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  1. John Taylor

    Players weekend uniforms

    This picture is disgusting. The dude on the left clearly needs to do something about the neckbeard
  2. John Taylor

    Slumpy McGee is at it again

    Dicks out for Trout. Slumpbusters unite!
  3. John Taylor

    What is it that Eppler/Ausmus see in Garcia?

    He has yet to have Elbow Dehydration....yet.....
  4. John Taylor

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    Sure, I can be the Mountain Timezone/I wake up too damn early crew.
  5. John Taylor

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    Well I shot a text to @Chuckster70 who is in Italy, and stuff was handled pretty quickly, so yes, yes it does.
  6. Honestly these are the greatest threads in the history of Angelwin:
  7. John Taylor

    Angels scouting Kim Kwang-hyun

    I for one welcome my new Asian overlords, and their love of random Universities: 第三方学历认证
  8. I remember thinking that when Cabrera won the Triple Crown that it was odd that it wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be.
  9. I have to agree. What's ironic is that I absolutely loved the stats aspect of Baseball growing up, and I always felt Baseball was more of a stat game than any other sport, and it made my slightly autistic mind happy, but then it hit a tiping point to where it became overly stat happy, I honestly still can't stand the idea of xWAR or bWAR or FuckWAR or WAR in general, or launch angle or spin rate, I just don't care as much, it kind of takes away the fun. I think that's why I enjoy someone like David Fletcher who is a throwback to an Eckstein type player, and Mike Trout who isn't a launch angle kind of guy he just hits the ball really really well. Baseball is more boring than it used to be (On a large scale, Trout and Ohtani are still fun to watch), the "flow" of the game is different than even 10 years ago, I still love it because Baseball will always be my favorite sport, but some of the magic is gone.
  10. Listening on, Walton is miles better than Hawk Harrelson He is also more batshit crazy than i remember him being EDIT: Oh wait now I remember him always being nuts on commentary EDIT EDIT: Okay after 5 minutes I'm sick of old man batshit crazy Walton and going back to the warming glow of Victor and Gubi
  11. John Taylor

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    As long as they keep their dirty mitts off the Del Taco on State College Blvd I support this ridiculously overdone artist rendering....
  12. John Taylor


    Also welcome to the board @Wisconsin27 , it's not easy being a newbie starting a thread among us entrenched stubborn assholes who have been on this site so long that we've become a feedback loop of tdawg jokes, Scioscia lasagna memes, and @Chuckster70 getting drunk and deciding he needed to be called Charlie for a month.....good times..... Anyway please continue to contribute to the discussion and don't take us too seriously.
  13. John Taylor


    I personally don't feel its Cole or bust, but I do feel its "Better Starting Pitching" or bust. Our arms are really young right now and a good chunk of them should be pitching in the minors but can't due to injuries and Skaggs death. With Ohtani coming back next year we instantly get back a front of the line starter again (assuming he returns to form), and I think even if we add a couple 3's in the rotation, and not sign the Island of Misfit pitchers that the Angels org is famous for trying out we will be in solid contention next year. This year has been a struggle for many reasons, but for the first time in a long time we have a young core of really good players on the field and some good young arms needing experience and confidence, the question is can Eppler get the right pieces and can Ausmus manage the team effectively?
  14. John Taylor

    Trout slump

    I think this is a case of "When you are the best player in baseball by a mile every slump is under a microscope from AW members." I think this is the 3rd or 4th thread this year asking if something is wrong with Trout? And then he starts doing Mike Trout things again and we all forget, rinse, repeat.