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  1. Jeff Williams

    The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Among the Angels 2018 Leadoff Options to Consider: (Revere is likely out of the fold but, they missed him without leading off down the stretch after Upton arrived). Sign Revere, make him a Chone Figgins for OF, MI or CI utility, and put him at leadoff. (I bet Scioscia might be asking that himself). "Altuve is out there if the Astros don't pick up his 6mil option but that's a [big] fat chance!" someone mentioned.
  2. He'll probably hang it up this offseason. Did picking up Upton indicate for that? Might end up signing a lucrative deal for a STL final tour next season.
  3. Jeff Williams

    Hansen will not return

    Carew protege, GA
  4. Jeff Williams

    WC Playoff Sux!

    ...end the season on Saturday, play the best out of 3 at the WC1 venue Mon.-Wed., and be done with it by NFL Thurs. Yet, those numbnuts haven't figured it out. +, it puts the wild card team under the fatigue factor which it should be going into the division series .
  5. Jeff Williams

    The Halos WC Drive

    Meyer lost, Richards encouraging, Heaney out for one start. Skaggs, Nolasco, Bridwell, Richards, ? Solid mid-close bullpen in tact, team rested, 19 games left. Sux that the old folks that made the schedule had the Twins playing the Pads (who beat the Dodgers 2 of 3 and the Dodgers losing 11 in a row since) but, The Mad Dog likes the Angels for that 2nd WC. Why, because of their game battle-tested drive.
  6. Jeff Williams

    Gameday: 9/12 Astros @ Angels

    Richards encouraging toward their drive to the post season, still a lot of games left!
  7. Jeff Williams

    Gameday: 9/12 Astros @ Angels

    Damn it momentum off the base!
  8. Jeff Williams

    Gameday: 9/12 Astros @ Angels

    Giles without a save situation over the last several games I like the Angels here
  9. Jeff Williams

    They're Tired!

    They battled in Texas, Oak, had the day off, and have hit a lull in Sea. for the RT tail end. Heaney coming out early dampened last night's game particularly. Hopefully, they win today making it a .500 road trip. Bridwell needs to fare better
  10. Jeff Williams

    They're Tired!

    Do the best to win tomorrow, come home, enjoy the day off, regroup, fired it up on Tuesday.
  11. Jeff Williams

    Gameday thread: Angels vs. Rangers 9/1/2017

    Sosh, Nagy: Go out there and tell Swaggy to SWAGGAR UP by the support behind him!!!
  12. I guess Sosh is Rasputin to them or something. Do Exec's know any better than our propagandist national news these days?!
  13. Jeff Williams

    Sick Rotation Vs Sick Lineup: A September to Remember?

    I pasted Roto-World, now it deleted it with Fletcher as their source. Which is it, Jeff, Meyer is possible to return or are we looking at 2018 at this point? Geez, I feel stoned!
  14. Jeff Williams

    Sick Rotation Vs Sick Lineup: A September to Remember?

    ...Yes, the Angels are among the lowest ranked OPS teams as the pundits, including Down-Under, have said. But, part of that is while Trout was out (as they nicely held fort during) and what has it been since Trout returned, with Cron and Calhoun rebounding, to Simmons before Upton has arrived? Can anyone tell me that??
  15. Jeff Williams

    Sick Rotation Vs Sick Lineup: A September to Remember?

    All hinged upon hope that he simply regains for into the post season. I just love the different-look mix they're throwing at their opponents each game, it's beautiful!!