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  1. This right here. Mike Trout is his own market. You can't compare Harper and Machado to him. They can however help set his market once they sign, but honestly give Trout 40 million a year.
  2. I don't care if this is just a rumor and could be complete BS, I'm just going to enjoy the fantasy of locking up Trout until I have long since passed away
  3. John Taylor

    Victor Rojas' with a new product line of clothing

    This is legit one of my favorite t-shirt designs I've seen in a long time
  4. John Taylor

    Is anyone else rooting for the SD Padres?

    Yes, I really like the Chargers, it's a shame they moved to Los Angel....ohh........ Here's @Chuckster70 wearing a Padres hat, and Archie, who is aware of this treason by our beloved AW founder and is nowhere near him. I vote Archie for new founder. In all seriousness I have a soft-spot for the Padres, and have always rooted for them in the NL.
  5. John Taylor

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    I don't see much of a downside here. It's a 1 year deal, super cheap, so even if he is injured big deal, he can handle a staff, he is only 2 seasons removed from a .292/.355 /.500 /.855 line and he is 32 not 37, its not like we signed him to a 10 year contract or anything.
  6. John Taylor

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Ya know, it's 1 year, not a ton of money, I figure if Harvey is going to have "forearm tightness" might as well be in a Halos uniform.
  7. John Taylor

    Where will baseball be in 10 years?

    10 years sounds like a lot of time, but if you think about it, 10 years ago we would be going into the 2009 season. So going off of that benchmark in the past 10 years the Astros moved to the AL, instant replay became a thing, the shift got popular, and the Rays decided to start their relievers. I think the most realistic possibility will be the use of the DH in both leagues, possible re-alignment, more attempts to "shorten" the game, and maybe the Rays or Oakland move? My completely non scientific predictions from most likely to least likely to happen by the off-season of 2018: Most likely: Tweaking of the rules to shorten a baseball game Kind-of likely: DH in both the AL and NL Maybe: Re-alignment or blurring between the AL/NL Maybe: Rays or Oakland move to Las Vegas
  8. John Taylor

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    Bat flips at the Pearly Gates. Rest in Peace Luis and Jose. His smile was infectious.
  9. John Taylor

    Angels announce 2019 Coaching Staff

    Because Pujols has already been promised that position when he retires at 50, in 3 years.
  10. John Taylor

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    I'm gay for Mike Trout.... ...Oh wait I thought this was a confessional thread
  11. John Taylor

    Bourjos Back!

    Finally we can unload that albatross who plays CF who has never won a Gold Glove and can't seem to win the MVP....Bourjesus forever!
  12. John Taylor


    Before AngelsWin I would have to carve out "Fire Marcel Lachemann" on a stone tablet, load the tablet up in my covered wagon, and take the Oregon Trail to deliver the tablet to Chuck's cave. I lost many good oxen during that time.....
  13. John Taylor

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    If Trout's happy then I'm happy.
  14. Anyone that Mike Trout doesn't want as the next manager. Let him do the interviews, or hell make one of those vehicles that he won during the All Star game the Manager if it means we will re-sign him past 2020.