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  1. Was the last Derek Jeter, and who could be one today? Was surprised to learn the Angels had a couple
  2. notherhalo

    Three favorite movies?

    Leaving Las Vegas Leaving Las Vegas Leaving Las Vegas
  3. notherhalo

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    I miss gameday chat
  4. notherhalo

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    IS Buttrey leading or T5 relievers in IP ?
  5. notherhalo

    Tim Mead's final day as a Halo

    cool guy, really happy he decided to show up to the fan fests
  6. notherhalo

    Random baseball thoughts

    Is Howie Kendrick underrated? batting .325 this season and hes 35, and has had a lot of ~.300 seasons
  7. notherhalo

    The Dodgers

    Dodger fans in the parking lot apparently dont
  8. this is a hell of a game
  9. notherhalo

    I went to the game at Wrigley today

    I like their pizza more than Lou Malnatis, Giordanos, etc
  10. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Schnapps has a rare quality to it; it can be enjoyed by the wussiest of drinkers, yet is usually drank by the hardest long-term alcoholics
  11. notherhalo

    Exciting and Interesting Times

    If we keep going and things go well, we could be a .500 team!
  12. notherhalo

    KLOL Calhoun

    excellent thread title
  13. notherhalo

    Does MLB have a pro-Trout agenda or conspiracy?

    It would be cool for him to win all 3 MVPs (season, ASG, WS) like a few guys in Basketball Has a guy ever gotten votes for MVP in both leagues after a trade?
  14. From their official feed this morning............ but the only T5 offensive category he has cracked was walks/OPS, and many he is not even T10 Is it because he is so marketable to the brand of baseball?
  15. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    deaf people probably enjoy getting blowjobs more, especially those who have glasses and lesser vision to boot