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  1. notherhalo

    Anyone down for the series in Monterrey?

    Just spent the weekend in Monterrey I'm generally a fan of spending time in Mexico but the air pollution was harsh and there wasn't many places to bar hop, or so I thought. Anyone know if there's much or better than Barrio Antiguio? Nuevo sir had a place or two but not much fun nightlife avial in comparison to GDL, DF, Merida/PDC or Guanajuato... or so it seemed.
  2. notherhalo

    Random baseball thoughts

    I really want the Angels to sign Colon. We're not going to realistically compete this season, we already have injuries, he won't cost much and will bring some nostalgia or possibly at bats during interleague.
  3. come to Merida, Mexico the only thing that is cold here, is the beer.....or some bodies 4 hours south in Cancun
  4. notherhalo

    Well... Pecota doesnt like us at all...

    81-81 seems kinda rosy
  5. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    pit bulls and parolees, some fish tank show, ice road truckers, big shrimpin, ancient aliens, pawn stars, ax men, alaskan bush people, duck dynasty the white trash market for television must be huge What is being done for the hispanic market? I havent been in the know since the days of operation repo
  6. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    where should I go next weekend? Im in the south of Mexico but can take a flight anywhere
  7. notherhalo

    Random baseball thoughts

    Trout is a FA through 2020 The current CBA expires dec 1 2021 Will Trout possibly sign a 1 year deal after 2020 if FA's get "poor market value deals" between then and now, and hope/expect that a new CBA will get him a better payout than the existing one will yield?
  8. notherhalo

    Random baseball thoughts

    I remember when Mark Teixeira waiting until nearly Christmas to sign was a long wait on the FA market
  9. The interview he did for starting9 was good
  10. notherhalo

    Mariano Rivera Stat

    I think the most incredible thing is that Yankee fans still love the guy after blowing a world series game 7
  11. notherhalo

    Harper vs What we actually did

    So as long as 5 - 8 players dont play like they did last year, It seems we will have a chance. Hooray
  12. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    my girlfriend is petite sized, XS 5'5", but her brothers are all way bigger than me If I make a mistake and have a kid with her, will the daughter be small and boy come out a good size?
  13. notherhalo

    Pringles and wine

    I tried to use a pringles can once to launch a powerful mortar firework but it just caught my friends backyard on fire
  14. Ive decided to stop drinking (or at least make it a secondary goal) and started to wonder if there are other things to do in life, in Southern California. Here is all I know: Lone Pine and onwards across the 395 camping.. big pine no2 lake, those hot springs an hour past Bishop and Tioga Pass (other good spots?) taking boat rides, like the one from Ventura to Mothers Beach Las Vegas isnt fun unless you really party hard, or are a boring person at heart check Eventbrite site/app and pray something is worthwhile going to (?) hiking/trails.....somewhere? archery / gun / golf ranges Ocean activities like spear fishing, surfing, or being a sponger Thats all I can think of - What do you guys know?