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    I just want to be the first to officially say this guy blows. In before Stradling defends Scioscia. In before Brandon accuses me of attention whoring. In before Lou resuscitates this thread when Ohtani wins the Cy Young Award in 2020. In before Scotty overrates an Angel prospect. In before Doc posts a dissertation in-between surgeries. In before someone shits on Chuck's couch. In before Lifetime...oh, wait.
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    I'll just rename the website, ChuckWins.com and ban everyone. Unraveling failos, one member at a time. ChuckWins.com - The Internet Home for one Angels fan, named Chuck.
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    It was great to meet up & hangout with so many friends from the website this past weekend. I finally got to meet @Mark68, @krAbs (looks like Hector from the movie Troy) and of course, my roomie @tdawg87. We both had a great time! Toby was a fun roommate to hangout with. The tiki bar was amazing. Besides the Tim Mead talk, one of the highlights of my weekend. We hung out at this private reserve Tiki bar with Matt and his wife Daisey, @Katie and husband Nick, @BaseballMom & her friends Gail (forgot the name of your other friend). If you're in Phoenix I highly recommend making a reservation at the Undertow. Check out their website: http://www.undertowphx.com/ We also attended a place called Dilly Dally. A great dive bar. @Dave Saltzer and his crew joined us. @Juan Carlos Vazquez & his gal hung out with us at a very good brewery (cannot remember the name) and a few spots downtown Tempe on Saturday night. I had a very tasty craft beer called "Church Music". And about 20 Kilt Lifters over the course of 4 days.. burp Even if it was brief at the game, it was great to see you @calscuf. Good to see @Pablo, Rob Goldman and @DebbieWooters (I know I'm forgetting some people). It was good to see the Angels bats come alive while we were there, as well as JC Ramirez and Heaney pitch really well. We were there at the Ohtani start and he looked good, though his fastball was straight that day, but his breaking stuff was incredible. Albert looks GREAT. Kinsler is going to be a force atop the lineup and Calhoun really impressed me. I think he's going to have an outstanding season this year. Once Saltzer uploads the video of Tim Mead's talk with us on Sunday, you all have to watch it. So many nuggets of information that you won't find anywhere else on the web or social media. Trust me on this!
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    I'd like them to incorporate the navy blue back into the color scheme, but that's just me. It think it'd offer a nice contrast and is sort of tipping the proverbial cap to our history as a team.
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    now I'm listed with Anaheimbob? maybe I'll find a nice Dodgers website.
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    Of course he is a math enthusiast, Tank, don't be obtuse.
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    you must be a math enthusiast with that screen name. welcome.
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    Camp standouts A group of starting pitching prospects, all in the top half of the Angels' Top 30, got to Tempe early and have already created some early buzz. Canning, last year's second rounder, has lived up to that billing as a polished college starter, while Jose Suarez and Jose Soriano have also looked sharp. "Soriano is a guy who pitched in short-season ball last year and his stuff is even better than when we left instructional league," LaCassa said. "Physically, he's growing, he's strong, he's flexible, he's an athlete. He looks really good. Suarez is very polished beyond his years. He's a guy who could move quickly. His bullpens are as professional as they get. Griffin Canning, he and Suarez, it's like watching big league bullpens the way they command multiple pitches. Those guys definitely stand out." https://www.mlb.com/news/angels-pipeline-spring-training-report/c-268539446
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    And the winner of the 2018 MLB offseason's most bullshit comment goes to.. Mike Bullshitalkas.... Look at this pile of steaming hot crap.. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22716892/after-slow-free-agent-market-mike-moustakas-re-signs-kansas-city-royals ""It feels like I never left," he said. "It feels great to be back home. I'm excited to be back with the organization I grew up with. I got to see some familiar faces. It's always great to come into a clubhouse and everybody give you a hug. To have an opportunity to come back to Kansas City and play baseball again, it was a no-doubter, a no-brainer for me." It's rare to see such brazen BS outside of the political sphere...
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    I love AW.com. You know why? Everyone here remains calm and is always patient. We wait for a large sample size to determine if someone is going to make it or they suck. No one ever jumps to conclusions. Yup, I love this site.
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    I think everyone can agree that any kind of production out of him with the bat was a bonus. When we signed him, we got the top pitching prospect in all of baseball. Nobody is even close when comparing stuff and he has already shown as a 20-year old that he can get out major league hitters on a national scene.
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    The fans of the Los Angleles Angles of Angleheim welcome you to angleswin.com.
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    I'm gona take this thread as a good sine for things to come.
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    Nice detailed thread. Would read again.
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    Upton has Trout's back with a 3 run Fuck You.
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    If we weren't biased we would all admit that gains from adding Ohtani and Cozart and Kinsler were offset by the crushing loss of Cron. And I guess Pujols' major contributions from last year are less likely to happen if he plays 1B. So much to overcome. Whoever wrote that doesnt know much about baseball yikes.
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    Well I'll say this....Eppler knows that system better than anyone in baseball. If he doesn't put a claim in on cave, or attempt to trade for him, then I think that would tell us quite a bit about Cave. I trust Eppler when it comes to prospect evaluation. He's traded ones at their high value point (the Simmons trade), he's chosen not to trade others who have since become much more valuable (Barria, Hermosillo), he's traded for others who ended up doing really well (Alex Meyer before injury), he signed upside international guys when given the opportunity (Maitan, Deveaux) he's drafted very well (pretty much all of them). And I think most importantly, he's built the farm up. He hasn't treated it as a means to an end in acquiring minimal MLB talent like his predecessor (Yency Almonte for Gordon Beckham. Michael Clevinger for Vinnie Pestano....Dipoto was a freakin idiot).
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    damn. I was just beginning to like him.
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    We are really getting off on a tangent now.
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    Obviously Tdawg was recruiting 12 year olds in Arizona for membership.
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    If ohtani goes 4-0 with a 0.00 ERA in April, chuck is going to mail every one of you a homemade shit sandwich
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    Let's hope that the team gives him plenty of time to adjust to the MLB before making major decisions.
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    because it's a colossal waste of money that is a symbolic gesture and panders to people's worst fears instead of having a realistic discussion immigration
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    a quick visit to the main board of this forum after two consecutive losses will completely disprove your theory and destroy your hope in humanity.
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    Can we just stay on DST forever? I’m sick of this shit. Worst Monday of the year.
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    If you all think 'get off our field' is some kind of wildly offensive trash talk, I suspect you'd turn pearls into dust from clutching them so hard if you heard all that gets said in games and locker rooms. So for me, there was nothing to change my mind about. Nice to hear he is looking good in spring though, unlike Greinke who apparently has lost 6 mph off his fastball, sitting in the mid 80's, is 'nervous' about it and probably wont pitch opening day. Hopefully we get him vs. Pujols to see a movable object come up against a stoppable force.
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    https://gizmodo.com/you-can-soon-own-a-hal-9000-replica-that-uses-amazon-al-1823648187 Not only can you talk and interact with HAL, recreating some of the movie’s more quotable human-AI repartee, the wall-mounted replica also has Amazon’s Alexa built-in, which you can use to check the weather, turn lights on and off, or ask to open the pod bay doors when HAL refuses.
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    The Angels historically have had some much nicer uniforms. These red ones are horrendous.
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    i wish anaheim bob had a podcast.
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    Fatburger is underrated
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    Draft picks are lottery tickets. Has Canning thrown a pitch professionally yet? If you can secure the rotation for a few years by adding 3/36 and losing a draft pick I think it's a good deal. There might be more competition at the deadline, right now it seems there are deals to be had. Plus deadline deals mean losing prospects, isn't that what they're trying to save?
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    Time to quit crying about collusion. It's obvious the owners were still willing to pay. What they weren't doing was giving long term contracts. Do you blame the owners for not wanting to give 6+ years.
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    If you can get Cobb for something similar to what Lynn got from the Twins, do you do it??? Personally, I'd like to see Cobb as an Angel this season.