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  1. World's Shortest Books

    My recent trips to In-n-Out Co-written by Mt and Nate.
  2. Trumped

    McCain is getting "Mavericky" again
  3. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Hilarious, and pathetic.
  4. Trumped

    I find all of them complicit.
  5. Trumped

    I kind of agree but by who really?
  6. Road rage

  7. Road rage

    Let it go. Dude is crazy
  8. 2017-2018 General NFL Thread

    Absolutely horrible call against the jets. Fix is in
  9. Trumped

    So many morons out there
  10. Trumped

    Building roads, hospitals, schools and wells isn't helping to fix it?
  11. Trumped

    How altruistic of you
  12. Trumped

    Agreed. Now tell Nate and UTH to stop bringing it up
  13. Trumped

    Man you like talking about men's body parts
  14. Trumped

    Man, you really are talking out of your butt. Most churches are not Joel Osteen types.
  15. Trumped

    That is nice and good but nobody is telling you you have to believe or else. You and Nate on the other hand sure are judgy about us