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  1. vladdy#27

    Tomorrow's Starting Pitcher?

    I remember the same thing happening to Richards in Double-A
  2. Things were different back then. If Trout were currently in his age 18 season in the minor leagues with how quickly players are moving Trout would probably already be in AA, with a chance of getting called up to AAA. Not saying Adell will be in AA anytime soon, just that it wouldn't be too surprising if he continues to play good.
  3. How good is Luis Rengifo? After a 4-5 night his line Avg .323 HR 2 2B 11 3B 3 OBP .426 SLG .466 SB-CS 22-8 BB-K 27-22 His numbers are way up versus anything he has done in the minors before, outside of one season in the DSL. His walk rate has doubled from last year, while his K rate has dropped. Is he a more well rounded Leo Rivas? Not as good patience, but with more power/contact and less strikeouts. Where would he rank in an updated top 30 prospect list? None the less so far seems like a pretty good return for Cron, possibly a guy who could turn into a major league option as early as next season.
  4. Adell's last 9 games AB 34 Avg .382 HR 5 2B 4 OBP .432 SLG .864 BB-K 4-6 For comparison it took Trout 200 AB in Single-A before hitting his 6th home run, and he wouldn't hit a 7th over his final 112 AB's. Adell hit his 6th in less than half of the AB, 95. Adell is in his age 19 season, while Trout was in his age 18 season. Only 4 months separates them though. Trout was obviously more advanced in basically every other category, but power wise Adell is a step ahead of him. AB 312 Avg .362 HR 6 2B 19 3B 7 OBP .454 SLG .526 BB-K 46-52 (Trout) AB 95 Avg .326 HR 6 2B 7 3B 1 OBP .398 SLG .611 BB-K 11-26 (Adell)
  5. If you take out his first 9 games 24 G 94 AB .340 Avg .418 OBP .500 SLG 6 2B 3 3B 1 HR 7-1 SB-CS 14-26 BB-K
  6. He was pretty good at the big league level at 25 in 2016. 3.18 ERA 2.91 FIP 9.9 K/9 2.3 BB/9 in 51 innings for the Braves
  7. Between 2017 and 2018 at IE AB 399 Avg .313 HR 19 2B 35 OBP .387 SLG .554 OPS .941 He's not going to take playing time away from Thaiss at 1B, but like you said he can play a little OF (38 Games in RF). Maybe they should call him up and throw him in one of the corner OF spots.
  8. Gatto also had another nice start as well 5 IP, 2 H, 8 K, 3 BB He's had 4 outings where he has given up 0 earned runs, on 9 hits, in 21 IP, with 29 strike outs and 9 walks He's had 2 outings where he has given up 14 earned runs, on 19 hits, in 7 IP, with 7 strike outs, and 5 walks
  9. May 4th, single in the 6th inning versus Leake
  10. Interesting they have Livan Soto playing defense only
  11. May 4th, 6th inning single vs Leake
  12. I wonder how that works for a pitchers ERA. I'm guessing it works the same as an inherited runner, and doesn't count towards anyone's ERA
  13. Does anyone know anything about left handed reliever Adrian Almeida? 19 K in 12 IP. Has only allowed 1 ER on 6 H and 4 BB. Seems to have struggled with his command in the past, but so far so good for the 66ers.
  14. I don’t think I’ve seen anything on it, does anyone know why Jones is on the 7 day DL? Ward hit his second HR of the season and drew his 10th walk. His slash line .404/.508/.596 (1.104 OPS) 4 errors in 22 chances so he obviously still has somethings to work on at the hot corner. Hopefully the hitting continues and the defense improves.
  15. The move doesn’t make much sense, but could it possibly be the Angels looking into the future? Going forward if they plan on only having a 3 man bench (and Ohtani). Ward having the ability to give our 3B/1B the day off could be pretty valuable, especially if Maldonado is starting 120+ games a year. With so much of his value tied to his catching it just doesn’t make any sense this late into his career.