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  1. notherhalo

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    My problem isn't the seat at all but the rim, -and the following side drip or splash into the radius having stone floors would be terrible
  2. notherhalo

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    cmon, am I the only dude here that goes by sonar late at night?
  3. they need to invent a reverse bong thats super powerful, so when Im night navigating by sonar it can just be pulled in
  4. notherhalo

    Trout Extension vs Trade Trout

    Id rather maybe suck for 5 years, but still think theres a chance, instead of being crappy 5 years for sure
  5. notherhalo

    Lets stop the recipe threads

    blarg you are one post away from 30k
  6. Ever had a cold glass of water and thought to yourself, "wow, this shit should be hot". This recipe uses a time honored method of heating that precious H20 to do just that! Continue reading "Boiled Water" »
  7. If you can't get in shape with Homebrewers plan, go with mine
  8. Get a basic remote job and live a more hedonistic lifestyle in S America. You will make more money than most, you wont be fat after a year and girls who are out of your league in the US will be giving it up fast.
  9. notherhalo

    What to do for two evenings in LA?

    It's not exactly Pasadena but if you don't mind driving a little there's this place called "the Fritz" that AW often recommends to me
  10. notherhalo

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    I started playing Yoshi's Island for like 10 mins a week, forgot how great that game was Im at level 7 now
  11. notherhalo

    Wil Myers

    Josh Reddick and Justin Turner seem to turn out pretty good for their respective teams If you can forget Calhoun's first half this season, he seems to be another one of those types Is Myers?
  12. I'm not man enough to hunt but I wanna load the freezer with some cow, bison, elk, etc. anyone have a site to recommend?
  13. notherhalo

    Ervin Heaney, Andrew Santana

    have him pitch against the partially injured White Sox in September all the time
  14. Philly had 'Milville Night' Philly has a boatload of $$$ Philly has young talent, wins a lot now Sosh is from Philly, currently commutes from Westlake Village to Anaheim (ouch) and is a FA Millville NJ is next door and Trout is eagles obsessed .......How is Philadelphia not the obvious #1 contender?