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  1. ten ocho recon scout

    How many more starts does Harvey get?

    Its like me with sex. Ill have a lady ready and ripe for a knockout, and she turns the tables, raises her hands, jogs 90 feet, and continues all the way home. But guess what has 2 thumbs and gets to only pay for one breakfast burrito the next morning? This guyyyyy
  2. ten ocho recon scout

    The Angels DSL team gives up 19 runs in a single inning

    AO got caught napping!
  3. ten ocho recon scout

    Speaking of Cats...

  4. ten ocho recon scout

    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    I thought for sure it was Buster Hymen?
  5. ten ocho recon scout

    Man with White mustache behind home plate.

    Thread title sounds like one of the codes they broadcast to the french resistance the night before DDay
  6. ten ocho recon scout

    Throw at Marisdick

    The name change is the last time i can think of.
  7. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels pursuit of rotation help (Athletic article)

  8. ten ocho recon scout

    Camera Pros

  9. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels Deadline Deals: Yes, No, Maybe

    This. 2020 should be the turning point, but im not expecting it to hit full stride until 2021.
  10. ten ocho recon scout

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    Ill bet dipoto traded some really valuable cards for "a" griffey rookie. Then his friends pointed out it wasnt "the" griffey rookie. It was one of the crappy brands, like leaf.
  11. ten ocho recon scout

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    Dipoto would have been fun to trade baseball cards with as a kid. And i bet a lot of his friends stole cards from him. "Shit, jerry is coming over. I better hide his griffey card behind this von hayes one."
  12. ten ocho recon scout

    Ready to punt 2019 or no?

    Im gonna contradict myself here. Ive been preaching standing pat. And was firmly in the trade Skaggs (rip), La Stella and Kole camp. I still kind of am. Build for 2021, not today. But damn.... this team seems to have really rallies behind the recent tragedy. Skaggs, la stella, etc etc. Sure, seattle is whatevs, but the rangers are pretty decent. And we came very close to taking that 3rd game in Houston last weekend. It almost makes you wonder how much a shot in the arm from a good pitcher would do for them. No idea who that pitcher would be. What we have to trade, etc. But it feels less and less like a decent streak. More like these guys are going to pull a miracle out of their ass. No way they are as good as the dodgers (though we swept them). No way as good as houston (until this week). The rays are better, the twins, etc. But i think theyre a lot more capable of going on a run than it seemed a few weeks ago. Even if they lost the one game playoff, seeing them celebrate in front of the Skaggs pic on the wall would be pretty sweet....
  13. Can someone give me a probably scouting report in Marsh? If he does make it, what would his profile be, where he would bat in a lineup, etc. etc Thanks
  14. ten ocho recon scout

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels 7/16/2019

    Gonna need a ruling from vladdy on this.