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    A dream of mine is to sit in the photo well at an MLB game. On Saturday I received last minute notification that our family was being invited into a dugout suite at Angel Stadium. This being the closest thing I've ever had to that opportunity I took my camera. We've been going through some brutal family stuff lately and this was a total godsend and a respite from the storm. I shot all of these from behind the screen with a good camera, it's no where near the quality that sports photographers use, but it still did a decent job (Canon 60D with the stock lens for camera nerds) I thought you guys would be able to enjoy these with me.
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    Sosh has been the manager for pretty much my entire tenure as a fan. Technically I started "following" during the early nineties but was too young to really remember much. I do clearly remember 1995 bringing the suck. But 2000 was when I started getting truly invested in how well the team was doing and knowing all the players and all that. When 2002 happened, I was definitely blessed. I certainly hadn't carried the burden of disappointment on my shoulders the way my dad had, and the way so many of you had, but it was still an incredibly special moment that I'll remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Scioscia was right there in the middle of it all. In a sense, Mike Scioscia is more synonymous with the Angels than anyone, at least from my perspective. Not Percival, not Erstad, not GA, or K-Rod or Weaver. Not Salmon. Mike has been in the dugout since I was an annoying, bratty kid. He was there through the good and the bad. Though we tend to forget just how much good there truly was. His decisions have caused so many emotions over the years. Mostly frustration. Sometimes anger. Other times complete confusion. But another one has consistently hidden in the back of my mind, and it's shame. No, not shame for Mike or for the team, but for myself. It's natural to completely overlook decisions a manager makes that ultimately help the team. In fact, we often see something good happening IN SPITE of his decisions. But the shame I've felt has been through all my years of complaining over every little decision, every lineup, every pitching change, and never did I think to correct myself when his decisions worked out. Considering his career record, I'd say he made the right decision more often than not. After all, he was the manager. Not me. There's a good reason for that. Anyway, while I am fully on board with getting a new manager and moving on from Scioscia, I can't shake this bittersweet feeling that tightens around my chest. It's time to move on. It's time. But I will always respect Scioscia as the greatest manager in Angels history and the only manager to lead this team to a World Series ring. For better or worse, the dugout won't be the same without him. And neither will the Angels.
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    Welcome to the Angels Patrick Sandoval. Tommy John Surgery this way.
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    A friend of the family's is in Cooperstown and knowing we are Angels fans, shared this picture with us. Out of all the jersey's that could have been displayed, it was nice to Vlad pay tribute to Nick:
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    In another thread, Jeff Fletcher stated: "The root of the Angels' problems is they ignored the farm system from about 2010-2015". While that may seem obvious to some, I found it interesting how quickly a team that had what was considered a top 10 (at least) farm system a decade ago could see it all disappear. So, what happened prior to 2010? In 2009, we had one of the greatest 1st rounds you could want. With back-to-back picks in the 1st round (thanks to KRod and Teixeira signing with a couple of NY teams), Angels selected Randal Grichuk (8.1 WAR) and Mike Trout (62 WAR), which was followed by supplemental 1st round picks of Tyler Skaggs (2.8 WAR) and Garrett Richards (7.4 WAR). On top of that embarrassment of riches, they drafted Patrick Corbin (11 WAR) in the 2nd round. They essentially nailed of 5 of their first 6 picks if you go by the idea that you are drafting with the hope of selecting future MLB starters one day. At this point, while Tony Reagins was entering his 2nd year as General Manager, Eddie Bane was running the drafts and, wow, it couldn't have worked out better. 2010: After 2009, though, things changed. Per some peeps here, the 2010 draft, which would have been directed by Eddie Bane, was usurped by Tony Reagins, and the draft philosophy changed. This was significant because the Angels, like 2009, had 5 picks in the 1st round and, with another strong draft, could essentially cement the foundation of their farm for the next 2-3 years. However, what happened was anything but a success. The Angels selected Kaleb Cowart (-0.4 WAR), Cam Bedrosian (0.5 WAR), and three guys that never made it to the majors in Chevy Clarke, Taylor Lindsey, and Ryan Bolden. Clarke ended up in the Independent league and is currently a teammate of 53 year old Rafael Palmeiro on the Cleburne Railroaders, Lindsey was traded for Huston Street and his last season was 2016, and Ryan Bolden was tragically killed soon after retiring. On a positive note, in the 8th round, they selected future starting right fielder Kole Calhoun Possible alternatives that could have been drafted: Mike Foltynewicz (2.5 WAR), Christian Yelich (22.2 WAR), Aaron Sanchez (9.3 WAR), Noah Syndergaard (11.6 WAR), Taijuan Walker (6.0 WAR), Nick Castellanos (2.9 WAR) 2011: After the 2010 draft, Eddie Bane left the organization and, in contrast of the previous two seasons, the Angels only had 1 pick in the first two rounds due to losing their 2nd round pick with the Scott Downs (0.4 WAR in three seasons with the Angels) signing. Their loan pick? C.J. Cron (4.2 WAR) at the 17th overall. The only other notable pick from that draft was Mike Clevinger (6.5 WAR) in the 4th round. Fun fact: Clevinger was traded in the summer of 2014 by then GM Jerry Dipoto for 29 year old reliever, Vinne Pestano. Clevinger is currently a fixture in the Indians rotation, while Vinnie lasted one more season in the MLB Possible alternatives: Tyler Anderson (8.1 WAR), Kolten Wong (9.7 WAR), Jackie Bradley Jr (12.3 WAR), Michael Fulmer (9.9 WAR), Trevor Story (9.3 WAR), Blake Snell (6.1 WAR). 2012: So, yeah, 2012 happened..this was Dipoto's first season as GM of the Angels and he and Arte decided to go balls-deep into Free Agency signing by signing Albert Pujols (yeah, I know) and CJ Wilson, meaning they did not have a draft pick until the 3rd round. In that round they selected R.J. Alvarez (-0.6 WAR) whose only contribution to the Angels turned out to be being included in a trade for Huston Street. Possible alternatives from the first three rounds: Michael Wacha (7.4 WAR), Marcus Stroman (10.6 WAR), Zach Eflin (1.6 WAR), Jose Berrios (3.3 WAR), Daniel Robertson (3.3 WAR), Stephen Piscotty (5.3 WAR), Mitch Haniger (6.3 WAR), Joey Gallo (4.0 WAR), Lance McCullers (5.6 WAR), Alex Wood (11.7 WAR), Edwon Diaz (4.4 WAR). 2013: Like a moth to a flame, Free Agents beckoned Dipoto again and we signed stable genious Josh Hamilton to a 5 year deal that in no way sucked. As a result, the Angels didn't have a pick until the 2nd round but, oh, what a pick it was: Hunter Green. Green, a 17 year old southpaw, pitched a total of 8 G (7 GS) for the Angels' rookie level team in AZ walking more than a struck out, soon after retiring due to vague injuries and general disinterest. Other notable Angels names from that draft: Kenyan Middleton in the 3rd round and Michael Hermosillo in the 28th round. Possible alternatives: Aaron Judge (12.8 WAR), Sean Manaea (7.4 WAR), Corey Knebel (4.1 WAR) 2014: This draft, Dipoto actually had a draft pick to work with and it is hard to argue with his choice: Sean Newcomb (2.8 WAR). Some other names from that draft you might recognize: Joey Gatto, Jake Jewell, Bo Way, Zack Houchins. Possible alternative: Matt Chapman (9.3 WAR) 2015: Fresh off a 98 win season, and first round playoff sweep, things appeared to stable and ascending in Anaheim...little did we know that we'd be just months away from a Jerry Dipoto bitch-fit which would include a power-play ultimatum, a swift middle-finger from Arte, Scioscia and the players, and Jerry taking his ball and going home. Prior to that, though, there was the draft. Due to the success of the previous season, the Angels picked late and with fist-pumping resound selected catching prospect Taylor Ward. It was hard to determine what elicited more confusion: how early in the draft he was selected, given his initial projection, or the enthusiasm in the Angels reacted to his selection. However, despite a less than dominant start, Ward may well still be an impact pick as, since he was moved to 3B this season, he's put up .345 .453 .973 OPS in AA/AAA with a seemingly solid command of the strike zone, some newfound speed as a result of moving from the catching position, and uptick in power. Additionally, top 100 prospect Jahmai Jones was selected in the 2nd round and current 25 man roster infielder David Fletcher (0.9 WAR) was selected in the 4th round. Well, at least he left us something to remember him by... Possible alternatives: Mike Soroka, Scott Kingery, Andrew Suarez Additionally, during his tenor, Dipoto completed these transactions: - Tyler Chatwood (8.7 WAR after leaving Angels) for Chris Ianetta (6.2 WAR with Angels) - Jean Segura (16.4 WAR) for Zack Greinke (1.5 WAR with the Angels) - Ervin Santana (14.1 WAR since leaving Angels) for Brandon Sisk - Jordan Walden for Tommy Hansen - Kendrys Morales for Jason Vargas - Randall Grichuk and Peter Bourjos for David Freese and Fernando Salas - Mark Trumbo for Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago - Ernesto Frieri for Jason Grilli - Traded a lot of Rondon's for Huston Street - Howie Kendrick for Andrew Heaney - Kevin Jepsen for Matt Joyce (credit to "gotbeer" transaction thread : So, yeah, many years with missed picks, lack of picks, and trading of previously picked talent will leave you barren. -
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    Scioscia is not getting fired with two months left on a 10 year contract. I don't drive my trash cans to the dump today when tomorrow is trash day.
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    “On behalf of the Angels Organization and baseball fans everywhere, congratulations to Mike Trout on another outstanding All-Star Game performance. Mike Trout is an exceptional ambassador for the game. Combined with his talent, his solid character creates a perfect role model for young people everywhere. Each year, Mike devotes a tremendous amount of his time and effort contributing to our Organization, and marketing Major League Baseball. He continually chooses to participate in the community, visiting hospitals, schools, and countless other charities. One of Mike’s traits that people admire most is his humility. His brand is built upon generously spending his time engaging with fans, both at home and on the road, while remaining a remarkable baseball player and teammate. In addition, Mike spends quality time as a husband, son brother, uncle, and friend. We applaud him for prioritizing his personal values over commercial self-promotion. That is rare in today’s society and stands out as much as his extraordinary talent.” --@Angels--
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    Fueled by the annoyance of last night's loss, I was on a mission to point out Eppler's and Co.'s failure in regard to acquiring several under performing players over the last couple of off season. In particular, the most recent. What I found was an important reminder which is to consider the starting point and the body of work since. The halos had come off the 2011 season with a winning record yet they had clearly lost faith in Tony Reagins to the point that most speculated him as a mere figurehead with Scioscia and Arte involved in quite a bit of the duties normally taken on by a general manager. The truth or accuracy of which is only relevant to the point that it led to the hiring of Jerry Dipoto. But the stage was set for having an atypical dynamic between owner, gm and manager. Jerry said all the right things and looked good doing so. But behind the scenes it was a much different story. He was very aggressive in his approach of gearing all resources toward the major league club. While the lack of harmony in the front office wasn't all his fault, his method was like gas on an already smoldering fire. Which is ironic considering that he burned the Angels farm system to the ground as well. So when all the fires got out of control, he grabbed his flame thrower and walked right out the front door mid season and 30 days before the trade deadline leaving the halos to finish 31-37 and 1 gb of the WC as well as 3 gb of the division. On Oct 4th, 2015, the halos hired Billy Eppler. I feel like Arte was the 'bad deal' direct tv guy and Eppler was the guy answering the door. 'Can I interest you in being the GM of the mediocre Los Angeles Angels?' No 'Ok, Ok. You want me to sweeten the deal? That sweetener is a broken front office dynamic and you can't bring in your own manager.' That's a bad deal. 'Oh, we got a haggler. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna give you the worst farm system in baseball with an international signing lockout and zero payroll flexibility to work with.' That's not a good thing man! Do you see that everything you are saying is worse than before? 'What I see is someone that wants to play hardball. Ok. Batter up. I'll give you a broken down former superstar that makes $25mil per year that has to bat in the middle of the lineup, an ace who throws a fastball 84 mph, an offense that finished 21st in baseball last year, a terrible bullpen, and in less than 6 months, pretty much every pitcher worth anything on the roster will be injured and out for over a year. Oh, and the team has the remain competitive. But that's my final offer. ' 'Shut the door in my face trick huh? We have Mike Trout!' And the door opens back up. 'Fine. I'll take the job'. Let's all be very honest. This franchise was circling the drain less than two and a half years ago. Here is what Keith Law said shortly before the start of the 2016 season: I've been doing these rankings for eight years now, and this is by far the worst system I've ever seen. They traded their top two prospects in the Andrelton Simmons deal and had no one remotely close to top-100 status. They need a big draft this year to start to restock the system or we're going to start talking about whether it's time to trade Mike Trout. So that's how his mission started. His first order of business was to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with Scioscia. Next, he traded for Simmons. A controversial deal from both sides. But he's become one of the top 10 most valuable players in baseball. Then the entire pitching staff fell apart. Richards out. Heaney out. Trop out. Skaggs couldn't come back. CJ Wilson done. Huston Street done. Rafael Ortega led the team in LF at bats. Giavotella at 2b. Made some small moves like grabbing the serviceable Yunel Escobar and Jefry Marte. Claimed JC Ramirez. Got Nolasco and Meyer at the trade deadline. But importantly, had a very good draft. At the start of year two, still hampered by payroll restrictions (189mil in 2016, 176mil in 2017), he grabbed Blake Parker off waivers. Shortly after, he got Cam Maybin for Victor Alcantara. Signed Jesse Chavez, Traded for Martin Maldonado, Signed Ben Revere, Traded for Espinosa, Signed Bud Norris and Yusmeiro Petit. Grabbed Luis Valbuena. So lots of minor move again. Almost all for expiring players due to a lack of payroll. Again, another good draft with Adell and Canning as well as a leap back on to the international scene with Deveaux and Knowles. Got some good mileage out of Bridwell. Got some time out of David Hernandez and turned him into minor league depth piece. Grabbed Noe Ramirez mid year. Then, of course, shored up LF for the first time in a long time. Before and in year 3 he locked up Upton, grabbed Ohtani, Cozart and Kinsler. Got Rengifo for Cron. Signed JMF and Rivera. Let a lot of pen arms get away due to understandable inflation. Got some additional intl prospects in Maitan, Soto and a few others. Had what many consider to be another good draft. And that's where we stand. At 37-30 in 3rd place and five games back in mid June. This exercise was important for me and I hope it was helpful to you as well. We are currently a solid major league team with a real chance to make the playoffs. We have a farm system now at least in the top half of the league and many of those players are actually do well in the upper levels on the verge of actually providing help at the major league level. Should I repeat that? Yes, Calhoun and Cozart have sucked. We've sustained some injuries again and the pen is more than shaky. We need Simmons back. It would be great to get Ohtani back back as well but I won't hold my breath. A pen arm or two is a must. A few other things could stand to go right as well. But jog your memory back to mid 2015 through early 2016. Did you ever imagine this team would be a playoff contender with a good and improving farm system and be on the actual upswing as a franchise by 2018? Not everything Eppler and company does is going to be perfect. But to date, Billy and the Halo IMF have done the impossible.
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    So I just wanted to start off with an apology for being down this afternoon. This was scheduled, but no down time was expected as it was a package I purchased to tune up my database and apache side of things after the Monday debacle. Go Daddy F'd a database table, so they had to repair it today. I'm locked into GoDaddy for the next 10 months so it is what it is, but I have the highest level of server possible. Just some bad luck and a bad forum software update a few weeks back. Just a shitty past few months in terms of up time. That said... We're not ESPN, we're not MLB, we're not some other high profile network that can guarantee 100% server, forum uptime. Though after learning some tricks and server maintenance tips on Linux (I'm a Windows server guy, that does software engineering & account management for work) I think we're in good shape going forward. The entire day today was frustrating and exhausting. But it made me realize a few things... While nothing is guaranteed, the interaction and friendships that have been formed here trump everything else. So I will work harder in making sure that this home is up and running, 24/7. Long day, going to bed. Thank you for your patience.
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    For the LOVE OF GOD

    Why is Cam Bedrosian still on this team. Must be Scisocia. FUCK
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    K: No one gives a shit.
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    Can Bedrosian

    For the love of God, DFA this POS right now.
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    Mike Scioscia 1600 wins

    Prior to Mike Scioscia's becoming manager in 2000, the Angels franchise was known for being snake-bit or cursed (Lyman Bostock, '79, '82, '86, '89, '95 off the top of my head), was coming off the Terry Collins mutiny led by Moo Vaughn, and was considered the small market (per Jackie Autry) also-ran to their neighbors up the 5 freeway. The end of '99 would mean the beginning of the Bill Stoneman era which started with Mike's hiring. Since then, an entire generation of Angels' fans have got to grow up with competitive baseball and expectation of, not only being .500, but being in the thick of a playoff hunt. I became an Angels' fan in '76 at 4 years old and got to witness collapse and disappointment enough to believe that was who the Angels' were and that, barring a miracle, that was the way it would likely always be. Then 2002 happened and all that past noise got drowned out by the sound of Troy Glaus' game-winning RBI double in Game 6. For a decade, the Angels ruled the AL West and dominated it's rivals like I'd never witnessed in this team before. The last few years have been a struggle but at least there is still that expectation, almost a demand, of winning, of which previously did not exist prior to Mike's arrival.
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    The same as these restaurants that want to make you pay to eat their food.
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    arch stanton

    Can you imagine being traded?

    I’m a career military guy. I can imagine
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    I am going to be extremely pissed if we sign 34 year old Josh Donaldson and his fucked up shoulder and calf muscle.
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    Fletcher called up to rot on the bench in favor of the batflipping turd.
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    Griffey's Corner

    Excited to be a member

    Just wanted to say I am very happy to be a part of angelswin.com. I think Eppler has done an amazing job. Trout is having a great year & the Angels are in 1st place. In the baseball world what more could you ask for? I look forward to having great conversations with all the members. Since 2005 I have been reading angelswin.com & the members on here know a lot about baseball & seem to have great sense of humors. Thank you for letting me be part of the team! Go Angels!!!!
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    Scioscia pulling Tropeano last night

    Ok, listen up, jackwagons. You know that it was May 1, and this is Trop's first full season back after TJ surgery, right? Trop had thrown 88 pitches through 6.1 innings. It's a long season. God forbid the manager think ahead and try to save some of his arm for later in the season. I'm as critical of Sosh as most of the rational people here, but seriously. It was a non-issue. STFU about it and get over it.
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    Trout's Tribute to Aaron Cox

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/trout-shares-emotional-tribute-to-late-brother-in-law/ar-BBMlG4q Aaron, words can’t describe the emotions that I’ve been feeling the past week and a half,” Trout wrote in the emotional message. “You were more than just my brother-in-law… you were my best friend. You made such an impact on my life since the day I first met you. You were an amazing person inside & out that showed us all how to live life to the fullest. Seeing and hearing about your impact on other people are all things that made me a better person every single day. The things we have done together like hunting trips, family vacations, golfing, fishing, and all the fun times we had together I will cherish forever… you brought so much happiness and joy to my life every time I was with you. You will always be remembered for your crazy dance moves and your big smile and how much you cared for people and our family. You were always the life of the party and you were always making people laugh. You were a great kid and it kills me to know that you are gone… I can’t thank you enough for what you have meant to me over these last 11 years. I know you will be watching over me now that you are gone, I promise to take care of your sister and watch over your whole family. Heaven got a great one and I know I will see you again someday… I love you bro!!!!
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    I don't dislike Scioscia and think he's more good than bad, but it is time.
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    Results don’t matter to the Angels.. we all know that. Mike Scisocia has been to the playoffs 1 time since 2009 and leads us year after year to mediocre results. Yet he stays. Albert Pujols, Luis Valbuena, etc make it to clear to me that winning just isn’t at the forefront. Moreno is chasing money and couldn’t care less about winning a World Series, or even making the playoffs for that matter. They get the best player in baseball and F*ck it up big time, can only get him to the playoffs once. Fire the entire coaching staff, release valbuena, force pujols to the bench. Thats what the RED SOX/YANKEES/CARDS etc. would do... because losing isn’t acceptable.
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    Hansel Robles, Eduardo Paredes, Deck McGuire, Akeel Morris, Oliver Drake and a slew of others pitching meaningful innings for a team that's supposed to contend for a playoff spot? At least we didn't blow a save today. How can he justify this? I would like some thoughts on how this is ok?
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    I know that it of no interest to anyone here, but I want to brag just a little. My great-nephew, Alan Strong, a pitcher at UNLV was just drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 10th round of the MLB Draft (300th pick over-all). Wow! I'm so proud of him.
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