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  1. His line today IP 4 H 5 R 5 (4 earned) K 6 BB 1
  2. It looked like Simmons immediately grabbed at his hand as well. Could have just been a reaction to the pain of his ankle or he could have hurt it while trying to brace his fall.
  3. Smith seems like a lock if he keeps up his production. The Angels would have his rights as a first year arbitration player. It likely just depends if they like Briceno at the minimum or Smith for around double that for the backup spot.
  4. Ward and Rengifo would still likely get the first shot since they're on the 40-man
  5. vladdy#27

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    I told my wife the same thing. We have a 4 month old and I was like he will be 12 when Trout is finishing his contract
  6. Pretty sure the 12 years includes the remaining 2. So 10 years 362M in addition to the 2 years 68M
  7. vladdy#27

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    If pitchers are required to pitch to three batters and you are only allowed to make 5 mound visits does it really matter how many pitchers you carry on your roster? Those rules are already preventing pitching changes from happening. It seems redundant and unnecessary to force how teams assemble their rosters.
  8. vladdy#27

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    Something I've always thought of for this is depending on how much the player signs for determines what draft picks are lost by the signing team. Player signs for 75M+ signing team loses a 2nd round pick, Player signs for 125M+ signing team loses 1st round pick, Player signs for 200M+ signing team loses 1st and 3rd. Or something along those lines. You will probably see players signing for 74,999,999, 124,999,999, etc but in the case for someone like Keuchel/Kimbrel they could still sign a 1 year deal and not cost the signing team a draft pick. And if it were changed to this method teams would still lose draft picks for signing players that were traded during the season. Machado for example, the Padres would still lose a pick or picks but the Dodgers wouldn't receive compensation. While the Nationals and Diamondbacks would be compensated for losing Harper/Corbin Another rule that could be implemented is similar to the NBA's amnesty clause. If a player is released a team can amnesty that players contract from costing against the luxury tax. So hypothetically if the Angels released Pujols tomorrow his 3 remaining years would not count against the luxury tax threshold, but they could not amnesty another contract until the end of Albert's contract.
  9. vladdy#27

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26259301/sources-mlb-deal-includes-1m-hr-derby-bonus Wonder if this will affect Cowart/Walsh
  10. vladdy#27

    Random baseball thoughts

    2008-2009 kind of felt this way. We lost Guerrero, Lackey, Figgins, K-Rod, and Teixeira. Obviously a little different and over a longer period of time. But those guys were with the Angels for a long time Teixeira wasn’t an Angel for long but losing him still stung.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but assuming he has a good season we would have him under contract for the 2020 season as a 3rd year Arb If we can get some combination of 2015-2017 that would be great. .272/.354/.498 HR 21 OPS+ 129 The last time the Angels got this type of offensive production from first base was in Albert's first year here.