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  1. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    There are some things America is really bad as a country with (jail/violence/etc) but its very disappointing to read that we are #48 in the world in alcohol consumption
  2. notherhalo

    Random Links Thread
  3. notherhalo

    Random Thoughts Thread

    one popular way they sell beer in Russia and other CIS countries, is you walk into the place, bring whatever container you want and its priced per liter, or something They should do this in the USA, since people want to reduce straws and bags, they can reduce all the other packaging used. I guess some small hipster breweries do this with "growlers" ?
  4. Was she the hot Russian-ish type or the scary Mongol looking version?
  5. notherhalo

    Fjord pros

    I have some time to burn from the 17th to 20th this month and was thinking of hitting up the Norwegian Fjords Ive only been to Oslo, more specifically the bars in Olso in times past and have no idea how to navigate around. Which are the good ones, etc?
  6. notherhalo

    Here's the thing: Mike Trout is the GOAT

    It would be entertaining to see more alcoholic athletes nowadays
  7. notherhalo


    Re: London, the Brits are famous for having terrible food and I couldn't agree more but there is a street called Brick Lane which has 100000 Indian/Bangladesh restaurants and a lot of them are pretty good. After that you'll keep walking into an area called Shoreditch which has cool bars, some of them open past normal closing times. Beware, many bars close at 11, yes that's normal time, and than you'll have to go to a club with lasers, dark lights etc. If the 2 daughters are kids than I guess this is a useless post, but it's still a cool non-touristy area in the day.
  8. yeah, come over and have a beer. they also have horse milk, which tastes like beer
  9. time to take this OT this bar is crazy I went in last night at 3AM and it was some restaurant with high tech beer pong tables, but not really any people. I said I was looking for bar 404 not found and some chick dialed a telephone on the wall and some wall panel popped open. At the bottom was this older Asian guy in a blue suit, who asked where I came from. After telling him LA, he said he was a PIRU blood, named some ghetto street corners and started dancing like a Kendrick Lamar video. They have a liquor store thing tied to the club/room, which is how you get your alcohol. Its expensive for Astana but its like a $4 corona (the most expensive beer).... whatever.
  10. Ill be sure to check the straw situation here and report back
  11. the McDonalds here in Kazakhstan is really nice I guess the food is the same, but theres no homeless people bathing in the bathrooms, etc
  12. does anyone actually recycle plastic straws? last I heard, US forest is growing each year, partly from paper industry regulation so using paper kinda helps trees rather than hurt them
  13. notherhalo

    And in Crazy Train news.

    not that this train in California was any kind of a good idea, but some people say the sign of a developed city isnt everyone driving cars, but everyone using public transportation
  14. notherhalo

    And in Crazy Train news.

    Those fancy trains in Sweden are nice. Leather seats, wood trim, but the cost reminds me of just how third world the US is compared to some other places.