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  1. World's Shortest Books

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/10079244/The-911-conspiracy-theorist-who-changed-his-mind.html Hope for vladdy!
  2. World's Shortest Books

    Lol...when questioned, always roll back to northwoods...the thing that never actually happened....50 years ago...but had been discussed. By the way, reference your comment about cavemen...
  3. World's Shortest Books

    Cavemen. They all had college degrees. Most were bilingual, and had traveled to different countries....id say they trump you in that regard. Instead of seeing the world through obscure internet blogs (written by people like you, who werent actually privy to any evidence, interviews or even being at the scene, just conjecture), i recommend actually getting out and seeing the world. You may then laugh at the silly conspirscy bullshit as the rest of us. Im still waiting to hear one of you guys, who has never wired or handled explosives, break down to me (who has) how they wired 200 stories with no one noticing...and how you can slam a several thousand ton bomb into said building thats wired with explosives and...you know...not have it explode instantly.
  4. By that proxy, is trout not a gamer?
  5. I do not like people

    Was talking with some guys at work last night. An old story came up about a serial rapist my partner caught (best arrrest ive ever seen anyone make, phenom job). That conversation turned into "remember this, remember that?" So along the lines of the death penalty, appeals, etc, we talked about a lady i arrested for killing her kid about 5 years ago. Trial hasnt started yet. And a guy who killed his wife and two kids, about 8 months later. Trial hasnt started yet.
  6. New Wi-Fi hack

  7. It's Official

  8. New Yorker piece on Harvey Weinstein

    Im not following the story too closely (not really super interedting to me). But are any of the people who are accusing this guy saying they ever notified Law Enforcement? Or is it more they told others in the industry and nobody cared? I only ask for clarification, not implying anything. Reference corey feldman, i had forgotten about that. Did he ever mention anyone directly, or just made vague references?
  9. Fires

    Good stuff. Shooting you a PM
  10. Road rage

    Hmmm...might be stretching it, but thats an interesting take i wouldnt have thought of. Youre saying he blocked your exit you were trying to make?
  11. The Issue Of Our Time

    Does this mean if a woman says "blow me", its not just a figure of speech?
  12. Road rage

    Well, the problem is no actual crime occured, realistically. The only real crime is him cutting you off, but we cant issue traffic tickets for something we dont witness. For the second part, him coming back after you, again, theres no real crime completed for him chasing you down. No assault, at best "challenging". I know its frustrating, i hate dickhead drivers. But really the only way the cops could have done anything is of the guy stayed, and even then, not a whole lot they can do except "keep the peace". Guy sounds like an idiot, dont let him ruin your day.
  13. Card tricks

    Dirtbag I know a guy that does magic. Hes the same way. You guys suck.
  14. I respect your take. But if we continue to put bandaids on our problems, dont we end up in the same spot weve been the last 2-3 years...which you usually complain about? Upton isnt perfect, by any stretch....nobody available is. The closest ones to it are far more expensive than anyone here wants to pay.