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  1. martinpa25

    Who wants to go on Sunday!

    Me, how much ?? $$$$
  2. martinpa25

    F*ck these Facking losers

    Pretty sure every human being with an actual brain, would rather be a 1-5 team with a Red Sox roster than a 1-5 Angels roster. There’s actually hope over there.
  3. God damn do they suck.
  4. God this is sad
  5. martinpa25

    Things we learned from opening day

    Bourjos still can’t hit for shit.
  6. martinpa25

    Tulowitski for 3B/1B??

    And rake
  7. martinpa25

    Bourjos Back!

    Great. More outfield “depth” that can’t hit for shit.
  8. martinpa25

    The PERFECT Trade

    Triscuitt Messmer, Ray Mitchell and Danny Hemmerling for Nolan Arenado
  9. Bryce Harper. Players of his caliber don’t become free agents all that often. Why I think this works? For starters, that makes Calhoun that 1Bman that can play when Pujols gets time off because we all know he’s going to play. Kole can also play all three outfield spots. Signing Harper makes some of the high end outfield prospects we have available to trade for high end pitching. From a business standpoint, it puts the Angels back on the map. Along with Trout, they make for a must see duo. (The past couple of years have not been good with the success of the team up north). A 3, 4 and 5 of Trout, Harper and Ohtani is probably the best combo out there.
  10. martinpa25

    Congrats, Dodgers

    Nah. I was raised to respect others, and do what is right. You should try doing the same, or just put a dodger hat on. You’ll fit right in.
  11. martinpa25

    Congrats, Dodgers

    Get your facts straight bud. People like you is why stuff like this happens.
  12. martinpa25

    Congrats, Dodgers

    So stop generalizing my people. Thanks.
  13. martinpa25

    Congrats, Dodgers

    You got a problem with us or what?
  14. martinpa25

    Congrats, Dodgers

    And that’s why it feels so good they lost again. F the dogs and their fanbase.