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  1. Angelsfirst

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    I would overpay on two year deals if I had to for either Donaldson or Murphy. I think either would help this offense tremendously. When healthy, Donaldson still is probably one of the best bats in the game. The problem is many teams will be after him.
  2. Angelsfirst

    Daniel Murphy?

    I like Murphy, wouldn’t mind him on a two year deal. Yeah his glove is bad but his bat is what would have the most value on this team obviously. Im sure they can find him his AB’s even with Albert lingering on the roster at this point. Bring him on.
  3. I’m sure Kinsler slept well last night..
  4. I really, really loathe the Dodgers and it’s so nice to see them blow it yet again. But this whole thing is just sickening. I’m literally having douchebag sensory overload. I’m tapping out for this one. Disgusted.
  5. Lol, caught that this morning. I agree.
  6. Was wondering the same thing. But then I was too lazy to ask or start one.
  7. RIP Dodgers in game 1. Oh yeah and F*ck Boston
  8. This and this. I sincerely despise the Red Sox and their ignorant fans but being around Dodger fans around the area after they won would be unbearable. The Dodgers showed a lot of weakness in that NLCS too imo. They gave the Brewers plenty of chances to take it from them but Milwaukee just choked. I really don’t see it going more than 5 games either.
  9. Either team doesn’t have a chance.
  10. Like Maybin last year. Lucky them.