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  1. halonatic13

    2019: How it all went right

    In a perfect world. Good Lord!
  2. halonatic13

    Tag Line

    "Making Halos Great Again!
  3. halonatic13

    Scooter Gennett?

    He's available! What would it take and would you trade for him?
  4. halonatic13

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    On we don't need to hear anymore thanks to our previous manager...OGAAT!
  5. Not everyone wants to play near home.
  6. halonatic13

    Tomorrow is the non-tender deadline

    You think Jonathan Schoop is a good choice for 2nd if he's non tendered? https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-hot-stove-brewers-reportedly-likely-to-non-tender-jonathan-schoop/
  7. halonatic13

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    Yea, if it's a disc issue...PASS! Trust me, you do not want someone like me out there with herniated discs!!! I'll be sitting more than Pujols!
  8. halonatic13

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    That was with the old manager era! This is a new beginning! No more TJ or stupid injuries!!!
  9. halonatic13

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

  10. halonatic13

    Corey Kluber?

  11. halonatic13

    Simmons Wins Gold Glove

    Trout robbed...again!
  12. halonatic13

    FA Flashback

    My problem with this type of post is that each player would have very different stats/bWAR if they were on a different team. You can't guarantee that J.D Martinez would have been the same with a different team or that Darvish would have been hurt if he pitched for a different team.
  13. halonatic13

    "Let the kids play"

    It looks like Pujols was taking the arrow out that was stabbed in his back. Leave it to him to make everything look awkward.