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  1. red321


    damn ten come you invite Kevinb to hang out with you in a 3rd world country drinking worm water and drunk posting and nobody else?
  2. red321

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Apparently you've hit the worm water portion of your posts for the day
  3. red321

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    sweet...Calhoun grounds out faster than 95% of the league!
  4. red321


    Drunk posting is the best
  5. red321

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    The snopes article did a good job of explaining it. “They compress the elements that make up the composition. This means that they make the foreground seem like it is closer to the background than it really is. The longer the lens, the more compressed the image is.” The gist of it is, when you use a zoom lens, visually it compresses distance between two objects...just like when you use a wide angle lense it distorts an image so things appear farther apart (hence the reason why selfies taken at a bad angle can make you look 30lbs heavier). This image appears to have been taken with a large zoom, at it would certainly give the impression those two buildings were closer than they were.
  6. red321

    Beach Pit BBQ

    things that suck... La Barbecue has put a hold on plans to open a Los Angeles location
  7. red321

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Interesting article written a few years ago about Notre Dame and how it was falling apart and badly in need of significant a perverse sense over the long term this fire maybe ends up "saving" Notre Dame
  8. red321

    Game of Thrones

    cheap bastard
  9. red321

    Game of Thrones

    not sure about hulu...but on Apple TV you can download the HBO Go or Now apps and then for a fee get access to HBO
  10. red321

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Devastating...this has always been on my list of must visits. So much history and cultural lost.
  11. red321

    Beach Pit BBQ

    Bbq is good. But pakes in comparison to what you can find in Austin. Beer on the other hand is excellent. Amalgamator is a very good ipa.
  12. I'm sure they have hipsters there too...good for him, he'll enjoy Ossington and the Historic District while on the DL
  13. Shoemakers gone? And actually pitching for another team? I’ll be damned...figured he was just on the disabled list again. Where’d he go?
  14. From what I gathered they blocked out more dates for Disneyland...but opened up more dates for California Adventure to "try" and make up for it. From my perspective, I have no desire to go on dates it's blacked out anyways...those days are usually when it's most crowded. When it comes to fall we'll visit StarWars Land a few times and then decide if we keep our passes. Good chance we would've let them expire if it wasn't for the fact we've been grandfathered in on the SoCal Passport and the upcoming StarWars land.