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    I highly recommend Chuck doing the same thing in order to post on here.
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    Question 1 In your own words please explain how you would create an atmosphere in which Albert Pujols would retire? Question 2 Explain in detail the differences between Tommy John and dehydration? Question 3 Theory crafting: turning the page and one game at a time have been sore subjects with the fans. Explain in detail the different uses of your mantras to the media and catch phrases. Question 4 Are you in the best shape of your life? Explain in detail and compare and contrast
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    I think to really integrate itself with the Southern California culture, they should put a new stadium in a gated community.
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    "Let the kids play"

    Stick-up-the-ass baseball culture is dumb and deserves to die, imo. Makes the game more boring, and doesn't really serve any purpose. As far as I'm concerned, its in the same stupid camp as unwritten rules (I guess it is one of those unwritten rules, along with "if you're winning by too much, you need to stop trying" and "don't try all of your options and bunt to stop a perfect game - bend over and spread for the pitcher").
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    Maybe in the new city, we can get a cool and edgy new name. Something like Trash Pandas.
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    I just found it strange that John Hart was acting like the entire interview would be that test. He kept going on about how he wants to be in the room with someone and not just go off test results.
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    Just for giggles, I met with Eppler yesterday and took his little test. The first question was "If an electric train leaves Chicago going south at 60 mph, and a second electric train leaves New York going west at 80 mph, which way does the smoke from the smokestack blow?" I slammed down my #2 pencil, called Eppler a hipster doofus, and walked out with dignity intact. When I become GM, we'll do things a bit differently, trust me.
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    That is a lot of "Turning the page".
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    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    Hank Conger could learn a thing or two from Hillary.
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    F**ck Everything :-(

    Red Sox are already obnoxious from all the success. Another title won't make them any worse. The Dodgers and all their shithead players like Puig and Machado and Kershaw don't deserve to ever win a title
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    ten ocho recon scout

    F**ck Everything :-(

    I truly dont get some of you people. Sigh.
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    What’s with that picture? I feel like we’re in the 90’s and I’m looking at it on Netscape Navigator.
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    Troll Daddy

    "Let the kids play"

    Best showboating ever!
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    Angels move out of OC. I’m done as a fan. I highly doubt they move. But this will be an interesting debacle.
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    Lindsey Graham is starting to give 0 fucks and we're all winning because of it
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    Why do I feel like this is sort of a continuation of the post where the whole nation of Japan was insulted?
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    Lol this is so great. Kiké has apparently had some awakening that a shit load of the home fans are shit head assholes.
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    Angel Oracle

    Cozart for Gray?

    Skanks need to throw in Falco.