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    But what does Bleacher Report say?
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    The only thing more enjoyable than talking about the Angels is laughing at Jerry Dipoto. You'll understand once he leaves.
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    The quest for .500

    Philosophically speaking, tomorrow never actually comes, you are always living in today.
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    Will they trade Calhoun?

    I mean, that is the only reasonable way of spelling that word. Its the rare double - contraction.
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    What devolves faster, our threads or the organization that Dipoto is in charge of?
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    I don’t even think it has anything to do with the mariners actually, it’s all dipoto.
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    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Good fries, unlike . . .
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    Bour has been hitting the ball with authority the other way since he has been back up.
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    Fun to watch this team starting to get healthy. What we are putting on the field right now is not a sub-.500 team. Especially once Simmons is back. I'm hoping they turn it on the second half of this year and take the league by storm.
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    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    lol. Upton's ops is 4.
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    remember when someone thought we should sign him?
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    I must say that I enjoy the fact that David Fletcher has a better fWAR than Harper, 1.9 to 1.8.
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    So many threads on this forum devolve into Mariner / Dipoto talk. I mean this thread was about Adell being #2 ranked lol.
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    Yes because Assmunch can't put in Allen anymore thank god.
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    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    I'm a big fan of SlappyUtilityMILFs
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    Three favorite movies?

    Mike Scioscia
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    True Grich

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    I still find it funny when some people take everything I say seriously...
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    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    That would be an awesome Halloween costume.
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    The Mariners traded away and then reacquired a prospect named "Juan Then".
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    Heyman reports that the Mariners initially asked for two prospects.. The Yankees said "No" So, the M's countered with.... How about "Juan Then".... I'll go sit in the corner now...
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