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    In the press conference now. Will give some updates. These aren't exact quotes, just paraphrasing. Originally, Eppler looked at Cozart for 2B, and Cozart was excited to play 2B for us, but then Eppler got the call from Detroit on Kinsler, and Cozart was willing to move to 3B. Cozart is excited to play for us and wants to win.
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    Like chuck said, everyone chill. Hes probably just dehydrated.
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    Let's be honest, Scotty over values all of our prospects. The Angels got Kinsler for two nobodies.
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    I rather take one year of Headley than 5 years of Longoria.
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    Remember how the Angels rarely ever had leaks to the press.?? Other that the very visible BS that broke out on the field between Guillen and Scioscia it just never really happened... Then all of a sudden Jerry shows up and it was something new and embarrassing every day.... Everything that happened in the clubhouse somehow seemed to leak to the press the Angels were a laughingstock IMO... Notice how all that stopped the second he left? Does anyone REALLY believe that's all just coincidence? Dude is a massive snatch. I doubt Passan will divulge much, but it would be neat to see what if anything MLB would do if they did track it back to someone.
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    I just tweeted at them. Maybe they listened? lol
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    You guys are crazy. He has averaged 165 innings the last two years with a 116 ERA+. Those numbers, if on the Angels, would have made him hands down the most effective pitcher on the staff. He is likely to command only a one or two year deal, and signing him would allow us to move Skaggs or Heaney for a second or third baseman.
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    The difference is one says Hot Stove and this one says Winter Meetings. You're welcome.
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    All these offseason moves, Upton, Ohtani, Kinsler, Cozart, etc. should go a long way in showing Trout that the Angels are serious about winning and building a team around him.
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    Okay folks, I'm excited. We have a great group of players. Getting Upton has been an incredible boon to us, as he's been reaching out to players and trying to recruit for him (both Kinsler and Cozart). The clubhouse chemistry should be great and that was a big influence for both Cozart and Kinsler. Offensively, our team is night and day better. With Kinsler and Cozart, we have GREATLY improved over last year. And defensively, our pitchers will relish playing with these guys behind them. As Eppler said, we do have the chance to be something special in run prevention. I still think that there will be some more work to be done on the pitching side--I still sense that they are trying hard to go to a 6-man rotation, and I won't be surprised if a bullpen arm or two comes here. But Angels fans, this has been one of our best offseasons--better than getting Pujols and Wilson.
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    Worst news of the day. Pretty much sealing the fate of Escobar. Besides being a pretty good Miami Vice bad guy stand-in, he was a joy to watch in everything he did. And he has fashions. I now have to revert to Jose Mota as Miami Vice bad guy stand-in, esp. if he still has his OG bright red covertible Mercedes.
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    It's a good thing when we are hoping he bounces back from 2.4 war.
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    This is good, he fills a big need for the Angels. Don't care about the past, he is an Angel now.
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    Stradling: "Lightweight contributor Geoff would come into my office "begging" for In-N-Out in Colorado not so long ago (and would do anything for them)"
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    He could literally fill a couple of spots.
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    Solid first post
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    Remember how we said this was going to be Eppler's most important off season likely of his career? Well, he just killed it. Can 2018 start already please?!
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    Let's see if I can do this right: *clears throat* I agree.
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    So in other words, you're saying it's Dipoto.
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    Anyone who disputes this trade. Send me a PM for a one week ban. I'm not reading what had transpired the last 3 hours.
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    I have confidence in Eppy. Take a step back dudes.
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    Trades four prospects in his top 10 for international money -- then uses some of the international money to trade for a player he traded away last year... Pretty much the epitome of a Dipoto deal.
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    Tommy John’s and circumcisions should all be handled in the first couple of weeks of life. Why wait.
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    I take issue with this. You say that there is little to no precedent for this, yet you say you have no faith in how Scioscia will handle this? That's particularly difficult to accept because as has been reported widely, both Eppler and Scioscia said numerous times that they are going to work things out with Ohtani and his people, and that whatever plans they had on using him will get changed now that they can have 2-way conversations about it. We won't know how much of this comes from Scioscia or how much comes for Ohtani. So, it's not right to blame Scioscia for any and all perceived misuses when it will be a combination between him and Ohtani to work through this unprecedented fete.
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    You guys would really trade cost controlled pitching for a 1 year rental of machado? Keep the pitching and sign moose.
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    Funny how it turns out that Reagins incompetence actually benefited the team because the Crawford deal was a total bust. Of course, we all know what happened next when the Angels missed out on Crawford
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    At the winter meetings Scioscia and Eppler said they had some data on Johnson they think can turn him around. They wouldn’t say what it is, but it’s probably something like he’s over or under-using some pitch. He was very good in 2016 and considering how relievers are so up and down, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bounces back to respectability. I also believe Bedrosian, based on my conversations with him, was affected all year by his injury. So I wouldn’t rule him out for being good. And I agree that Eppler isn’t going to spend big on a proven closer. Not his thing.
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    Here is what Baseball Reference has for his 2018 projection: Year Tm Age PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB Rel 2018 Proj. 32 504 447 71 119 25 4 20 58 4 1 48 87 .266 .339 .474 .813 212 8 3 1 4 2 81% If he puts up that type of offensive season next year, I think we will all be very happy.
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    Connecting the dots and it's hard not to think it was Dipoto who leaked this. Go back to when Dipoto quit as Angels GM. It was Passan who came out with a scathing article ripping the Angels org and detailing things only people with direct knowledge of the situation would know(aka Dipoto). https://sports.yahoo.com/news/gm-jerry-dipoto-s-departure-reveals-mike-scioscia-to-be-unquestioned-ruler-of-angels-215115777.html Remind me again who it was who broke the Ohtani news? Oh right, it was Passan.
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    Its after 3am in Florida, so I'd give it up for tonight. Maybe Eppler was on the verge of signing Moustakas or trading for Headley, but double checked with the Angelswin forums to make sure he was on the right track, then balked.
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    First of all, I have a little Scotty defending to do. For those of you saying he overvalues prospects, why don't you put your stamp on a player that's 5 years or more from the major. Where are your balls? Anyone can say a prospect evaluator overvalues talent 5 years later. Why don't you put some time and effort into providing insight into the Halos minor league system? Yah. That's what I thought. Scotty has positive things to say and if you read closely, you'll see what's real. Montgomery a 4th OFer and Hernandez a future reliever. Potentially high end if he makes it. Various Crap and Beatlesrule can suck it with their monday morning QB BS. You reap the benefit of having information handed to you for your pleasure and then you bitch about it. A lot of time and effort goes into accumulating that. Show some appreciation. Second. This trade seems fair enough although Hernandez could be that guy who's a stud 5 years from now and everyone points out he used to be in the Angels org. Montgomery is 4th OFer who could have a couple seasons of being a fringe starter due to discipline. I'm not a huge kinsler fan and don't like giving up any prospects for a 1yr rental unless you are ready to be a 90+ win team. Maybe we are, but that's still up in the air.
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    goddamnit. they better not be trading anyone I’ve heard of
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    Machado has been worth 27.9 WAR so far in his career, and he's 25 years old. He is unquestionably one of the top players in the game. How is this even a debate? If you ain't Trout, you suck.
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    kinsler had a .313 obp last year. I think he's done. Next thing to go will be the defense. Plus, I just like Howie better. douchy ex rangers don't do well on our team.
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    I don't know about you guys, but the first day of the winter meetings always reminds me of the time Reagins and Scioscia didn't show up for the first day of the meetings. Reagins' primary target, Carl Crawford, had signed with Boston and upon arriving, Reagins was spotted literally running away from reporters up to his hotel room. Glad he's not our GM, but still a treasured memory.
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    Then once we have Sale and Red Sox have Richards the Yanks will nervous for Stanton to face Richards and we trade for Stanton.