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  1. Most of that is beyond me...but this article seems to talk a little more about it.
  2. Wouldn’t it be similar to wild yeast like a brettanomyces?
  3. I horded my blind pig more so than pliney when we made runs up there. It is a fantastic beer.
  4. red321

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I don't think they have vegan gluten free soy based tacos on the menu, but I'll check next time I'm in there
  5. Burlington Bees lose on a 3 run walk-off....strikeout
  6. red321

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Today is my first day in the office we made for me in the garage, it's downwind from an El Pollo Loco. I'm kind of hungry.
  7. red321

    Trout to DL

    damn...Mike Trout sucks at sliding. Too bad there aren't unlimited pinch runners like in beer league softball
  8. still wearing those underoos I take it
  9. Wife: I just got an amber alert, did you? Me: No Wife: I wonder why not Me: Because I turned them off Wife: Why would you do that? Me: Because I don't care about some family squabble at 11 at night
  10. red321

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    at a minimum they should be setting that dudes cabin on fire
  11. red321

    Gameday 8/8 Tigers @ Angels

    38,000+ attendance announced? laugh...lots of people went dressed up as seats apparently
  12. If you want to make all your co-workers love you, make plenty to ensure lots of leftovers that you can take to work and then microwave it in the break room for lunch for the next day or two.
  13. not something the Angels are going to have to worry about this year