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  1. mtangelsfan

    Trading Jo Adell

    You shut your dirty whore mouth!
  2. mtangelsfan


    Why would I?
  3. mtangelsfan


    What do you believe the government of California has done to better the quality of life?
  4. mtangelsfan


    Both sides!
  5. mtangelsfan


    You certainly hinted that it is superior due to democrat leadership.
  6. mtangelsfan


    California has weather, that is it. watch the trends. Middle class is getting pushed out, all new taxes are regressive, not to mention the billions wasted on the bullet train and a failing education system. brought to you by your friendly democrats.
  7. mtangelsfan


    I did not but I know a lot of folks who did and they are not dumb or ignorant. It is delicious how much many of you underestimate them. You guys are going to get him re-elected . I am too much of a libertarian to ever vote r or d in a national election
  8. mtangelsfan


    You thinking that there are not intelligent people who voted for him is stupid and completely myopic
  9. mtangelsfan


    Aren't you ok with babies being murdered?
  10. mtangelsfan


    This is a stupid argument
  11. mtangelsfan

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    They should be banned they are awful
  12. mtangelsfan

    Nike taking Kaepernick's side

    New Balance are simply better shoes anyway.
  13. mtangelsfan


    Internationally, whose hands are clean?
  14. mtangelsfan

    Obama Poll

    We an a (You're welcome) option.