ohtani is back. I don't understand the issue with having fletch leadoff, he never strikes out, always puts the ball in play and has good enough speed.
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    By far the most baffling thing is that Calhoun continues to lead off with an OBP of .270
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    Because Ausmus loves the lefty/righty balance in the lineup. He must have adopted this trait from our former manager. Listen, I don't give 15 SHITS about a lefty/righty balance in a lineup. You line up your best guys in front of your best hitters and give them ALL the most at bats in a standard 9-inning game. Just think, if we go 14 innings again we get to see Calhoun and Bour get 7 at bats around Trout. Holy Facking Hell.
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    Hansel Robles entrance video

    LMAO I don't give a F*ck if he is our best relief pitcher or not, he is now our closer.
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    New leadoff batter

    Does anyone else think Goodwin should be given a shot at leadoff? At least Goodwin or Fletcher. Cozart can’t hit and Calhoun takes massive daddy hacks (and strikes out) to not be considered a leadoff guy. Goodwin and Fletcher also have great speed. If Ausmus is addicted to having Fletcher hit 9th, then maybe he should try this: Goodwin (LF), Trout (CF), Simmons (SS), Bour (1B), Lucroy (C), Pujols (DH), Calhoun (RF), LaStella (2B), Fletcher (3B).
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    Inside Pitch

    Ausmus on Ohtani

    "The ball is coming off Showy's bat really well. We are going to take it one day at a time, and turn the page when the medical staffs tells us"
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    Bunting is a lost skill. It’s like asking someone to play defense in the NBA.
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    New leadoff batter

    I'm good with Fletcher, Trout & Goodwin to start the lineup.
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    If I drink more, I technically would be classified as a still. Or a water purifier.
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    That's not the same girl
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    C'mon dude... it was ONE day.. If Hatcher was such an amazing hitting coach why was it that a nearly identical team (They lost Figgy and Vlad) failed to come close to those numbers the next season? Naps -- .300 to .238 Abreu - .310 to .255 Izturis - .300 to .250 Aybar - .300 to .253 Rivera - .310 to .252 Hunter - .307 to .280 Morales - .303 to .290 The 2009 Angels ended the season with three .300 averages and two near misses. Here's a list of teams that had more since 1973... https://www.baseball-reference.com/blog/archives/14023.html If you expand it to 1901 it's almost 100. The 2009 Angels combined to hit .285 The 2010 team -- .248 and the only losses were Vlad and Figgy. BTW, the guy that replaced Vlad bet his 2009 OPS+ by almost 20 points in 2010, so -- you can't pretend Vlad was carrying all the weight either...
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    But the spin rates are off the charts!!
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    Bet that ball had some high velocity spin rate while hitting the rocks.
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    Jeff Fletcher

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    Yeah, it would be good if he could hit the ball as hard the other way as he hits it to the pull side. But then he wouldn’t be Kole Calhoun. He’d be Mike Trout.
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    I'm okay with righty-lefty balance, if everyone is in their rightful place in the batting order. Like for instance, once Ohtani returns: Fletcher 3B, Goodwin LF, Trout CF, Ohtani DH, Simba SS, LaStella 2B, Pujols/Bour 1B, Lucroy/Smith C, Calhoun RF
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    Switch Fletcher/Kole and Goodwin/Bour. Do it, Ausmus!
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    You realize that these are the sorts of stats that are predictive in nature while stuff like batting average, obp, and SLG%, aren't right? The problem like all stats is that if people don't know how to use them they are either misunderstood or misrepresented. Not saying you or anyone in this thread is guilty of that -- just pointing out that this stuff is the sort of data teams should be looking at when trying to predict future performance, not because they are a guarantee of anything but rather because they suggest that all things being equal they should result in better outcomes. Basically, all anyone really should be taking from this is that the team is moving in the right direction as far as how it looks at information and tries to put it into action -- it still needs to translate into results. Rome wasn't built in a day and these are massive changes. Anyone expecting them to snap their fingers and make those changes happen must think baseball is a lot easier than it is. Angel fans spend years deriding MS and his dinosaur ways -- now that the team is actually doing the things they claimed they wanted them to do -- they do a 180, stomp their feet and yell -- but where are the results. The Angels are undergoing a pretty significant reboot, and it's not just at the MLB level. Good team, bad team.... they are changing.
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    Second Base

    Gio anyone?

    He's better than Chris Stratton.
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