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  1. Long form read on MH370
  2. red321

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Screwed up the Angels plans of sending a secret note using invisible ink in the middle of the night and paying the telegraph operator to bury the note in the bottom of the transaction box.
  3. red321

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

  4. red321

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    The choice was Puello, or Goodwin...neither of them had options and room had to be made for Upton. Goodwin was always more likely to stay because he can play all three spots. Seeing as the starters go 4 innings a game, you can't afford to give up a reliever roster spot and you can't move Tovar or someone in the infield because you end up with Pujols playing SS (or 3rd...but SS sounds better). Hopefully he doesn't get picked up by another team and is willing to head back to Salt Lake.
  5. red321

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    I think we know what that means...raise it up boys!
  6. red321

    Zack Greinke?

    exactly...and this team has too many holes at this point for a win now type of move. If the Halos were at the end of a window with aging players, one last shot before a long rebuild...that's fine...this team isn't.
  7. red321

    Zack Greinke?

    Greinke would be a great addition to the staff, a staff that is Griffen Canning and a bunch of bottom of the rotation guys. The challenge is the cost, and not just in players, and not even necessarily this year, but the next two years. Realistically the Angels are playing for a second wild card this year and is Greinke really the piece that is going to make them a legit world series contender (he isn't...they need at least 1 and probably 2 more legit starters). So, the question then becomes, is the 30+ million/year you sink into Greinke in the next few years worth it or can you better spend that money on other starters who have the potential to be just as productive, and cheaper/better investments.
  8. red321

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    Who’s surprised the Mariners suck? It’s awesome. They only thing I’m bummed about is Dipoto wasn’t able to con ownership into another extension like they did after their last hot start.
  9. red321

    Zack Greinke?

    Would love to see Greinke relief for one of Bedrosian’s starts.
  10. that's an interesting question. Do you still watch the games on fox/prime through a subscription, or through a service like, which I"m assuming is getting the feed from fox
  11. red321

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Was it the taste or the texture? We made some of the Beyond Meat hamburgers at home...they were pretty good, but the texture was a little different. Seems like you have to be careful you don't overcook it so it doesn't dry out. Never going to replace a good steak or prime rib...but the cheap crap you get a fast food restaurants I could easily see that being replaced over time
  12. red321


    Think a lot of it has to do with prescription opiates/painkillers as well, kids get hooked on the painkillers and when that supply runs out or becomes too expensive you got to feed the addiction elsewhere.