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  1. ten ocho recon scout

    $30 Million Off Season, how do YOU spend it?

    We seriously need a new joke. Thats not aimed at you or anyone else making that joke. Its just hard to photoshop that joke
  2. ten ocho recon scout

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    MissinBall if he sucks. Lawney Kitaen if he beats up on pitchers.
  3. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Oldie but goody. That gang was super active when i was a kid. Everyyyyyyone knew who they were. I remember seeing them shoot a few garden grove gangsters, then parked down the street maybe 20 mins later, getting some cholas phone number. Give it a watch. Regardless of how it ends up (its bad), pay attention to the beginning...and realize those kids were broken (not their fault) but were NEVER going to make it. Only difference for them is fox undercover interviewed them...theres a few hundred thousand out there like them..
  4. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    This. There are some people out there who are just not redeamable. This topic had me google a few more well known cases. Its amazing how guys like the pauly klauss' murderer had already done time for rape and kidnapping/sex assault. Ive mentioned on here before. I arrested a 13 year old once. He and his 14 year old buddy. They carjacked some dude, ran him over during it. The 13 year old was bragging about how he beat a murder charge the previous year. Got a 18 year old chick pregnant. I know hes a kid....but hes never going to fit in society...
  5. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Yep. One of our chaplains at work is one of those holy parole dudes. Him and his family were some of the founders of one the biggest OC gangs, if not biggest. Mafia keyholder for OC is from there (just died). This guy went to prison and got religion, his brother is bonafide mafia. We get along real well, one of the only ride alongs i dont mind taking. But i asked him about it once. His brother was in san quinton, and mentioned how he knew manson and a bunch of high profile guys like that. I asked him how guys like that, the ones who have killed women, old ladies etc dont get knocked off. He was like "you guys!" I asked him what he meant, and he said all those high profile guys are segregated, with two COs with them at all times. Kills me because aside from housing, feeding and free medical and college, we also have to protect these dudes...
  6. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Or at bare minimum, put them in general population.
  7. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Anyone remember this case? Wasnt just the crime itself...to entertain himself, the F*cker positioned the body in a particular way for whoever found her....
  8. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Yeah, those guys were absolute trash. We heard some of the tapes in the academy....
  9. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Reading some of the comments about the people against it, I get it. And I respect anyones opinion on most issues, if its well thought out. Sometimes a good debate will change my views, for example. In terms of the death penalty, I think what some people dont get, is that you have to really do something "special" to rate "special circumstances" in your judgement. Hardly any murderer actually gets the death penalty. There are people who have killed, done their time, got out and killed again, just went back for more time. So there has to be more to it. As mentioned above, bittaker...he and his partner kidnapped, raped and murdered several young women...the youngest i believe was about 13 years old. That wasnt enough....they made tapes of themselves, raping and torturing these girls for several hours...while mutilating them with plyers. Tearing pieces of them off, and laughing at their screams. Bittaker later become a celebrity to the sick...signs autographs with a nickname he gave himself..never showed any remorse. Best yet, he and guys like him are always in protective custody. Yeah, sorry. Either kill that F*cker or throw him in gen pop. There was an infamous murder back in the 90s (to mention 1). Gang homicides dont ever really make the news in such a way that the general public notices....whereas some of you mentioned rich vs poor, this goes for the victims as well. The mexican mafia has a lifetime membership. You dont get to leave. 2 drop outs were spotted by a current member. He gave orders to a young mafioso to take care of it...young mafioso gives orders to a few 20 something year olds to get rid of these rankers, and dont leave any witnesses. So these guys go to this shitty home in el monte, killed the two ex "brothers". They then kill the entire family....including a 7 month old baby, which they shot in back of the head. (Killed a 7 year old as well). Booking photo for the gangster who pulled the trigger, hes smiling. (He didnt get PC. Mafia killed him first week in the pen...they said because he went overboard, but it was more that the killings brought a lot of unwanted attention to the organization). The mastermind of it is in PC. Protected from the other people like him. You have gangsters who kill. Again, they get caught and do their time. Theres thousands of these guys in california alone. Comes with the territory. Then there are the ones who stand out. One of the more recent is a guy named Timothy McGhee. Heres a guy convicted of like 13 homicides, over several years. One of his victims was a random college kid, painting on a canvas in broad daylight. McGhee decided he had to go. Hes assaulted several COs since locked up....think he regrets anything? There was a dude named "Evil" back in the 90s, southeast LAPD. From by far and away one of the most notorious gangs no one here has ever heard of. Pound for pound way worse than MS13 in LA. Same thing for evil...killed like 13 people, had a hand in 20 total. He actually won his appeal, beat death row. Convicted in 1997, out in 2011....thats like a year per murder. (Keep in mind you dont always kill who you shoot...how many others did he shot that lived? Shot at and missed? Robbed? Beat? Etc etc.) What about a guy like richard ramirez. How many homes did he break into, rape, torture then kill? Then laughed at the trial. What about the vegas shooter? What if he lived? Again. Very few people are sentenced to death. There are those who forfeit the right to live.
  10. ten ocho recon scout

    Death Penalty

    Good call. Bittaker is the absolute poster boy for why the death penalty should exist. If anyone isnt familiar, give him a google. Not sure if ive ever heard of a worse animal...
  11. ten ocho recon scout

    California Burning...again

    We actually got sent out for this one. Knew it was going to be bad when they asked for us the first day....in all my years Ive never heard of a county 2 over asking for our help. The fire guys do it all the time, but they were asking for OC coppers about 10 hours after it started. Hate to add to the doom and gloom, but se still have another month or so before the worst conditions are over....
  12. ten ocho recon scout

    California Burning...again

    Weve never met, but I cant tell you how bad i feel for you, your family, and anyone else going through this. All my condolences.
  13. ten ocho recon scout

    Why not to trade our top prospects......just yet

    I know what youre saying. And i get your frustration. But i think youre misinterpreting what some of us are saying. Nobody is "happy" with .500 baseball. Its accepting reality. Those of us in the be patient camp know we arent a signing or two away from contenders. If youre fat, broke, snort when you laugh and are prone to making off color remarks on a first date, buying a new suit and leasing a C series isnt going to suddenly get you laid. It comes down to recognizing a plan. I said it a few months ago. We decided (smartly) a few years ago to go back to school instead of making our current shitty job a career. Dropping out of school now to work extra hours to become shift lead is stupid if you need a degree to become the actual boss. Everyone here wants the team to spend more. Thats one thing to hold the front office accountable. But the draft pick loss DIRECTLY contradicts the current plan. So whoever we do spend money on needs to be a really good fit.
  14. ten ocho recon scout

    Why not to trade our top prospects......just yet

    And its not the 2005 Angels MLB team, where one dude could put you past the competition.
  15. ten ocho recon scout

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    Chika bow wow