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  1. Offensively, I get a Billy Butler vibe from Thaiss. If he can put up similar numbers that Butler did from ‘09 - ‘12 I’ll be a happy camper
  2. SoWhat

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    I’m pretty pissed seeing Domingo Santana kill it for Seattle. All offseason I was hoping Eppler would buy low on him in a trade. I still can’t believe Seattle got him for Ben F’n Gamel
  3. SoWhat

    Is Adell really that good?

    bull shit. no one here has ever said that
  4. SoWhat

    Corey Kluber?

    At that age and price, no thanks. Adell and Canning should both be off limits
  5. Leake’s stuff doesn’t even come close to Canning’s. The disrespect, smh
  6. SoWhat

    Jerez and Buttrey

    I haven’t been able to catch any games for awhile now. Can someone provide a brief scouting report for these two? Do they look like they can be real pieces o the bullpen next year?
  7. SoWhat


    I don’t think there’s a single person on here expecting Ward to be called up and hit like a MOTO bat. Defensively, he can’t be any worse than Valbuena, can he? We’re out of the race and there’s only 40 something games left, the sooner they call him up the more we’ll get to see him showcase his abilities.
  8. SoWhat

    Starting pitching or a MOTO bat?

    Marcus Stroman?
  9. SoWhat

    Random Angel players

    Corey Aldridge Tony Campana John Buck John Hester Scott Cousins Brad Hawpe
  10. SoWhat

    Ohtani's Potential as Hitter vs. Pitcher

    Lmao someone really think Ohtani is just another Justin Anderson? Ever since he hit the DL some have forgotten how good he is, like a 3.10 ERA 11.1 K/9 6.0 H/9 is anything to sneeze at. Pull your head out of your ass
  11. As much as I’d love for that to happen, I don’t see it at all. Soto’s plate discipline is far superior to Adell’s. Soto has walked more than he’s struck out at every level he’s been at except for the majors, which he’s very close to doing (39BB -46K)
  12. Adell with a 2-run HR in his second AB for Mobile