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  1. Ohtani hasn’t looked as bulletproof at the plate lately
  2. Absolutely disgusting this team. Cant field, can’t hit, cant even run the bases. Just me or does this team look like they don’t care?
  3. Because of our top notch defense
  4. I was honestly going into this series feeling good if we took one game. Our starting pitching came prepared, we coulda easily taken this series if not for one bad relief outting. Verlander silenced us tonight, it happens. Calhoun got a couple solid hits, hopefully this can be a sign of good things to come. Let’s get some bullpen arms and we should be good to go.
  5. If we fix our bullpen troubles and starting pitching stays consistent, we will be good! With a decent pen, we’d be 4-2 vs the Astros so far.
  6. Lol koles squared up 2 balls the past 2 nights. A single with a runner on second and a double with a runner on with no RBIs to show for it. Just his luck.
  7. 90 pitches is the new 100 now huh?