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  1. full circle

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    Horrible news. May he Rest In Peace and may you find peace.
  2. Well good. Proof positive that ignorance doesn’t discriminate by political party. Both sides!!!
  3. We get it Phil, you hate white people and think it makes you cool and edgy to do so, like the other libs.
  4. Why is it in areas where a wall was built, like in San Diego, illegal border crossings went down dramatically? Do you think the cost of yearly maintenance on a fence would be more or less than the yearly cost taxpayers spend on illegals? What environmental damage will be done by a fence that mostly runs thru desert landscape, and does existing fencing hurt the environment?
  5. Not even close to true. This is fun.
  6. This entire thing is comically ignorant.
  7. So you like to comment on things of which you have no Facking clue what you’re talking about. Don’t worry, you have lots of company.
  8. People thought that during 2016 as well. I think they’ll be just as accurate in 2020 as they were then.
  9. No you couldn’t. All top Democrats are on record saying the need for a wall. Suddenly, not anymore. What changed?
  10. Indeed. I thought progs thought it discriminatory and hateful to use gayness as an insulting tactic... You’re starting to not be able to keep your victim groups straight.
  11. Guess we know what Under the Halo fantasizes about.