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  1. i'm waiting for you to tell everyone to call you Charles. RIP Charlie
  2. Get Allen out of there, thank God.
  3. Simba: Does everything he can to get the ball and throw it for an out, bobbles the ball on a hustle play but that's ok. Bour: Kneels down and half-asses a play which lets the ball slowly roll out to RF. F%^K you Bour.
  4. Goodwin is pretty........whats that word that's the opposite of Bad?....I can't place my finger on it.....
  5. Apparently Kevan Smith and Mallex Smith might related just based on the fact their parents didn't know how to give them proper first names.
  6. Although Barria didn't look all that great in the 2nd but got out of it luckily.
  7. Yeah, if anything messing with his routine might make things worse, unless they feel that pretending he is a reliever might help him get over that first inning issue? I mean if its works then I'll shut up about it.
  8. I don't get the concept of having Robles start and then send Barria in. You basically make Robles unavailable late in the game, mess with Barria's routine, Barria still might only pitch 4 innings (as it seems most of our starters do) so now you sit in the 6th inning already down a reliever? Can someone tell me how this makes sense?
  9. i love that they play the Undertaker's theme when Robles comes out. Also no Albert, and starting La Stella? God I can't wait for Ausmus to be fired he is such a shit Manager.
  10. @Chuckster70 wearing a San Diego Padres hat out in public.
  11. This starting pitching is a dumpster fire.
  12. Stuck watching the Mariners broadcast with Dave Sims, I might be in for an early night tonight especially if the Mariners pitcher shuts us out for 7 or 8 innings.
  13. John Taylor

    Cody Allen

    I'd be happy with removing him from the team, the dude sucks.
  14. After seeing a tweet by our very own @Jeff Fletcher about Shohei Ohtani taking BP, with a link to his OC Register article, I was summarily annoyed at the fact that I had hit my "free article" limit, and was thinking about how I would get around the paywall when I realized that if I actually subscribed to the OC Register I would be helping support the great work that Jeff does, so I did. I think I take for granted that Jeff is so accessible here and on Twitter, and I forgot that supporting the OCR helps support Jeff A lot of us here support Chuck and the guys at AW, and I really hope you guys extend that support over to Jeff at OCR. (Even though the ads are annoying)