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  1. LOL, right, your responses aren't meant to discourage. What happened to you?
  2. They think if they keep using the term "obsessed" it will keep people from posting funny stuff about her.
  3. No wonder politics is such a mess. People's main goal is to get under their opponents skin. great job, i guess
  4. Lol, yeah that's how I act.
  5. An innocent man was just murdered by the state. Nothing from you
  6. Seriously man, they JUST EXECUTED AN INNOCENT MAN. How can you still support it?
  7. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    This whole notion of Ohtani starting in the minors is kind of weird to me. Which five other starters have been lighting up the Cactus league this spring?
  8. Trumped

  9. Glen, if you don't like her being brought up, you could always avoid this thread.
  10. LOL Angeles

    I hear you are moving to Arkansas
  11. This is totally crazy.
  12. What an awful story. Part of the reason they built it was that a student had been killed trying to cross that street. Tragic.
  13. LOL Angeles

    I think it is more like liberal missionaries. They spread their leftist gospel to the unbelieving heathens in red states.
  14. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    This will pass with over 60 votes.