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  1. I'll take things nobody gives two shits about for $100 Alex
  2. red321

    Betts for Adell?

    If the Angels think Adell is an all-star/generational type of guy...they can't trade him. Not somebody they would have for 6 controllable years who could partner in the OF and sit in the middle of the lineup with Trout and Ohtani. That would be would also mean you have less money to fill in massive holes elsewhere. So you replace Adell, with a similar/older/more expensive player who becomes a huge payroll hit. Now...if the Angels think Adell is Brandon Wood...or even Howie Kendrick...then maybe you think about it.
  3. Dude has a serious hitch in his swing...wonder if that's going to be an issue as he moves up the ladder
  4. red321

    first time in vegas next week

    we've done the hilton timeshare "salespitch" a few times...nice big suite room for $149 bucks + a bunch of food comps along the strip for the a 4 day weekend and two hours of your time to tell them you aren't buying a timeshare because it's stupid
  5. When I first saw the headline my initial thought was...hokey...clicked on the promo video and got chills so, it's hokey...but apparently cool
  6. red321

    Another bad year on the farm

    oh noes....the minor league team doesn't win championships... wtf...the goal of the minor leagues is to produce talent for the major league team...period. AAA team is built to have guys who can fill in at the major league level and put the final polish on a younger prospect. AA team is to start to weed out the might be from the never will be and it goes on down the line.
  7. red321

    What are you listening to?

    and what I was originally looking for
  8. red321


    I would suggest if there are things you really want to do, make a reservation if possible (say for example, the Louvre).
  9. looks like McDonalds Japan didn't do a thorough quality check on their new sundae cups
  10. red321

    ROIDER alert

    Tim Beckham from Seattle...come on down so apparently this year's banner will be 18 years and counting...with an asterik
  11. I think viewing that picture puts you on an FBI watchlist