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  1. Endorse. The faster it can be integrated into MLB the better.
  2. YouthofToday

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    No foul play suspected per local police. Apparently they plan to release the cause of death later today. A horrible, devastating loss to the Skaggs family.
  3. YouthofToday

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    I’m pretty sure Tommy Hanson died from a cocaine overdose.
  4. YouthofToday

    Angels select Kyren Paris at 55

    Again, you don’t draft for need. You draft for perceived future value.
  5. MLB teams don’t draft for “need.” They draft the player that has, in their opinion, the best chance at achieving the most value.
  6. YouthofToday

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Long live the goat!
  7. I doubt the team ever learns Trout will not resign here, even if he reaches FA. No chance he is moved before the mid season 2020 trade deadline.
  8. 1. The Angels must make a strong playoff push this year. I would argue it is imperative we at least make it the WC game. 2. The relationship between Ausmus and Trout will be critical. 3. Other players and the union will put pressure on Trout to file for free agency. If healthy his deal would reestablish the top of the market. I expect the relationship between the union and MLB to deteriorate rapidly between now and December 2021, when the current CBA expires. 4. If I’m Trout I wait until after 2020 to sign. He will reestablish the top of the market. Pick who he wants based on who is best set-up to make multiple WS runs. 5. The new CBA may radically change how team’s can structure themselves for future WS runs. Will the current free agency service time rules continue? Will players automatically reach FA at age 28 or so? Ton of other unknown variables.
  9. Free agency isn’t broken. The CBA is. its absolutely ludicrous that teams are heavily incentived to have some of their best players in the minors due to service time manipulation. Change FA to be 8 years after being drafted out of high school. 6 after college.
  10. Shows how much money MLB teams are making. Mid to small market teams make bank kids
  11. YouthofToday

    Questions about the assumed 30-million budget

    I thoroughly enjoy how this community now refers to WAR as a given when talking about value. That is all.
  12. YouthofToday

    Angel freakanomics

    This. It was a negotiating ploy to lower his bonus dollars. Trout was #2 on the Yankees and Angels board that year. Many Rockie scouts were super high on him yet that faction lost out on draft day.
  13. YouthofToday

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    Will be interesting how catchers perform without Scioscia micromanaging them.
  14. YouthofToday

    Pujols Retirement and the MLBPA

    Pujols took BP in a cage yesterday at Angel Stadium. He’s not going to retire just yet kids.