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  1. mtangelsfan


    You must pick a side!!!!!
  2. mtangelsfan


    lol, this is stupid
  3. mtangelsfan

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    You mean like Tim Mead?
  4. mtangelsfan


    LOL, awesome. Judges gonna judge.
  5. mtangelsfan

    Get your Cancer Signs ready for tonight

    I guess my only point is there are plenty of things that are bad that the government could spend our money on. I just don't know how you quantify which ones are most important. Regardless, I agree with you that these "Stand up to ________" days are stupid and unnecessary.
  6. mtangelsfan


    under the halo does not appreciate you making fun of somebody's weight.
  7. mtangelsfan

    Get your Cancer Signs ready for tonight

    That is the only one that matters to you? Homelessness doesn't though? How about mental health? How about education? Why are pre-existing conditions the one you are uppity about? For the record, I don't like this pre-existing clause by the insurance companies. But there are plenty of things I don't like.
  8. mtangelsfan

    Get your Cancer Signs ready for tonight

    So homelessness is a huge problem. Drug addiction is a huge problem. Lots of huge problems. What are the ones you want the government (i.e. all of us) to pay for and which aren't?
  9. mtangelsfan

    Raising Funds for my son's swim team

    Of course, I will send you a pm.
  10. mtangelsfan

    Who is America?

    It is our new normal. Just watch the news.
  11. mtangelsfan


    Nah, its like calling Chuck Schumer "pro-war".
  12. a politician is no more important than a sideline reporter. Both are doing their job.
  13. Have you been on the main forum when Alex Curry is doing an interview after the game? Come on man. I think you are being way too sensitive about this.