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    Angels in on Moose

    I think Moose would be a great pick-up. While I have a lot of faith in our current IF prospect depth, all it takes is a break of usual Angels bad luck and we’d find ourselves relying on Wilfredo Tovar for a couple weeks. Moose improves our infield depth significantly by sliding a lot of guys down one peg, and if he’s cheap that’s worth it in itself. I’m not convinced Bour or LaStella will produce, Cozart is a question mark, Ohtani and Pujols are either injury prone or have murky timelines for playing time, Ward and Rengifo might not be ready, at least to produce with an impact, and Fletcher might still simply be a good UT IF. Moose has been really steady, and given he could also play some 1B, fits all sorts of potential configurations depending on how things play out. And his midseason trade value last year was reasonable too, so he could be deadline bait if we’re out, or his presence makes it easier to consider dealing an infield prospect at the deadline if we are making a push and need pitching help, especially if things are breaking right for other infielders.
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    2018 Hot Stove League

    Cannot be topped
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    Is Chuck republishing these old articles in honor of the 15 year anniversary? I knew I read this before.
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    arch stanton

    2020 Democratic Field

    Retail therapy. My wife swears by it
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    2020 Republican Field

    LOU HOLTZ 2020 !
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    Moose in Anaheim for at least one season

    I don’t know how long these things last, but should make it thru at least the spring.
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    By Geoff Stoddart, Director of Social Media Before there was Facebook. Before there was Twitter. Before there was SnapChat or Instagram, there was AngelsWin.com. In February of 2004, Charles Richter launched the website as a way for Angels fans around the country and around the world to stay connected to the team they loved and discuss topics that impacted them. What started out as a simple message board & blog grew into a news and reporting outlet, also being rewarded with a Major League Baseball media credential by the Angels. Correspondence from AngelsWin have participated in such team events and press conferences as the introduction for Albert Pujols, the contract extension for Mike Trout and the welcome Shohei Ohtani, to name just a few. Over the years, the site has been recognized by Forbes, Fox Sports, ESPN, MLB Network, Japan Times, Washington Post, MLB Trade Rumors, local media outlets in the Orange County Register and LA Times and Angels Broadcast crews over the air for their reporting and insights. The site has also hosted many fan events, including Spring and Summer Fanfests where they’ve had such guests as Arte Moreno, Tim Salmon, Don Baylor, Kole Calhoun, ex-GM Jerry Dipoto, Victor Rojas, Jose Mota, Terry Smith, Rex Hudler, Steve Physioc and Tim Mead. As AngelsWin looks to the future, they will continue to provide the news, the stats, information and fan events. But at its core, AngelsWin will always continue to be an online community forum that launched the site and as a result has forged many lifelong friendships & memories. AngelsWin.com: The internet home for Angels fans – where fans can cheer, argue, laugh, complain and discuss the team they love. So a toast to 15 great years and another toast to 15 more. Go Angels! View the full article
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    2018 Hot Stove League

    while it's been painful from a pure baseball standpoint, Eppler did the right thing this year. He made the team better for 2019 while preserving the farm system. He also didn't make multi-year commitments to players just because they were available. Avoiding the 3-4 year deal on mid tier players over 30 is as important to keeping the farm intact. At least for now. You're going to hit on 1-2 in ten of McCutchen, Eovaldi, Pollock, Britton, Lynn, Hosmer, Darvish, JD Martinez, Cain, Arrieta, Carlos Santana, Cozart, Jay Bruce, Mike Minor, Cespedes, Fowler, Desmond, Reddick, Encarnacion, Trumbo and so on and so forth. This free agent class was way overrated. Two marquis position players, one good pitcher who got paid more than I would have expected and a bunch of risk. We didn't match up well in this class at all. We needed pitching and that available was ok. Eppler did it right by not settling for the next best player when that player wasn't someone he was overly excited about. He went 1yr deals instead. More risk for 2019 when it's easier to absorb. I was hopeful for a few different scenarios that didn't happen, but I am very happy a few other scenarios didn't happen as well.
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    Angels in on Moose

    2018 OBP: Fletcher - .316 Moose - .315 2018 OPS+ : Fletcher - 86 Moose - 104 I'll take Moose.
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    Angels in on Moose

    You will get the much better deal.
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    I've had this in my back pocket for a while now.
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    Angel Oracle

    Angels in on Moose

    Are they also in on Squirrel?
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    Angels in on Moose

    you're forgetting that he also has to eat the fries
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    the dude abides

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Glad these dumb c*nts are getting burned by this. Everyone has to be the very first to go on the record and tweet their outrage, facts be damned. Perhaps next time they’ll wait for... I dunno... evidence?
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    I was a virgin when AW started. I still am but that's besides the point.
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    2018 Hot Stove League

    Cubs have the 2nd highest payroll. They're not the problem. There's plenty of money out there. This is a bunch of players upset that they 'put their time in' yet they're not getting paid like many before them. They feel like they're entitled to some sort of payment for previous services rendered and teams have obviously changed their tune on that. I think the thing that pisses the players off the most is that guys who played the game and rich owners used to hand them money and both sides were on the same page as to what determined value. Now, they've got 'nerds' and bean counters trying to tell them they they're not worth it. Non-baseball folk have invaded their game and they've shown a more lucrative way for their bosses to make money. I've said this before, but I think the player's anger is misplaced. You're in a union and your representation has let you down.
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    2018 Hot Stove League

    Yeah I wasn't talking about our moves, should have made that clear. I actually think we improved and that we'll compete with the Stros and A's this season. I'm just referring to the links to this guy or that guy via FA or trades only to see it not happen, but more so the inactivity in FA as a whole across all teams and how most of the big names are unsigned and it's almost March. I really want Harper and Machado to sign so we can focus on Trout.
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    I wasn’t here at the very beginning but pretty shortly after. I got an email invite from Chuck. I am assuming he saw me post either on ESPN, the OMB or he saw me in a baseball chat room on AOL. Even after I was a member here it took me years to post regularly. I think what really lead me to searching out fan content was the night Vladdy signed with the Angels. I wanted to read all about rumors and such. Thanks Chuck!