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  1. So guilty until proven innocent?
  2. mtangelsfan

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Do you believe people should be arrested if they don't comply?
  3. mtangelsfan


    Government = pennies on the dollar, mine is dollar to a dollar. Not to mention a large percent wouldn't have to go to blowing up brown people and nation building.
  4. mtangelsfan


    I will pay usage fees any day of the week. I just think the federal income tax is wrong. State taxes are what they are. You can move.
  5. mtangelsfan


    Did you try to vote yes on prop 6? The one that was going to stop the extra 19 cents gas tax? I guess I don't understand why it is abhorrent to not want to hand over my money to the worst possible people with an agenda that I do not agree with and oh, by the way, they are extremely bad at handling said money? Personally, I know that I can help more people with my money than the government can with my money.
  6. mtangelsfan


    So much for not wanting a celebrity death match.
  7. mtangelsfan


  8. mtangelsfan


    Well, that was a decent portion of why I moved. And Phil Mickelson is a really bad example. he can afford anything.
  9. mtangelsfan


    It is anecdotal. I just assume that OC republicans would never, ever vote for Hillary and since she won the OC, then that would be my guess. (Which is why I said guess) No death match needed.
  10. mtangelsfan


    You are assuming that it is Republicans voting Democrat. My guess is that Republicans are simply leaving California.
  11. mtangelsfan


  12. mtangelsfan


  13. She is to be believed!