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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but assuming he has a good season we would have him under contract for the 2020 season as a 3rd year Arb If we can get some combination of 2015-2017 that would be great. .272/.354/.498 HR 21 OPS+ 129 The last time the Angels got this type of offensive production from first base was in Albert's first year here.
  2. vladdy#27

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Seems like he would be a good fit for the bench. He has some pop, can play 1B/3B, and be the 8th man in the pen. And if things worked out he’d be under club control for 3 years following 2019
  3. vladdy#27

    Which homer was more important?

    Scott Spiezio in Game 6 vs. SF 2002
  4. vladdy#27

    BREAKING: Angels acquire....

    Hoyer also said I think he meant that when he returned it wouldn't be to the major league team. He will return to the minors first
  5. vladdy#27

    Anyone watching the MLB NPB Series?

    I just switched from SlingTV to YoutubeTV because they have MLBNet. You can watch on TV, smart phone, computer, etc. Only $40 a month. You get about 50+ other channels as well.
  6. That's exactly what I saw as well
  7. vladdy#27

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I like McCutchen, he would benefit in having Trout hitting behind him, and Trout would have somebody that can get on base in front of him. Obviously it would require trading Calhoun. A 2 year deal would be ideal because that will be around the time Adell will be ready for regular playing time, but he can likely get a 3-4 year deal for 15M/yr. With Upton and Ohtani also in the mix I don't think that would work, unless someone learns to play first base
  8. vladdy#27

    MLBTR Offseason Outlook

    I agree with this as well. I don't have much faith in Cozart. 2017 was clearly an outlier for him. His numbers in an injury shortened 2018 were pretty close to his career numbers (taking away his 2017 season) from 2011-2016. In 2018 he had a .296 OBP (.289), .362 SLG (.385), 82 OPS+ (82). Obviously his value is going to come from his glove, but you can only have so many players like that on one team. Fletcher is another great defender, but not someone we can rely on offensively. Outside of playing in Utah he has only posted an OPS over .700 twice in the minor leagues, 135 PA back in 2015 in Single-A (.717 OPS) and in 83 PA back in 2016 in Double-A (.700 OPS). Once again there's value in the glove, but expecting an OPS close to .700 is asking a lot and not likely to happen. Pujols is not good and has done nothing but hurt this team for the last 2-3 years. Expecting anything else is just foolish. As long as he has a starting spot it's hard to believe the Angels are serious about winning. This is probably the easiest and cheapest upgrade we could make that would have a big impact. I feel the most optimistic about Calhoun. He was terrible to start the year. He was grounding out a lot more than he normally does and he stopped hitting as many line drives and pop flies. He corrected whatever issue he had and finished his last 350 PA better than his career averages. On a good team with playoff aspirations Calhoun shouldn't be your 4th or 5th best hitter. He should be more in the range of 6th or 7th, pair that with his good defense and he is a great player to have. Catcher is a position that is no doubt going to be addressed. There's no way we head into 2019 with a Briceno/Arcia duo. We need to sign/trade for a stop gap for 2019 that can play 2B or 3B and one of Cozart/Fletcher will be the utility infielder. Sign/trade for someone that takes AB away from Pujols Sign/trade for a starting catcher 1. SS Simmons 2. CF Trout 3. DH Ohtani 4. LF Upton 5. 1B FA/Trade 6. 2B/3B FA/Trade 7. RF Calhoun 8. C FA/Trade 9. Cozart/Fletcher Sign/Trade for a starting pitcher And I'd probably leave the bullpen alone for now. Eppler seems to do a good job of finding pieces. If we're in the race come trade deadline you can think about making a move to upgrade here. I don't think we're at a point where spending resources on a bullpen is a priority.
  9. vladdy#27

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    In 2014
  10. vladdy#27

    Does a Kipnis/Calhoun Swap Make Sense?

    Last season Kipnis .230/.315/.389 HR 18 WAR 1.6 OPS+ 89 Calhoun .208/.283/.369 HR 19 WAR 0.7 OPS+ 80 Last 2 seasons Kipnis .231/.306/.398 HR 30 WAR 2.0 OPS+ 86 Calhoun .227/.310/.381 HR 38 WAR 2.8 OPS+ 89 Kipnis was a little better in 2018, but he was injured and Calhoun performed better in 2017. Kipnis is also 5.5M more expensive than Calhoun (if both options are not exercised) so if they are giving up more value, they are basically getting back financial compensation as well
  11. I was reading this and it got me thinking of a Calhoun for Kipnis swap Calhoun gives them a better defensive outfielder and similar offensive production, Calhoun is also a little bit cheaper. Kipnis gives us versatility as he can play 2B, or make a start here or there in the OF. Have Kipnis start the season as the starting 2B. One of Cozart/Fletcher as the starting 3B and the other as the utility infielder. Then sign Jay or someone similar that we could put in the leadoff spot. Contracts are nearly identical. Kipnis 1 year/14.6M (16.5M Team Option 2.5M Buyout). Calhoun 1 year/10.5M (14M Team Option 1M Buyout)
  12. vladdy#27

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Another former Dodgers catcher
  13. vladdy#27

    How many more years will Trout play CF?

    Until we have someone that can field the position better? They didn't have a problem moving him to LF for Bourjos, if we have a better CF then they will slide him to one of the corners. Hunter stayed in CF until halfway through his age 34 season, so I would guess Trout stays there until 32ish years old. If a 37 year old Manny Ramirez can start 100+ games in LF I don't think we will ever see Trout at 1B
  14. vladdy#27

    OC Register: Angels Offseason Options: Sonny Gray

    Would what Chatwood got last offseason (3 years/38M) be a good estimate for Eovaldi? Similarish career numbers Eovaldi IP 850 H/9 9.4 K/9 6.8 BB/9 2.7 WHIP 1.35 ERA 4.16 FIP 3.82 ERA+ 96 Chatwood IP 647 H/9 9.2 K/9 6.1 BB/9 4.2 WHIP 1.49 ERA 4.31 FIP 4.58 ERA+ 106 Chatwood was a year younger and had 2 seasons post TJ's, while Eovaldi is 1 season removed from TJ's but having a better walk year Gray will cost 9M and prospect(s)