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  1. grogdevil

    Gameday: 4/4 Angels vs Indians

    Verlander does not approve.
  2. grogdevil

    Jerry Dipoto

  3. grogdevil

    Rally Grandma

    I want this girl back
  4. grogdevil

    Random pics for no reason

    Hiding in the Bushes?
  5. grogdevil

    Gameday: 6/15 Royals@Angels

    Dark Angel?
  6. grogdevil

    Gameday: 4/21 Blue Jays@Angels

    Thanks! Just trying to fit in.
  7. grogdevil

    Gameday: 4/21 Blue Jays@Angels

    Did anyone notice the fan taking the Trout homerun off his skull?
  8. grogdevil


  9. grogdevil

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    No way would I want Romo. He plays just well enough to lose.