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  1. Jackson age 19 at Orem with 270 plate appearances Avg .277 OBP .348 SLG .643 HR 23 K% 31.9 BB% 8.9 Middle infielder age 19 at Single-A Midwest League with 235 plate appearances Avg .333 OBP .383 SLG .596 HR 12 K% 20.4 BB% 3.8 Similarities: Both have a lot of power. Both strike out a lot. Differences: Jackson makes less contact, but walks more. While Jackson is young for the league he is in, this player is even younger. The player is... Javier Baez. Baez has obviously turned into a superstar over the last couple of years. Since he became a regular he has averaged .280/.318/.500 Win the lottery for Jackson .250/.340/.550? With a more likely scenario of .240/.310/.450
  2. Marsh likely won't have the power Bellinger had, but he could still be a .270-.280 Avg .340-.350 OBP with 10-20 HR in his first two years. Which is not far off from Bellinger's second year or Freeman's first two years in the Majors. Upton playing a passable 1B would be best it's just not likely. Marsh being above average defensively at 1B while starting 1-3 games in the OF a week seems a lot more likely.
  3. The Dodgers have had Bellinger (19 DRS in RF this year) play quite a bit of first base in his first two seasons in the Majors. If Marsh has to play 2/3 of his games at 1B and 1/3 of his games in the outfield for a year or two it's not the end of the world. Upton has 3 years left on his contract. Marsh likely spends a good portion of next year, if not all of it, in Triple-A. In 2021/2022 he spends the majority of the time at 1B and giving the guys in the OF a day off. Injuries are also inevitable so there will be time in the outfield when guys go on the IL. In 2023 he can move permanently to the OF. If/when Adams breaks out you can explore just keeping Marsh at 1B or moving Adams in a trade.
  4. Jackson has a .301 average from July 1st on. His first 14 games he hit .214/.333/.536 with 4 HR while striking out 35% of the time His last 37 games he's hit .301/.356/.699 with 16 HR while striking out 30% of the time. His average is better and he's striking out less so thats encouraging, but he's also walking less. 16% in his first 14 games versus 7% his last 37.
  5. Jones in his last 60 games Avg .270 OBP .339 SLG .365 While it’s nothing special, if he had this line as a 21 year old in Double-A there would be a lot less concern. The sample size of his good numbers is now bigger than his bad numbers. His first 51 games Avg .175 OBP .242 SLG .227 His last 30 games have also been even better. Hopefully he can finish the year strong Avg .309 OBP .383 SLG .374
  6. Chris Rodriguez played catch today, positive to see, but we probably don’t seem him again this year. Any chance he goes to the AFL if he’s healthy or is he too young?
  7. Is that the first time he's pulled a HR this year? That swing reminds me of Hunter
  8. Anyone know how Jesus Castillo's stuff is playing out of the pen? So far in 7 outings IP 6.2 H 6 ER 1 K 5 BB 1
  9. Orlando Martinez went 2-3 today with 2 walks. His 20th and 21st walks of the season. He had 21 all of last year in 266 AB, he has had 152 AB this year. His overall line Avg .309 OBP .394 SLG .480 HR 4 2B 10 BB/K 21/37 Could we see an OF of Martinez/Adell/Marsh in Mobile pretty soon? He had a slow start in April (10 games). Then missed about a month and a half of the season. Since returning his numbers are crazy Avg .343 OBP .437 SLG .565 in 25 games
  10. vladdy#27

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Looks like he’s putting the cap back on the fire ball bottle.
  11. Looked up his last game before these two to see how many straight innings he's gone without a giving up a hit. It was only the last 2 batters he faced and he struck out both. So across his last three games 12 straight innings without allowing a hit IP 12 H 0 ER 0 K 14 BB 5 Walks have improved over last year, but still walking too many 5.1 BB/9 (6.1 BB/9 in 2018). Strikeouts are way up 12.6 K/9 (8.8 K/9 in 2018). He's only 20
  12. Not saying I agree with the logic, but if they plan on using an opener when he starts it's not the worst idea to simulate that in his starts now. I would imagine it's a little bit different coming out of the pen versus a starters normal routine as they have to sit through the first inning.
  13. My guess would be to get him used to it because that's what they plan on doing when he's called up.
  14. It looked like Simmons immediately grabbed at his hand as well. Could have just been a reaction to the pain of his ankle or he could have hurt it while trying to brace his fall.