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  1. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

  2. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    At least we wont have to pay bonuses.
  3. ten ocho recon scout


    I hearby propose that from this day forward, his nickname be changed from the dark knight to the long night. Or bad night.
  4. What late 80s song will Gubi pick as the motto for Simmons to heal faster?
  5. ten ocho recon scout

    All Umpires Suck

    Closest this team comes is Mr Glass from that unbreakable movie
  6. ten ocho recon scout

    All Umpires Suck

    Langston looked like firemarshal bill when he was getting the sign.
  7. Funny hearing terry say "angels were blanked in the 7th" You can say that again, terry
  8. ten ocho recon scout

    Are you kidding me?

    I could be smelly bill
  9. ten ocho recon scout

    Are you kidding me?

    For real. I farted like a normally do, and some lady a section over heard me. I left the game and finished the last few innings at the catch. Im gonna grow a mustache before I go to my next game, in case shes there again. Like powers boothe at the end of sudden death.
  10. ten ocho recon scout

    Are you kidding me?

    So, as cool as Goodwin has been, he was also waived right before we got him. Upton has a pretty significant track record....
  11. If the union didnt push for clubhouse chefs back in the day, hed bounce. But who would quit when your work has an omelette bar?
  12. I just want to go on record that thats a real yoda, too. Puppet and all. Not the stupid cartoon one from the remakes.
  13. Good call. I forgot goodwin is signed for a bit. I honestly wonder how this all plays out. Upton is coming back...and adell is knocking on the door. Is kole out? How will that effect chemistry? Goodwin will sit for upton... again, how does that effect chemistry?
  14. In all honesty, i agree. Weve been seeing threads here about trading for pitching, how the offense has been pretty good, etc. Honestly...i think long term were better trading guys like lastella and goodwin (if we get something good) instead of going for anything this year. Stick with the 2021 plan, so to speak. Simmons being out for the year sort of forces that. It sucks but it may turn out for the best. See what the young guys can do.