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    A dream of mine is to sit in the photo well at an MLB game. On Saturday I received last minute notification that our family was being invited into a dugout suite at Angel Stadium. This being the closest thing I've ever had to that opportunity I took my camera. We've been going through some brutal family stuff lately and this was a total godsend and a respite from the storm. I shot all of these from behind the screen with a good camera, it's no where near the quality that sports photographers use, but it still did a decent job (Canon 60D with the stock lens for camera nerds) I thought you guys would be able to enjoy these with me.
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    Super happy @taylorblakeward got to break the news. It should've never been anyone else. Congrats to you both.
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    Super nerds are killing baseball

    yah. I remember when people were stupid too. the current game isn't what it will be 10 year from now. 5 yrs from now. let it evolve. some players are in the wrong place at the wrong time. it boggles my mind that Jayson Werth has a complaint. A guy with a 117 ops+ and 29 WAR who made 136 million dollars. One hundred and thirty six million dollars. I don't care if he's right. close. your. mouth. douchebag.
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    Jeff Fletcher


    It’s almost like the PCL is a whole different level than the majors.
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    Also in Trout's defense he never gets to hit against Angels pitching
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    We call that "The stormngt"
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    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    He just left.
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    good grief, have you all forgotten about what i regularly do around here? so let this serve as a gentle reminder that i'm having lunch with Trout on wednesday. i'll let you know what he has to say, if it's important. *sigh*
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    McPherson didn't "fizzle out". . . He was a guy who could mash but also had a totally fucked up back that fell apart on him. There was no doubt McPherson was legit as a hitter. His body failed him. So the point is he doesn't belong in any conversation suggesting he was anything like Brandon Wood. One was a bust. One had a busted back. One was healthy and couldn't hit. One could hit and couldn't stay healthy. They are opposites, not similar.
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    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    WTF!! Where is Ward? F'n Scioscia. If was a genius he would find a way to get Ward in the lineup even though he is not on the 40 man roster.
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    In before... ....he goes 0-4 in his first start and AW calls him a bust. ....after hitting his first HR, Scioscia benches him the next day for Marte.
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    It would be nice for Ward to do well. This season could use some positives.
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    But LBJ!
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    Yesterday's action... Rengifo: 1-5, RBI, K, SB (5) - his SLC slash is strong after a few good recent games: .315/.379/.468/.848 with 12 BB, 11 K, 11 XBH Thaiss: 2-5, 2 R, 2 K - slashing .282/.327/.478/.805 on the year in AAA (67 G, 291 AB) Ward: 2-4 2 R, 2B, BB, K - slashing .352/.442/.537/.979 on the year in AAA (60 G, 227 AB) Walsh: 4-5, 2 R, 2B, 3 RBI, K, 0.1 IP, and a save (1) - now slashing .288/.348/.462/.809 in Salt Lake, and a 1.59 ERA in 5.2 IP with 2 BB, 7 K Blash: 2-4, 2B, HR (26), 4 RBI, BB - .325/.430/.732/1.136 in 70 G, 246 AB at Salt Lake Jose Suarez: 4.1 IP, 3 H, ER, 2 BB, 3 K - last two games, 9.1 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 10 K - 2.89 ERA, .196 BAA Morris: 1.2 IP, 2 K, Buttrey: IP, K Jesus Castillo: 5 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, BB, 4 K on 61 pitches, 40 of which were strikes. Jahmai Jones: 1-3, R, 2B, 2 RBI, BB, K, E (8), SB (8) - hitting .333 last 10 games - his AA slash is up to .264/.352/.424/.776 Jo Adell: 1-4, BB, K, SB (1) - only 5 games at AA so far. .227/.292/.455/.746 Lund: 2-4, R, 3B, 3 RBI, BB, K, Sandoval: 2-4, 4 R, Ghelfi: 2-4, R, HR (2), 3 RBI Marsh: 1-4, K, Rene Rivera: 1-4, R, HR (1), RBI, K Simon Mathews: 6 IP, 5 H, ER, 2 BB, 2 K, HR, Jorge Tavarez: 2 IP, 2 H, BB, 2 K - now at 1.96 ERA, .224 BAA in 23 A+ innings. Only 1 HR allowed in 67 IP this year at Burl./IE Dayan Diaz continues to get back into action: 2 IP, 4 K. Last four games, 6.2 IP, 3 hits, 1 BB, 9 strikeouts, likely seeing him in September Torii Jr: 0-4, K, Rivas: 0-3, BB, Orlando Martinez: 0-4, 2 K Michael Santos: 5 IP, 6 H, 3 K - 2.89 ERA in 15 G/5 GS, with 50 K, 18 BB in 46.2 IP Jeremiah Jackson: 1-3, R, 2B, RBI, BB, 2 K, Jordyn Adams: 1-4, 2B, RBI, Kevin Maitan: 0-5, K, Livan Soto: 0-3, R, BB, K D'Shawn Knowles is on fire: 1-2, R, 2B, 2 BB, K - .441/.525/.735/1.260 through his first 9 G/34 AB at Orem Nonie Williams: 1-2, HR (2), BB - signs of life? Starting to feel pressure as folks pass him up? first 14 games: .136/.215/.203/.419 with 2 XBH, 3 BB, 16 K in 65 PA last 24 games: .208/.291/.396/.687 with 12 XBH, 11 BB, 33 K in 110 PA Duensing: 4 IP, 8 H, 5 ER, 3 BB, 3 K, now 0-9 on the year, 11.68 ERA
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    Jeff Fletcher


    One thing you need to think about is in game roster construction. Cowart is the only real backup middle infielder (Fernandez can’t really play much 2B.) If Ward had Cowart’s spot today, when Simmons was scratched, then what? So whose spot does Ward take? It kind of has to be Marte, and in that case Fernandez and Cowart are the only 1Bs. When Pujols is DH because Ohtani isn’t playing, that is almost always going to be against a lefty, so you really don’t want Fernandez to play. That’s sort of Marte’s niche. And Cowart then leaves you with a below average hitter who also hasn’t played much of the position defensively. Also Marte is out of options. Maybe nobody claims him and if someone does, maybe you don’t care, but you’re still giving away a whole player for what? So Ward can play 6-7 weeks instead of 4 weeks when the games pretty much don’t matter? I thought Ward would be up after Valbuena got DFA’d, but since he’s not I’m guessing it’s for those reasons. On Sept 1, none of that is an issue anymore.
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    D'Shawn Knowles is a badass. He's now hitting .441/.525/.735 in 9 games in Orem, .333/.418/.463 overall in 39 games. 17 years old.
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    A's Acquire Khris Davis

    Just because he's Mexican doesn't mean he's good at digging. Racist.
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    Caption this photo

    Give me a sweet looking dew
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    Wife: I just got an amber alert, did you? Me: No Wife: I wonder why not Me: Because I turned them off Wife: Why would you do that? Me: Because I don't care about some family squabble at 11 at night
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    Super nerds are killing baseball

    I never get this argument. If he is right, then he is right. Whether he is a douchebag or not. Now I don't know if he is correct, but I am guessing there is some validity to his comments. Regardless, baseball is not as interesting as it has been in the past. Maybe it is for guys who love stats and fantasy baseball, but definitely not for the common fan. That is showing in ratings and attendance.