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  1. At least Trout is Ok after that play. That’s all we need after this frustrating, torturous game.
  2. Angelsfirst

    Father’s Day: 6/17 Angels @ A’s

    Let’s hope this won’t be as predictable as it seems.
  3. Angelsfirst

    Father’s Day: 6/17 Angels @ A’s

    Here we go
  4. Angelsfirst

    Father’s Day: 6/17 Angels @ A’s

    Please don’t Blake.
  5. SKaggs is pretty good. Nice job.
  6. Lol, George didn’t see that one coming.
  7. Skaggs has good stuff tonight. A few mislocated pitches but he’s been good.
  8. Angelsfirst

    Trout for Life and No Rings or WS Champs?

    The whole point is to win championships. Period. I don’t care if we have 1 or 27. As far as the poll question, frankly I’m surprised that even 10 people would rather keep Trout the rest of his career than win another WS ring during that timespan. That whole “name on the front of the jersey and not the back” is a cliche but it actually answers this question perfectly. Now I love Mike Trout. Truly one of a kind and a 1st ballot hall of Famer if he stays healthy but hypothetically, if him gone means the Angels winning another championship...see ya Mike. To tell the truth, this seems like more of a poll question for JustaTroutfan.