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  1. Do you intentionally throw tip jar money in when the person is looking?
  2. notherhalo

    MLBtr comments

    The name calling and arguing reminds me of the good ol days in the OMB
  3. Thanks Tank, my first order of business would be to change the Happy Birthday song to a melody of "John Jacob Jinklehiemer Smith" because its more upbeat.
  4. Is that a gold wing? Harley guys hate that one
  5. notherhalo

    Two little birdies

    nothing will ever be worse than when Vernon Wells came aboard
  6. It was kind of entertaining, gottoa FF like 30 - 45 mins or smth to hear it
  7. notherhalo

    Random baseball thoughts

    The Dodgers really did Boston a favor by taking those huge contracts, enabling them to be where they are now, and maybe costing them a WS this year. buuuutttttttt If they didn't get Gonzo, they wouldn't have traded for Kemp, who was their MVP a while. That trade seemed to have got them a ticket to the World Series, and an exit
  8. notherhalo

    Recast a movie or TV show...

    Born in East LA Cheech Marin - Owen Wilson Deep Impact Morgan Freeman - Danny Glover
  9. notherhalo

    Yanks pick up Bridwell.

    when he was with us, he Didwell
  10. notherhalo

    Anyone down for the series in Monterrey?

    Every other country also has passportless (insert) that think the same thing. I got picked up in Czech by a cab driver who looks like a goon from Taken, and when I told him I was from Los Angeles, he said "whoa" and made all sorts of gun gestures and sounds.
  11. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I somehow passed another STD test If I ever take a vacation and I dont come back thinking I need to take one, it wasnt a hell of a vacation
  12. What's the word, mocking bird? The Mexico violence thing is overblown.
  13. notherhalo

    The Mariners staff is falling apart

    Will the Mariners still finish above us in 2019?
  14. notherhalo

    Would you trade Trout for Vlad Jr?

    Cmon, at least it's an entertaining thought
  15. Would you trade Trout for Vlad Jr?