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  1. reteegz

    Anaheim Stadium & environs today

    I like going to Danny K's before a game. There is a Hooters, Tilted Kilt, Lazy dog, JT Schmidt's, Danny K's all within a 2 min drive.
  2. reteegz

    So if the roster doesn't change......

    I hope they keep Noe Ramirez. Hometown boy.
  3. It's been awhile since I've lurked this site and the "Do you love your work?," thread got me thinking, what do you do to pay the bills? I'm 31 and am a Respiratory Therapist at a hospital that will remain unnamed. I like my work.
  4. reteegz

    Jessica Mendoza

    I think she has done a good job so far. She has done better than many male commentators. I hope they keep her around, she is definitely not some ditz the network brought on to get ratings or appease the females out there.
  5. reteegz

    Rangers @ Angels 4/7 7:05

    thank god. Nice hit Trout through the shift. Let's go Albert.
  6. reteegz

    Rangers @ Angels 4/7 7:05

    Is this our new commentator team this season? Or is it because it's on FS1? I was at the stadium the first couple games...
  7. i agree. I went to both games. The first game i was by the right field foul poll in section 131 and there were "Let's go Cubbies!" chants going on all game and all the Cubs fans were into it. Second game I was between 1st and 3rd base on field level and the same thing. It's sad/embarrassing when opposing team fans are louder than the home fans especially during the 2 team games of a season. Don't get me started when the Yankees and Dodgers come to town. SMH EDIT: Even when our players are introduced to the plate the crowd barely makes a peep. if it wasn't for the music in the background it would be really embarrassing.
  8. reteegz

    The Official Booze Thread

    Beer: I like wheats, so Shock Top or Blue Moon. There are too many craft beers that I can't keep up with and to me all taste the same. If I'm tailgating I'll drink Bud Light or Coors light. Liquor: I like whiskey. Jack and coke or crown and coke are my go to if I had to pick one liquor. Lately I've been trying to lose weight so I'll do vodka with soda water and a splash of something else to give it a little more taste. I usually only drink maybe once a week on the weekend. Once in a great while me and the girly will go out for a few drinks on a weekday. I'm a Sunday funday kind of guy though. I would rather go out on a Sunday afternoon and hangout and watch some games on TV rather than go out on a Fri or Sat evening.
  9. Did any of you guys check out this article?? I saw in on my Facebook but can't find the link on MLB.
  10. reteegz

    Kris Bryant

    I don't get it, why not start him?
  11. With the way the Angels went out of the postseason last season and with football season, I haven't exaclty kept up to date with all the off season shenanigans for the club. Barring any injuries what does our opening day lineup look like? Say Hamilton gets suspended and everybody else is healthy. Who's supposed to start at 2b Rutledge or Green? Trout, Calhoun and who is the 3rd starting outfielder? Cron? What's the rotation look like when Richards gets healthy? Please enlighten me folks...