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    After a stressful day trying to figure out how we could get junior to a safer location, considering all kinds of options both reasonable and slightly less reasonable, I got home. Much to my surprise, there she was sitting in my chair! She found a friend driving home last night and hitched a ride, unbeknownst to us. Got home at 5:30 this morning and stayed with grandma so she could surprise us. She completely succeeded. We are greatly relieved she's safe and that she's here until Sunday, assuming classes actually resume Monday. next up, a pointed discussion on when to surprise your parents, and when not to.
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    Agreed. Strad i stopped by your little restaraunt today, and the normally boring fries were cold and burnt (thumbs down emoji if i could do emojis here). So i was on the fires monday from kickoff. It was pretty insane. Havent been on one that bad in about a decade. I was the first copper there and was with the fire CP. Normally wed wait for a supervisor but there wasnt near enough time. So i started broadcasting we needed to start evacuations, based on what the fire chief was telling me. So we started with like 5 guys...took awhile to get anyone else, because before it started, we were already tied up doing cop stuff. So 5 of us had to speed through the hills (and traffic of people fleeing) and the first neighborhood had about 200 homes...big properties, hills, and had to run door to door on foot. The amount of people who refused to leave was mind blowing... Initially it went kind of smooth. We got that neighborhood mostly out. Then the wind shifted. At the same time, we start getting 911 calls of old people who need help getting a really old spouse out, old people who cant drive, etc. So our team broke down quick (still waiting on mutual aid from other cities). After getting some old man out, i headed back to where i was originally supposed to be. Ended up missing a turn because the smoke got so bad. So i had to dive up a hill to u turn. Get to the u turn, and its chaos. A backroad (rich people with horse property) is bottlenecked because people and horses are all over the street...stopping the main evac route. This is because their neighborhood is on fire. Didnt even have time to get their horses in their trailers, they just ran out of the neighborhood. No fire guys there, and im alone. Fire finally gets there and yells at me to get rid of the horses. I ask the fire guy if he wants me to shoot them. Fire cant even get into the neighborhood, because there is only one way in, and its too smokey to see anything (keep in mind the fire guys are all coming from different cities, have no clue about the layouts theyre in.) No air support for the first 4 hours at least. Wind was too bad to get them in. After leaving that neighborhood i head down the road (since im unassigned, my original team is still evacuating a neighbornood north of me). Were sticking to our original plan on which neighborhood first. I end up with two fire battalion chiefs. No engines, just with their SUV. Theyre explaining to me where the fire is headed. I broadcast the info, but there is no one available to assist (at that point). I start driving towards the neighborhood in question and see the fire has already jumped the main road. Now were fucked. Finally i get a team of like 5 guys from another department with me. We get to the neighborhood in question, and several homes are already on fire. Were running door to door, amazed how many people are still home. Have to force entry at one house for a guy in a wheelchair who is waiting for his wife to come get him. After we cleared that street, fire dept arrived, but i assumed that block was done. We regroup down the street and are relatively safe (maybe quarter or so mile from the main fire). We get back to giving evac orders (which is taking way longer than we have time for, based on the speed of the fire). Cant get any of our PD helicopters up because of the wind. Would have been a huge help to have them making broadcasts. Fire jumps again, to an area we were told "if it gets here, get out, immediatelly". Thankfully most of the houses in this area were empty. We (my team, not everybody else) are the furthest in the bad zone. We have maybe 6 of us, have to notify roughly 200 homes, plus a condo complex with about 300 units...fuck that, were giving notification on the speaker now (keep in mind we dont have masks or goggles, and the embers are falling on us, trees burning all around us, etc). Finally at this point, and i think its because the built up neighborhoods are right in the fire line, the air support rolls in. Straight out of the movies, like the cavalry. The big air tankers are dropping maybe 75 yards from us, mayyyyybe 150 feet off the deck. Seeing planes that large, flying that low, that fast, and that manuevarable was exciting as hell (a few guys got some phosphate leftovers on them). Fire jumps again. We move to another neighborhood, which thankfully is mostly empty. The fire is RAGING in the brush next to here. But because our end (police) is mostly handled in this area for the moment, i FINALLY get a chance to stop and drink water (it had been about 5-6 hours....). Got to take a few pics of the action. Have some pretty decent shots, but was too busy to get the really cool shots i would have liked to when it was hollywood with the air tankers. Run in to some fire guys i know. Theyre short people on their engine (keep in mind they had to keep their fire houses staffed for the other emergencies non fire related). I ask if they need help and they said "yeah poser, if you want, grab a hose". So another deputy and i pretend to be firemen and start spraying the brush next to the fire guys. Meanwhile in front of us, the helicopters are dropping every minute or so, maybe 50 feet in front of us. I feel like fucking rambo. Dont feel anything i should have (tired, hungry, dehydrated), except my eyes are almost swollen shut from the smoke the last several hours. Finally, the fire in this area is pretty much knocked down. The helicopters made a huge difference. Once the smoke clears a bit i see about 3 houses that i had no clue were there....we stopped the fire maybe 50 feet from them. I notice for the first time im not even in my city anymore. Finally we got help from all over kingdom come, and we started getting swapped out and got to go pee and get water. I sneak away for a few minutes and drive through the burn areas. It was surreal. Looked like the moon, but peaceful as hell. Drove back to that neighborhood we grabbed the wheelchair guy. They only lost a couple homes totally, a few more damaged, but about 90 percent made it. Sorry for the long winded post. Hell of a day.
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    Its no different every year for the Angels. The Angels have a set of objectives to start the year, and the organization meets them. The objectives, in no particular order, are: Have some bobblehead nights Celebrate Pujols passing some old or dead guys on some all-time lists Watch Trout be great Announce that there were 3,000,000 fans Cash the Fox Sports West and MLB revenue sharing checks Arte looks over the list the day after the season ends, see that all the boxes have been checked, calls Scioscia to congratulate him on another year, then calls the guy to put Christmas decorations on the yacht. Then we'll go through the same thing next year.
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    We won the 2002 World Series in spite of Joe Maddon.
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    I think you should take Eppler's "positive" comment to mean that there is a very realistic chance of keeping Upton (which I'd been saying all along). Obviously, I wouldn't have expected Eppler to say, on the record, "it didn't go very well" or anything like that. But he also could have just said "we talked and I don't know what's going to happen" or something even more neutral. My reading is that if Upton wants to be an Angel, the two sides will make it happen financially. It's just not possible for them to be that far apart because the floor is 4/$88.5M. And if they aren't that far apart, it comes down to what uniform Upton wants to wear.
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    ...and when they hit the ball, he will tell them "to run until they throw you out, or you reach home plate, whatever comes first."
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    Hang tight, Tank. I hear they're building a high speed train that runs that route. Could be done anytime
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    How to keep a thread on track By All you assholes
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    Shouldn't be a problem. The State bird is the Crane, you see them all over Las Vegas.
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    Things I Love about the Angels -Claude
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    Vlad will tell the hitters to “wait till it bounces”.
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    Annectdotal evidence at best, you really think Scioscia had much to do with the roster during Dipoto's run as GM? How about now with Eppler, do you really think Scioscia had anything to do with picking up Simmons? Or the refusal to be part of the bidding wars for the free agent class of 2015, even though most wanted at least one of those guys. This whole patience with the farm, picking up arms that were castoffs, do really think a manager wants those guys as opposed to paying for some veteran pitcher like Sale, Price, or the likes? Fuck and no, Scioscia would like to manage the damn Red Sox lineup and instead he's trying to find something to use out of players like Espinosa instead of Pedroia.
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    No, he cares for lasagna. in fact, he would drive from Westlake for lasagna.
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    Um, the Falcon was caught in a tractor beam. Han and the rebels used an Imperial Transport ship and old security codes to land on Endor. And that didn’t even work. Vader let them in knowing full well that Luke was in that ship. Geessh.
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    Phil, let's go shit on his hood.
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    Before I had a kid I would have probably vandalized his car. Now whenever stuff like that happens I think about him and let it go. Life is too short. The dude lives in a crappy apartment complex off Tustin Ave. Fuck 'em. You're a lawyer. You made it in life and he didn't. Eventually he'll follow the wrong guy to Taco Bell and wish he never backed out of his driveway. Wife: Ooh, I really like this dress. Phil: Honey, that's pretty expensive. Wife: It's a hell of a lot cheaper than bailing your ass out of jail. Yeah, that's really not going to work out well for you.
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    Let's be honest Phil...you were driving really slow and were kind of being a dick on purpose...what did you expect me....I mean...him to do?
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    Couple of things that stood out. First, it was impressive as hell to watch Fire do their thing. Whereas i (and other non firefighters) was wondering where the hell they were sometimes, they knew where to ignore, and where to fight. They seriously made the most of the initial scant resources. The relatively little loss of homes vs what it looked like at ground zero when it was raging is a testament to them knowing their craft. And the overall teamwork was amazing. On the command level, the mutual aid was outstanding (its not easy getting cops and fire from other cities to drop everything, run to a foreign city, and fit right in). Havent felt this much pride in a bit. Didnt see one dude hesitate. Obviously as a cop, we know very little about fire, and have nothing to protect us or fight it with. But at least with the guys i was with for the most of it (who almost all barely met that day), everyone was game face. Sprinting down streets that were covered in smoke, roofs and landscapes on fire, kicking in doors where the roof was already burning, etc. Sucks to get partners who you know are totally squared away for the bad times, bond with them, and know youre never gonna work with them again, or remember their names a day or two later.
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    And how was he going to do that? By teaching Trout not to slide thumb first?
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    Yes. Some ownership and management expect to win. Others ride yachts, turn pages, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    When do DH's chase foul balls?
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    He's won a world series, and been to the playoffs the last two years. Won the AL East this year. Not good enough. Yet, in Anaheim, its like groundhog day every year. Boring team, no playoffs, one great player, lots of excuses, and a manager who has been coasting for 20 years. And three million fans, don't forget that. It happened this year, last year, and it will happen next year.
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    Since all of the Red Sox coaches are free to find other work, Chili Davis.
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    "The silver lining was that a solid majority, 64%, stated that they did not know what 'preemptive' meant, so at least there's that," commented Neil Thompson, director of Quinnipiac's polling.
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    Now now, there were no dumb reasons to vote for Trump. Only dumb people.
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    She is a warmonger. And a shitty candidate who lost to Donald fucking Trump. she can go fuck herself, and so can Mango.
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    this is one of those sentences where intent can get overwhelmed by function. but yeah, we all know what you meant. @EnglishCop, give our boy a break on this one, would ya? thanks.
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    This is why I support the Death Penalty, and wish it was used more often. The world is already filled with too many people for the planet to handle. It's time to thin the herd.
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    @ten ocho recon scout Cool story. Just some observations. Eating donuts is not doing cop stuff. Priority #1 is to save the horses. Priority #2 is to save the dogs. Priority #3 is to ignore the cats, because they will use the fire to try and kill you. First few times I read this, I thought you were making a Nate joke. Now that I know what you mean, I'm still going to consider it a Nate joke.
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    Something fishy about his performance tonight
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    I suspect (and I could be wrong) that Moreno is the type of guy who likes to build long-term relationships (probably helped him to build his fortune) and so handing out a long-term contract to "his guy", whether it is Scioscia, Pujols, et al, is probably originating from his past business and personal dealings. It is probably a contributing factor to why he got so pissed off with Boras because it sounds like they had a handshake agreement for a long-term contract for Teixeira. It is, perhaps, a dual weakness/strength in the baseball world.
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    What if beer and fried chicken is the ultimate cure for a UCL tear?
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    So basically after the entire clubhouse refused to make eye contact with him he went to Dusty and asked to pitch... Vaginasburg...
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    This is what happens in an instant news society. There is a twisted expectation that everything that is reported is factual but there is no time alloted for the facts to be gathered.
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    If I'm here and you're here, doesn't that make it our time? Certainly there is nothing wrong with a little feast on our time.
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    Next you'll tell me he doesn't really care for lasagna.
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