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  1. red321

    Garage Sales

    don't you tip the guy who picks up all your shit you leave on the docks?
  2. red321

    Garage Sales

    I agree on the quarter thing...few years ago dude bought something for a quarter after haggling down from a dollar, and then tried to give me a $20 bill and asked for change. Told him I couldn't break it, so he asked if I'd just give it to him. At this point I was annoyed so I said no. Dude walked to his car, grabbed a quarter, and then threw it across the street into our yard. I was more pissed because he left without the item and it was just one more thing I had to take to goodwill.
  3. red321


  4. red321

    Nest vs. Ecobee

    We are already pretty tied into Alexa so I don't see us moving from it anytime soon. Need to spend some additional time figuring out how to get more of it. Moving in to a new place so going to computer overlord the place up.
  5. red321

    Nest vs. Ecobee

    Cool...good info both of you. Now...Ring vs. Hello?
  6. red321


    Trump has a scheduled rally tonight in Minnesota...can't imagine how unhinged this one is going to be.
  7. Philadelphia or Dodgers. Astros wouldn't need him over the core group they have. Would love to see Philadelphia break the bank for him.
  8. red321


    it wouldn't surprise me that you would find humor in mocking a disabled 10 year old
  9. red321


    I'd agree, though in part that is why I said it would be interested to see the quotes in context not pulled from a right wing blog. At least on Twitter seems like that is what he attempted to do in a few hundred characters.
  10. red321

    Garage Sales

    Creepy and depressing...your entire life comes down to junk on a table you are trying to sell for a quarter so you don't have to pay someone to haul it away We just emptied my mother in laws house...mother in law was worried about people stealing stuff and I finally said...they'd be doing us a favor, at least then we aren't paying someone to get rid of it
  11. red321


    Schumer is correct in stating that the administration can adjust their policy and end the practice of separating families and sending kids to "summer camps" and toddlers to tinder care facilities and that certainly can occur quicker than getting Congress to agree on a subject they've been punting on for decades. In regards to legislation on the face of it Schumer's comments aren't helpful, though context would be interesting to see. If the legislation being discussed was to clarify the law that's one thing, but from what I'm seeing the GOP immigration bills being put forward are significant changes to our immigration laws, including drastic reductions in legal immigration, billions for the border wall Mexico was going to pay for, and allowing for no restrictions on how long kids can be essence a Stephen Miller wet dream.
  12. red321

    Garage Sales

    I hate when my wife comes home with stuff from an estate sale...ugh...dead people cooties. Hey honey, look at this swell blanket that some old person died under...