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  1. SoWhat


    I don’t think there’s a single person on here expecting Ward to be called up and hit like a MOTO bat. Defensively, he can’t be any worse than Valbuena, can he? We’re out of the race and there’s only 40 something games left, the sooner they call him up the more we’ll get to see him showcase his abilities.
  2. SoWhat

    Starting pitching or a MOTO bat?

    Marcus Stroman?
  3. SoWhat

    Random Angel players

    Corey Aldridge Tony Campana John Buck John Hester Scott Cousins Brad Hawpe
  4. 80 grade username, OP
  5. SoWhat

    Ohtani's Potential as Hitter vs. Pitcher

    Lmao someone really think Ohtani is just another Justin Anderson? Ever since he hit the DL some have forgotten how good he is, like a 3.10 ERA 11.1 K/9 6.0 H/9 is anything to sneeze at. Pull your head out of your ass
  6. As much as I’d love for that to happen, I don’t see it at all. Soto’s plate discipline is far superior to Adell’s. Soto has walked more than he’s struck out at every level he’s been at except for the majors, which he’s very close to doing (39BB -46K)
  7. Adell with a 2-run HR in his second AB for Mobile
  8. SoWhat

    What would you give up for Realmuto?

    Just saw that they replaced Maitan with Canning in list. Suarez was #86 in BA’s top 100 as recent as the beginning of the month. Idk what it’ll take, but I’m ok with moving any prospect not named Adell or Canning.
  9. SoWhat

    What would you give up for Realmuto?

    Maitan is on MLB top 100 and I think Baseball Prospectus. Suarez is #86 on Baseball America and I wanna say Fangraphs but not a 100% sure
  10. SoWhat

    What would you give up for Realmuto?

    No thanks. Look for yourself
  11. SoWhat

    What would you give up for Realmuto?

    Huh? Jones, Marsh, Maitan, Suarez, Canning are all on various top 100 lists
  12. SoWhat

    Overreactions about Eppler

    2019 needs to be the year they bite the bullet and get rid of Pujols. It’s time to finally get some production out of first base.
  13. SoWhat

    What the Maldy trade tells us

    Catcher is the one position that needs to be upgraded and cannot be done internally. Realmuto is the best all around catcher in the game. If he was healthy all year and played his average 140 games, he would’ve been on pace for 7 WAR, which is star level. So we’re talking about a star player just reaching his prime and under control for the next 3 years. I hate trading our prospects but for his talent, age and contract I’d do it in a heart beat. I’m a huge fan of Marsh and Jones but the depth of OFers throughout the org and emergence of Rengifo has made the two expendable. It hurts to lose Suarez because of the lack of arms in the system but acquiring Patrick Sandoval in the Maldonado trade would ease the pain of potentially losing Suarez.