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  1. wpghalo

    Kkkkkkalhoun+ for Souza Jr.

    I cant watch Kole anymore.... man is he brutal
  2. We have the worst healthy pitching ever. Every year 3 of em are out. Injury prone:@ fuck
  3. wpghalo

    Gameday: 4/2 Angels vs Indians

    wow we needed that inning. Our big guns gotta start hitting tho
  4. wpghalo

    Gameday: 4/2 Angels vs Indians

    Nice b.s. strike ump
  5. wpghalo

    Gameday: 4/2 Angels vs Indians

    Come onnnnnnn Angels hit Fing ball
  6. I swear our pitching trys to lose us games. Lol. No lead is EVER safe. F. Thx god we escaped that with a Dub
  7. I can't handle it lol. I'm always on edge hah.
  8. I can't handle it lol. I'm always on edge hah.
  9. This is exciting! All way back. But we got so many games remaining. We gotta continue to score and try and keep leads lol. I hate our bullpen. Checking in from Winnipeg. Halos biggest Canadian Fan!!!
  10. wpghalo

    This Bullpen SUCKS

    Yea i guess you'd know too eh Sucks to suck
  11. wpghalo

    This Bullpen SUCKS

    Wow everytime they get in the game it's a nightmare. What a joke. Poor Trout has to play on such a crap team. Pissed off.
  12. This is ridiculous how bad our pitching is ugh. Come on angels geezes
  13. You can't be shitty and sweep the Royals. This has to be the momentum the team needed. Realky happy to see! Let's continue this boys #LTBU
  14. WtF. Halo's are not gonna win unless Trout gets back up to his level of play
  15. wpghalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Twins 4/15 5:10

    Yup Simmons defensively great but batting omgoD. Get it together