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  1. ten ocho recon scout

    Mark Langston had a heart attack

    The cpr tidbit is scary...you don't do it unless.... I know some will disagree, but this will suck worse than skaggs (for me). Ive been listening to him for years and years on the radio. Been lucky enough to talk with him a few times. Couldnt come close to think of a bad word to say about him.
  2. ten ocho recon scout

    Mark Langston had a heart attack

    Him and Terry are still great to listen to, regardless of the score. Both are class acts in person. Terry is going through it again, sadly...
  3. ten ocho recon scout


    Along with some other bright spots, Simmons is a beast. Sadly, years down the road, people will forget him, because the team wasnt good. Like nobody remembers how good certain guys in the 90s were, because the team didnt win anything. But hes still fun as hell to watch. Dude is an absolute witch at short.
  4. ten ocho recon scout

    What do you think Calhoun's next contract will look like?

    The sad thing is, if he did resign here, people would be pissed. Solid player, fan fave, etc etc... and wed be pissed because everyone wants change. Dude played the wrong years here.
  5. ten ocho recon scout


    The problem is i go to places with chick bartenders. And i did whip it out. Thats why i tip so well, now.
  6. ten ocho recon scout


    I always either double the tax, or overtip. I cant even imagine how much money ive wasted over the years. But then again, i get free drinks all the time, too.
  7. ten ocho recon scout

    The Curse of Jered Weaver

    Imagine him, corbin and clevinger... Literally, this team would have an entirely different vibe right now. Its crazy how literally 3 guys that we had, for league min, could change EVERYTHING.
  8. ten ocho recon scout

    Mark Langston had a heart attack

    Jeez, the hits keep on coming. Love Langston. Real nice guy. Hope hes ok.
  9. ten ocho recon scout

    Are Teachers Underpaid?

    This. Whether its special ed or regular. It comes down to the school and area. Where i grew up and work, they are underpaid. They take so much shit from little butthole gangsters day after day...i wouldnt do it. People see the summers off and say "thats bullshit". Sure, its a great perk. But the day after day having to deal with the kids who have no discipline at home... Elementary school not so much. Im mainly talking about high school.
  10. ten ocho recon scout

    What happened?

    Love that movie And that little 2 minute scene is gold. "Put em in a cell with a long hose on em" I dont think sooooo
  11. ten ocho recon scout

    Gameday 9/19 Angels @ Yankees Walsh bats 5th

    Gonna miss Kole. Hope he ends up with a good team next year.
  12. Same. Im a fan of SABR approaches, and I more or less get it. But the old school way of valuing players seemed more "fun".
  13. ten ocho recon scout

    Alec Baldwin Roast on Comedy Central

    He looks like a cross between bill maher and jack nicholson in Hoffa
  14. ten ocho recon scout

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Drafting crap aside, the other big killer was (and this has been mentioned already) not drafting abroad. It seemed like we used to be big players in that. From shiggy and baby pedro, frankie, santana, aybar, morales, etc etc etc. Then we disappeared. Plus baldoquin.