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  1. red321

    Camera Pros

    Almost idiot proof. read this Remove lens. Dont know if Sony has a cleaning mode. Don’t put the blower up against the sensor. Make sure it isn’t wet or dusty. Blow it a few times before using it on camera to get any dust out of it. Turn the camera upside down so anything that is blown off sensor falls out.
  2. red321

    Camera Pros

    @ten ocho recon scoutWhat brand? if its canon their factory service center does it I Irvine. Or you can take it to a place like Samy’s don’t know the cost You can get a rocket air blower. It’s hand held, remove the lens and put camera in cleaning mode if it has it which lifts the mirror. Use the air blower. Don’t use compressed air. The chemical can spray. There are kits to swab the sensor but I’ve never tried them.
  3. The city of Anaheim has certainly been standing up for itself more lately, including with the giant mouse down the street. Whether that lasts through the next election or not is yet to be seen. I don't think the land in Tustin is available anymore as they've been doing some massive development projects in that area lately. Anaheim is still the best location that is fairly central to all of Orange County, the eastern parts of LA county and the inland empire. Hard to find another area that doesn't lose you a big part of your current fan base and there isn't a lot of empty space in the county unless you start heading down south...which starts creating issues with people from LA and the IE getting to games. Still think Anaheim is the most logical unless he feels somewhere like the IE can make up for losing a good portion of Orange County. I can't imagine trying to make a game out there with that traffic.
  4. oddly enough I was checking on some information to date a picture I was getting printed and saw this today and thought to myself...oh, I didn't realize it was made official
  5. red321

    Pujols and the new manager

    What to do about Pujols, and how to handle it, is probably one of the biggest challenges the next manager will face. While it's easy on a message board to say...just bench him or get rid of him...reality is it's not as easy at that. How the new manager handles it, and how Pujols reacts to it, has the potential to cause significant clubhouse issues. Unfortunately I also thinks this comes to a head this year as Ohtani should be the primary DH, regardless of who is on the mound which means almost all of Pujols ABs will need to come from him playing 1b. If he's physically unable to play the field, but feels "healthy enough" to DH, or feels that he should be splitting time between 1b and DH to protect his legs...there's the potential for problems to occur. I think it's already been established that Pujols isn't guaranteed 3rd or 4th spot in the lineup, so that is less of an issue. Again...easy enough to message board or talk radio to just tell Pujols to shuddup...but this will be an early test for whomever takes over the reigns and will also go a long way towards telling us how Pujols is going to deal with his continuing decline.
  6. When did Tank take over this thread?
  7. and the the most amazing part....they aren’t from florida
  8. red321

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    they don't use the gassket on the east coast for the most part...certainly makes it easier than picking paper off a sweaty ass.
  9. red321

    Cross country train trip

    I forgot Geoff (the good one) goes up to Seattle all the time, I'll send him a note.
  10. Haven't tried their clothes...but for a lot of things like basic office supplies or cables I order the Amazon Essentials brand. So far I haven't been disappointed.
  11. red321

    Cross country train trip might have something there
  12. red321

    Cross country train trip

    my mother in law lives with I get that on a regular basis
  13. red321

    Cross country train trip

    that's what I'm going to be researching the next few days...initial guess is between 1 to 1.5k total for both of us...which seems a little high but would include food. When I get costs I'll post back here.
  14. red321

    Cross country train trip

    oh yeah, we won't be taking the train back...we figured 3 days would be enough
  15. red321

    Cross country train trip

    Thanks, some good info...I'll check out the website you mentioned cals. One of the reasons we are thinking about doing this is the ability to check out for a few days. Even on vacations we are usually pretty much on the move all the time, so the idea of being tied to someone else's schedule and just sitting back and relaxing with some books has some appeal. We are going to NYC anyways and usually spend a few days before we get there to visit some other locale. Probably setting ourselves up for disappointment, it's that vision going back to the 40's with the fancy dining car with the white linens. Being able to hop off the train for a few minutes at local train stations has it's appeal as project! Probably would help to think about the trip some while not sitting in a restored bar at LA union station ( the way, very cool place especially for those of you who live near a metro line that drop you off right in Union Station).