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  1. vladdy#27

    Ohtani will win AL Rookie of the Year

    Maybe the difference between inconsistent and consistent AB's?
  2. vladdy#27

    Martin Maldonado traded to the Astros

    Hopefully our return is as good as the last time we traded a backup catcher to the Astros Conger for Tropeano and Carlos Perez
  3. Sure, that’s an equal trade if you think Mejia is equal to Adell. I honestly don’t know much about Mejia, other than his numbers and where he is ranked on top 100 prospect lists. But he looks like a guy that doesn’t have much patience or plus power. Also looks like a guy that might be moving from a premium position, where lower offensive numbers are more acceptable, to a non premium position where he’s going to need to hit very well and play at least average defense to be valuable. Adell does have the same concerns when it comes to patience, but doesn’t have the same questions when it comes to his power and ability to stay at a premium position. He’s also 3 years younger, and not far behind development wise. And I’m not saying the Indians didn’t give up a lot, but comparing it to what the Cubs gave up 2 years ago it doesn’t really compare. They gave up more for a rental, while the Indians gave up less for a guy under control, AND they also got another guy with a lot of control.
  4. Am I the only that thinks the Padres return is kind of light? Look at what the Yankees got for a few months of Chapman
  5. Marsh has raised his average from .234 to .259 in exactly 2 games 3-5 with 2 2B tonight
  6. vladdy#27

    Would you make a move for deGrom?

    How about Chris Archer? Wouldn't cost as much in prospects, a year younger than deGrom, has 1 year (plus 2 team options) left after this season, and only due 27.6M over those 3 years of control. He would benefit playing behind our defense and getting out of the AL East
  7. His first 23 games .340 Avg .382 OBP .621 SLG 6 HR 9 2B His next 17 games .200 Avg .241 OBP .373 SLG 1 HR 6 2B
  8. He was HBP in the top of the first innings, and then someone took over defensively in the bottom inning.
  9. vladdy#27

    Tomorrow's Starting Pitcher?

    I remember the same thing happening to Richards in Double-A
  10. Things were different back then. If Trout were currently in his age 18 season in the minor leagues with how quickly players are moving Trout would probably already be in AA, with a chance of getting called up to AAA. Not saying Adell will be in AA anytime soon, just that it wouldn't be too surprising if he continues to play good.
  11. How good is Luis Rengifo? After a 4-5 night his line Avg .323 HR 2 2B 11 3B 3 OBP .426 SLG .466 SB-CS 22-8 BB-K 27-22 His numbers are way up versus anything he has done in the minors before, outside of one season in the DSL. His walk rate has doubled from last year, while his K rate has dropped. Is he a more well rounded Leo Rivas? Not as good patience, but with more power/contact and less strikeouts. Where would he rank in an updated top 30 prospect list? None the less so far seems like a pretty good return for Cron, possibly a guy who could turn into a major league option as early as next season.
  12. Adell's last 9 games AB 34 Avg .382 HR 5 2B 4 OBP .432 SLG .864 BB-K 4-6 For comparison it took Trout 200 AB in Single-A before hitting his 6th home run, and he wouldn't hit a 7th over his final 112 AB's. Adell hit his 6th in less than half of the AB, 95. Adell is in his age 19 season, while Trout was in his age 18 season. Only 4 months separates them though. Trout was obviously more advanced in basically every other category, but power wise Adell is a step ahead of him. AB 312 Avg .362 HR 6 2B 19 3B 7 OBP .454 SLG .526 BB-K 46-52 (Trout) AB 95 Avg .326 HR 6 2B 7 3B 1 OBP .398 SLG .611 BB-K 11-26 (Adell)
  13. If you take out his first 9 games 24 G 94 AB .340 Avg .418 OBP .500 SLG 6 2B 3 3B 1 HR 7-1 SB-CS 14-26 BB-K
  14. He was pretty good at the big league level at 25 in 2016. 3.18 ERA 2.91 FIP 9.9 K/9 2.3 BB/9 in 51 innings for the Braves