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    From his first start at home against Baltimore to the very end, this dude battled every night. Thank you Jered, it was a pleasure. This is how we'll always remember the great Jered Weaver.
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    I'm of the belief that the premium (100M+) free agents should be ones you add when you are already good, and looking to be World Series good. They are very risky. Ideally, you'll be covered enough so even if it's a bust, you still have a decent team. I think the Cubs signing Jon Lester is a classic example. They were already a good team and were looking for one piece to put them over the top. If you're a bad or average team, you can't turn it around with big money free agents because there's too great of a chance of them being busts, and then you can't get out of that hole because you don't have the money to fix the other 24 spots on your roster. Look at the Padres and Marlins and recent years. That doesn't work. The Angels still have too many holes to spend $30M a year fixing just one of them. I think the Angels' best bet is to take another year of doing what they're doing. Let the farm system grow. Shop internationally. Look for all the Blake Parkers and Parker Bridwells you can find to surprise you. Eventually, you will not only have developed some players, but you'll have some pieces to trade for under-30 everyday pieces from other teams. And then .... you can put the cherry on top with a big free agent.
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    Saw a news story of a guy getting married on eclipse day. The symbolism is awesome. A cold, lifeless mass basically getting in the way of getting anything done, engulfing 100% of your energy.
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    Gawd I hope they get swept in the playoffs.
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    I hear he's got a personalized one with "DL 4EVR"
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    So you're telling us we're stuck with him for another 18,000 years? A long, slow decline takes on new meaning.
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    If he brought in the same players in the same order, but they ended up blowing the game, his bullpen management would have sucked.
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    I put Garrett Richards car in Google search and got this:
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    This now sticks out most to me for some reason, lol.
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    Changing the horse's name is a good idea. It needs to be something the loving people at USC can rally around. May I suggest: Orenthal
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    Probably the very worst day to start what will end up being a great, must read thread. @fan_since79 this is what you do best and I truly appreciate these types of threads, thank you. "The Anaheim Angels are the Champions of Baseball!" -Rory
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    Fuck it, let's pitch -Ervin Santana
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    Bedrosian in the 6th is an utter joke. You want to use Middleton? Fine, he starts a clean 6th but not with runners on in the 9th with the teeth of the lineup coming up. Sorry, Mike fucked up
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    Read "Angels placed LHP Skaggs" and lost my shit for a second.
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    I just want to say that I think he's done a fantastic job since taking over the reins. You can imagine where the team would be if we had half the injuries.
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    Before the mods come in and say this should have been posted in one of the other Pujols sucks threads let me just say that I think every time Pujols is penciled in behind Trout a new Pujols thread should be allowed to be started.
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    Gave it everything he had .... never backed down. Pretty much all you could ask for from a SP.... There is no looking back at the Angels' golden age without thinking about number 36.
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    Jered Weaver..class act and a great Angel! PS: would love to have Weaver sign a one day contract and retire an Angel.
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    I think all of us were in favor of the Valbuena signing. It sucks that he hasn't performed, but you can't strike gold with every signing.
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    the lack of activity in those 'other' areas is almost certainly related to financial restrictions.
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    It's because they added two black dudes to the roster.
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    And if it wasn't for a walk off grand slam we'd be 8-1. Pretty impressive!
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    Trout's 2017 numbers over a full 162 games look like this: 55 home runs, 123 RBI, 127 Runs
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    At the very least, I hope he finishes second just to keep that streak going. To me, the fact that he's only ever finished 1st or 2nd every year is almost more impressive.
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    I am so tired of hearing what the Angels cannot afford. They can afford Stanton and Trout and Pujols and other players and they can afford to pay a luxury tax for a few years. Choosing to not go over the lux tax is not the same as not being able to afford players.
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    I said it before. Whenever the dodgers play, i become trolldaddy to 29 other mlb teams.
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    Why Epp, did you trade Hernandez? For some rookie league pitcher? Middketon should have pitched the 6th, Petit the 7th, Parker the 8th, Bedrosian the 9th. Bedrosian >>>>>> kid Middleton in August. Sosh, it's August 18! It's far too late in the season to be experimenting! Who are you Sosh... Dr. Frankensteen?
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    In 2009, Gary Matthews Jr. put up an 85 OPS+, a -0.1 WAR, and was healthy enough to play an outfield position most games. This performance was deemed so bad that Arte traded him to the Mets for virtually nothing. In 2017, Pujols has a 74 OPS+, a -1.7 WAR, and isn't healthy enough to even play first base (which is frankly pathetic; I played first in high school - it requires almost no physical exertion). This performance is deemed good enough to keep him batting third or fourth every single day.
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    Thank you Jered for all the memories!! You had a great heart and competitive spirit and will definitely be remembered among the Angels elite pitchers. Thanks also for your touching tribute to Nick Adenhart before you pitched each night.
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    Absolute class act. He took less money to stay with the Angels. He is in my all time fav Top 5 Angels.
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    Again thank you for everything you did for our team, Jered! You are among the greatest to every play Angels baseball and I, for one, will remember you fondly and with a simultaneous smile and glare on my face! Go Angels forever!
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    Very few can tell what a house will look like in the early stages of framing but you don't dissamble it because you want some firewood.
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    Shouldn't we call this "Scioscia Found his Mind"?
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    They know when you are sleeping. They know when you're awake. We think that they may know if you visited a website that helped people coordinate protests. So be good for goodness' sake.
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    wtf is going on here?
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    My biggest concern is who and what get to define what hate speech is. To me that is as scary as the feds sending a warrant to the protest organization. Actually much scarier.
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    The fact that Jeff posts here and is an active participant holds a lot of weight for me. I appreciate him being here and giving his perspective.
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    Prepare for Mike Scioscia's lineup tomorrow. AW.com needs to start a sports book for MS lineups IMO...
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    You can't do this and we trust you to carry a weapon in public? That's crazy!!!
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    My favorite memory was when Jered just came off the DL and was starting a game in Texas and hit the first batter with the first pitch and was promptly ejected. That was awesome.......
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    He was in favor of the Angels trading for Howie back in June. He was right, a lot of us were wrong. He would have made this team better.
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    The way balls fly out of the park when he pitches... I'm starting to think he's part of some high tech tornado research.