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  1. How can Ohtani play the field if we won't be able to throw?
  2. Anyone notice the similarities with Taylor Ward and Jeff Mathis, skills aside! Swings look identical, body type, face. The big difference is Taylor knows how to hit! Anyone able to do side by side images of swings?
  3. halonatic13

    Pesky Bird

    PETA's on line 1
  4. I think he's going to pull a Trout on us and be a superstar.
  5. Right? It's awfully quite in here. When should we see the analytics spike? 12pm? 1pm?
  6. Bye Felicia! Ding dong the witch is dead.
  7. halonatic13

    Martin Maldonado traded to the Astros

    He definitely hides his balls well.
  8. halonatic13

    On the bright side...

    Thanks for compliment "Youngsters". But I'm 40 years young. I must have blocked those years out. Been a fan since 86.
  9. halonatic13

    On the bright side...

    On the bright side, all this losing with definitely give Eppler a reason to let Sosh walk. There is just no way you resign a manager with 500 record over an 18 year span and 1 championship. Lots will be changing for 2019. Everyone just stop complaining about this years team and have some patience. It can't get any worse...can it?
  10. F)#$(#%) Kinsler! All his fault.
  11. halonatic13

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (4/24/2018)

    Cam...the last pitcher you want to see in the 9th.
  12. Ha! Beat me by a minute.
  13. Donkey Show participant?
  14. halonatic13

    Come on down Moustakas!

    Simmons taken out of game. If serious, move Cozart to short and sign Moose!
  15. Just imagine if we got the Pujols of St. Louis this year, what a difference our team would be. I can only hope. #comebackplayeroftheyear