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Per multiple reports we got Ohtani!!!

Great stuff!

Pujols planar fascia and Garret Richards UCL both being held together by chewing gum and some duct tape are really concerning.
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I hope that one or more of you (I know @Mark68 reads it for sure! ) enjoyed the series. Every year I learn more and more and I find it therapeutic to go through the machinations of deciphering the financial and market details and sharing what I find.

Happy Holidays Angels fans and I think, in the end, we will be pleased with the on-field product in 2018 and beyond!

Go Angels!
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His name is Billy. Not William. At least everything that the google machine produces about him has his given name as such. Not sure why that’s interesting. Maybe it’s because you’d expect it to be conventional but it’s not. Just like Billy. Billy the greenhorn. At least that was my first impression. He’s not Jerry Dipoto. Not some camera kind socal surfer with easy words. And that’s a good thing as it turns out. So instead of Billy short for William, he’s just Billy. The guy who inherited a sub .500 team with a bloated payroll, zero international spending capability, and the worst farm system in baseball history as well as an apparent upper extremity plague affecting any pitcher in a clubhouse radius. Apparently, the rally monkey is actually virus carrying anti-god from the movie outbreak. That inheritance also included Michael Nelson Trout. He’s pretty good.

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Considering the Gentlemen's club was axed and several other troll threads or contentious threads were deleted, over 1-million posts since 2013 is very impressive. 

Well done, gents. 

Scotch & Cigars on me if you're ever up here in Seattle. 
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Great in-depth stuff on Heaney, @Brent Maguire.

Really informative. I'm as encouraged as you are. 

Great job on this, @Afternoon Angel!!!
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Perfect timing on this article, @Brent Maguire.
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