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  1. Pujols Documentary

  2. Political Gallery

    Think about how much money he cost people
  3. Fetus is just a word to de-humanize an unborn child. however I do not like censorship, especially government censorship
  4. #metoo

    That sounds painful
  5. Trumped

    I love socialism!
  6. Trumped

    Avoid telling someone to "blank" themselves. Read the rules of the board
  7. Trumped

    I was enjoying watching yv talking to herself. Thanks for ruining it red. Jerk Super awesome dude
  8. New Senate Tax Plan

    It won't hurt me personally but I still don't like it. I still believe that the corporate tax rate could be taken down to 28% and the rest of the break given to the middle class and below. You want to get the economy going better, then put more money in the pockets of the folks who spend it the most. This seems so simple yet really never happens.
  9. Trumped

    "The FBI are the good guys" Sometimes, sometimes not. Russia is the bad guy. Sure, but so are we.
  10. Trumped

    Didn't say that but I don't believe the outcome is going to be what most people want.
  11. Trumped

    This is a poor argument. The whole "don't question authority" thing is stupid. I can't stand Trump and if they find enough to get rid of him that's great but I don't think they will and then it will be a colossal waste of money.
  12. #metoo

    Joel Osteen
  13. Trumped

    If the guy wasn't a pedo, he wins.
  14. FCC Giveaways

    One of his many gifts to his corporate buddies
  15. Trumped

    Since he endorsed Strange, what do you think?