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  1. John Taylor

    Injury updates for Simmons & Upton

    Justin Upton stubs toe = Out until 2023 Andrelton Simmons gruesome ankle injury = lolz see you in a few weeks Upton better rake when he comes back.
  2. Something something illuminati.....
  3. John Taylor

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Our long national nightmare is finally over.
  4. The least shocking thing this week is Cody Allen coming into a close game and letting the other team blow it open. DFA this bum already for the love of Nicolas Cage.
  5. John Taylor


  6. John Taylor


    If GoDaddy charges $75 a pop for Certificate installation than I need to quit my job and just do that for a living. I actually manage all my company's websites and SSL certs (We buy ours from GoDaddy as well.) Is GoDaddy your hosting company? Here are all the SSL certs I'm stuck managing at work. My company is bound by PCI and HIPAA so we have to buy certs from a trusted Certificate Authority (GoDaddy) or else I would do the LetsEncrypt as well.: For AW I would recommend a 2 or 3 year UCC SSL, its important to get a UCC cert that you add all possible website combinations in the cert (like both and and any other hostnames that might redirect to the site. Also its easier to not have to manage the certificate every year, so i generally do 2 or 3 year certs. When you're ready to pull the trigger feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions. I'll send a donation to your paypal to help with the cost sometime this month. The only shitty thing is that you consistently have to renew the certs on 2 or 3 year intervals depending on which cert you buy which means you consistently have to pay money so your site does this: instead of this: And its a forum so its not like Credit Card info or PHI is being transmitted here, but a pretty skilled hacker could be able to find out that TDawg's forum password is "ILoveChuck247"
  7. John Taylor

    Tim Mead's final day as a Halo

    Rarely do you see someone as beloved in the front office as Tim Mead. What a great choice to run the HoF.
  8. John Taylor

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    Trade Bour while his value is still high!
  9. John Taylor


    I know as a forum that it's not the biggest deal in the world that the site still uses http, but I was wondering if @Chuckster70 will convert AW to https eventually since all the cool kids are doing it (Also it's more secure). I don't know who the hosting provider is on the backend and if they provide SSL certs as part of the hosting package, but if you need to purchase an SSL cert to move over to https I'd be happy to pitch in for the purchase. Right now it looks like a self signed cert when using https:
  10. John Taylor

    Justin Bour recalled, Jake Jewell sent down

    Rumor has it that his ass is still on route from SLC and should be arriving shortly....
  11. John Taylor

    Alex Curry

    "Culturally ambiguous" Alex Curry... Is she Mexican? Is she Asian? Does she just tan really easily? Is she Steph Curry's secret half-sister? Some things we may never know....
  12. Angels players (aside from Trout) historically do pretty poor in AS ballot voting. I wonder if La Stella is getting a Wrigleyville bump. Either way he deserves it.
  13. This team is basically La Stella and a bunch of nobodies