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  1. ineedanap

    Raul Ibanez heading to Angels

    Man, Trout should really hit lead off. Man, Trout should really hit leadoff. But, I like it-especially if the money men actually hit this year.
  2. ineedanap

    Dipoto to look to FA to fill DH and SP spots

    I agree. The BP is what made this team so great during the previous decade. We have Frieri, Smith, and De La Rosa for the 9th, 8th, 7th respectively. Burnett as a lefty specialist. Blanton has a spot and then we have Kohn and Jepsen who are out of options. So while there isn't a lot of room for guys we could use the upgrade.
  3. Sign him to an extension or two. Then trade him in his early to mid thirties.
  4. ineedanap


    Phillies are looking for a salary dump. He less effective, but still effective. They are willing to pay portions of his salary. Any interest as a 7th inning guy?
  5. ineedanap

    Adam Kennedy

    Attempting a comeback...
  6. ineedanap

    Kendrick/Aybar trade question

    For the right deal, I'd trade either. Something that has been missed by a lot of people about the team is how terrible the defense was last year. The problem is if we trade Aybar, we lose offense and depth by replacing him with Romine. It would be difficult to find a suitable replacement at SS on the market, or even with a trade (we need to stock the system, not deplete it). Howie would be easier to trade. But, again there is a drop off in production between Howie and Green-especially defensively. I would do it if we could get someone like Bulter in return. Then I think we take the remaining money to sign a pitcher, and give a bunch of low-risk pitchers invites to spring training for more depth.
  7. ineedanap

    Around the Majors, 4/24

    Same. I hate cheering for BOS. But, I will if a win for them helps us in the standings.
  8. ineedanap

    I never would have guessed...

    Not Bryce Harper? I like Trumbo more and more. There are times where it seems he loses confidence in himself, but I like the way he plays the game. I think he should spend some time with Griffen and work on his 1B defense.
  9. ineedanap

    Willits update

    I Knew It!
  10. Weaver, Wilson, Richards, Roth, Schugal
  11. ineedanap


    Wells could DH and bat 4th.
  12. ineedanap

    Ken Rosenthal is terrible!

    I'm just glad they broadcast Mr. Diamond singing"Sweet Caroline". I almost thought they wouldn't, but thankfully I was reminded every inning that it would be broadcast. I never thought I would want to hear Gubi's voice. It was funny that Victor Rojas had to text the announcers that this was this first time this season an Angel starter made it to the 7th inning. Great job Fox National!
  13. ineedanap

    Howie Kendrick : Most unclutch player ever?

    Yeah, its pretty maddening. Especially when you consider how good of a hitter he is. He can put the barrel of the bat on some tough pitches. Just can't not swing at that low and away breaking ball. I will say Hamilton is worse, though.