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  1. ten ocho recon scout

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    They do ask trout his thoughts on guys. And pujols. Upton, kole, etc etc. The OP is likely asking how serious the talks are. I dont know that they have 50/50 weight or what. But the players are absolutely asked what they think about guys they are looking at. That being said, a lot of stuff the FO and coaching staff dont ask about everyone...if say they ask a guy if they think player X would be a good fit, whoever plays his position here already knows hes at least possibly on the block. You can create some headaches that way.
  2. ten ocho recon scout

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    .....are blind fans allowed to touch them?
  3. ten ocho recon scout

    Right Field home runs

    I had a feeling that was tied in to the decision (to lower the wall, not ohtani signing)
  4. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels Select Sherman Johnson, Tropeano to the 60-Day

    Thats what keeps popping in my head, too. Will he be hercules, or chunky butt?
  5. ten ocho recon scout

    Best bathroom you have dumped in

    Also, liveaboard boats...with old school boat plumbing...when youre not allowed to flush toilet paper. Those are always fun. I recently was on one with the toilet seat unattached (it was just sitting on top, which is great im choppy seas) with exposed wires you had to hot wire to flush.
  6. ten ocho recon scout

    Best bathroom you have dumped in

    And yes, people walked by, and we made eye contact.
  7. ten ocho recon scout

    Best bathroom you have dumped in

    This was overseas last year. My insides had to spray out 2cd world country stew (looked the same going in as coming out) and local beer. Had zero time for an alternative. You look, and say "meh, doesnt seem that bad." I title the picture "no seat, no toilet paper, no door... ....no time, no choice...no shame."
  8. ten ocho recon scout

    MyPillow and other gimmicky stuff

    The bamboo ones on amazon. I like firm pillows and mattresses, though. These are the best pillows ive ever had (unless you want to really spend).
  9. ten ocho recon scout


  10. ten ocho recon scout

    Spending this off-season

    It was the ass tickling cumbeast part
  11. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels WAR ranking by position

    Exactly. If you finish and she doesnt, well, that sounds like she needs to work harder to compete. When they say men suffer from premature ejaculating, if you narrow down the ejaculate part, i dont see any suffering.
  12. ten ocho recon scout

    Angels WAR ranking by position

    As far as im comcerned, theres no such thing.
  13. Wait for the offseason around here.
  14. ten ocho recon scout

    Lou agrees