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  1. mtangelsfan

    Religion and Politics

    It's a good question but known for vs. Reality are two different things. Human trafficking is a big issue being dealt with by believers around the world. Poverty is another thing that that Christians help with around the world. That doesnt make good news stories though
  2. mtangelsfan

    2020 Democratic Field

    Small town America is being screwed, that is why they are struggling. The government would like nothing better than to turn into one big fiefdom where it provides all the food and minerals to their overlords in urban areas.
  3. mtangelsfan


    City Brew is awesome
  4. mtangelsfan

    Religion and Politics

    So unless there are zero other problems in the world, Christians should speak on things?
  5. mtangelsfan

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    2 pages on the intelligence of Ben Shapiro. I love aw.
  6. mtangelsfan

    2020 Democratic Field

    This is a stupid quote
  7. mtangelsfan

    Are Teachers Underpaid?

    Out here they get paid little to nothing
  8. mtangelsfan

    2020 Democratic Field

    I don't think it was.
  9. mtangelsfan


    This is pretty accurate
  10. mtangelsfan

    2020 Democratic Field

    He is a politician. Politicians are basically garbage
  11. mtangelsfan

    Religion and Politics

    Hannity? I cant stand that guy plus I agree very little with him. Other than that, I am in
  12. mtangelsfan

    Religion and Politics

    Meh, we all have our reasons
  13. mtangelsfan

    Religion and Politics

    One more thing on the article itself........ everyone has an excuse
  14. mtangelsfan

    Religion and Politics

    And reps have done nothing for Christians