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  1. I'd say wtf is wrong with these people...but unfortunately I'm well aware of what tequila and stupidity can do
  2. Reports are there is video...I think we can all agree...hope that video does not leak
  3. red321

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    That might be the most coherent and thought out thing calscuf has ever posted...which leads me to believe someone has hacked his account
  4. For those of you that can read...or still live with their parents...Amazon has the kindle edition of Shoeless Joe (the book that was the basis for Field of Dreams) on sale for $1.99 today (Thursday 2/21)
  5. red321

    Machado to Padres....

    Something else to hear lots of backbiting about one of the two big free agents that were available...and it wasn't coming from the Orioles/Dodgers. Think this was a good move for both sides. Padres have a bright future and a centerpiece to build around and Machado is going to be the face of a franchise located in one of the best cities in the US.
  6. red321

    Machado to Padres....

    I would think the bigger issue is that the WhiteSox still play in the south side of Chicago
  7. red321

    Favorite Concert

    Off the top of my head I would have to say the Dave Alvin acoustic show I saw at the Claremont Folk Center was if not the least top 5. Small show for about 60 people all sitting in folding chairs just feet away from Dave and Rick Shea as they played non stop for close to 2 hours.
  8. red321

    The Angels installed rapsodo devices!

    better than a lasagna joke
  9. red321

    Question re: cord cutting

    no shit...even driving on the 91 would be quicker than the 6 months it took!
  10. red321

    Question re: cord cutting

    holy crap on a cracker...150 upload? That would have made my initial cloud backup so much easier
  11. Dude. Didn’t you already signed Ty Kelly!
  12. red321

    Angels Sign Ty Kelly

    Spent some time with his twitter feed yesterday...dude is pretty funny and did some writing for a mets fanblog... @Chuckster70 should be reaching out to him to say hi and see if he has some interesting in doing a regular column
  13. now that's not fair...sometimes they take a ball or two
  14. -require a relief pitcher to face at least three batters Interesting...nothing kills momentum of a game like watching an endless parade of mound visits and warm up tosses -reduce a team's drafting position if they don't achieve an average number of wins over a specific number of seasons Not sure I'm in favor of this...but if we start to reach the point where half the teams are tanking/rebuilding might be something to keep an eye on. In general I think there are bigger issues related to competitive balance than this. -institute the DH in the NL why hasn't this been done already -reducing the overall number of mound visits from the dugout in the course of a game The 6 visits this year seemed to help...not sure many teams bumped up against that cap anyways -increasing rosters to 26 and reducing the September roster size to 28 Sure...why becomes less of an issue if you remove the DH in the NL and require relief pitchers to go 3 batters so this is more about offering the union some benefits