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  1. WallyWorld

    Pujols has been terrible

    nathan bishop @NathanHBishop The Year is 2046: Immortan Mike Scioscia controls 80% of earth's water. Gazing over his empire, he writes Abert Pujols into the 3-hole... 3:40 PM - Aug 10, 2017
  2. WallyWorld

    Gameday: 4/21 Blue Jays@Angels

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but is it darker around home plate this year? I noticed all the way back in the exhibition games against the Dodgers. Seems like there's a panel of lights or something not on this season. Maybe it's just me.
  3. WallyWorld

    Gameday Thread: 4/13 Rangers @ Angels

    1 quality start so far and we're in game 10. Yikes.
  4. WallyWorld

    Gameday Thread: 4/11 Rangers @ Angels

    Guy is the biggest reason I stopped coming to the board as often.
  5. It's threads like this that remind me why I never step foot in the political forum here, and why I got the hell out of Orange County.
  6. WallyWorld

    Official MLB Playoff Thread

    bit of a missed opportunity there for the Nats. Runner on 3rd, 1 out, and they don't come through. Should probably be at least 2-0 right now.
  7. WallyWorld

    Official MLB Playoff Thread

    Nats look like the favorite on paper with Scherzer going at home vs. Rich Hill on short rest, but who knows. I have a funny feeling the Dodgers will pull this one off.
  8. WallyWorld

    Official MLB Playoff Thread

    It's an interesting debate. I see your point. But for me, there is no game 5 if you don't win game 4. When you're facing elimination, you have to do everything in your power to win the game in front of you, and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Kershaw is your horse, you knew you were going to have to ride him in the playoffs to have any success. I'll take my veteran ace over putting the entire season on the shoulders of a rookie teenage pitcher. Also, you never know what could happen in game 5. Maybe Scherzer implodes or gets hurt, your offense has a big day, and it doesn't even matter who you start. Like I said, I see both sides of the argument, but I side with the Dodgers on this one, I like the move to use Kershaw today.
  9. WallyWorld

    Official MLB Playoff Thread

    So far the best part of the day is Price getting shelled. You got exactly what you paid for, Boston, now suck on it.
  10. WallyWorld

    Trout hitting .325

    nice to see Trout reverse the trend of tailing off in the second half
  11. WallyWorld

    Trout not hurt in a car accident.

    Better info here: http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2016/09/01/report-mike-trout-uninjured-in-postgame-car-crash/ sounds like the the serious injury was in a separate accident, which Trout or one of the other cars he was involved with failed to stop in time for.
  12. WallyWorld

    Moving ON

    one of the stupider posts of the year, so congrats on that. your counter argument to the Angels being doomed is that they "require a LF" and need to make decisions on two mediocre talents. Oh, and that the LF should come from within or outside the organization. convincing stuff.
  13. I think that's about 90% of it right there. The org is trying to reduce a severely bloated payroll, and most likely isn't going to contend in the next year or two anyway. Why pay Mike Scioscia millions of dollars to NOT manage the team? Might as well wait it out another 2 years and hope Arte is smart enough to never give another manager that kind of contract again. I'll add that with the way things are going this year, the situation is ripe for players to revolt and for things to get truly ugly. That hasn't happened and we haven't heard or seen of anything, so I have to think the players are still OK with Mike. Again, no point in changing now.
  14. WallyWorld

    Are the Angels the most "hopeless" team?

    Chuck, I give you credit for the fact that you normally manage to stay fairly objective about the team. But this is a homer post if I've ever seen one. No telling whether they'd be in the "thick of things" in the AL West without so many injuries. You're assuming Richards/Heaney/Tropeano would all be their best selves, and none of those guys has a long enough history to say that would have been the case. Also, the bullpen has been shite, no matter who's been on the field. With the SP injuries and weak FA class I don't see a whole lot changing next year unless absolutely everything breaks right. 2018 looks like the most realistic earliest point they could be back in contention.
  15. WallyWorld

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Indians 8/12 4:10

    Cool franchise, bro