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  1. the14thjoey

    Seattle Saturday

    There's a lot do dudes in this picture and then there's my "girlfriend at the time". LOL!
  2. If they go 40-25, then let the chips fall where they may.
  3. the14thjoey

    Seattle Saturday

    I will be at the game and I'll try to remember this. Guys, if I never post won't notice because I only post like twice a year anyway.
  4. the14thjoey

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    I don’t post here often but I felt I needed to for this. I am heartbroken. I’m thinking of the pain his teammates are feeling, how everyone who worked alongside him to make it to the bigs feels, and how the Skaggs family feels. It’s too much.
  5. the14thjoey

    Baseball Expansion thoughts?

    Agreed on the A's. I'd like to see all regional pairs kept separate (Seattle-Portland, Oakland-San Francisco, Angels-Los Angeles, San Diego-Arizona) and conserving as much of the current divisions as necessary. Also, the Western and CA divisions travel distances are not balanced. (renamed) Western: AZ, LA, SF, POR Pacific: SD, Angels, OAK, SEA I put the Padres in the Pacific due to that division having to go further north, so the Western division has to go further east. This puts the city-to-city driving distance at 1,394 miles for the (renamed) Western division and 1,296 miles for the Pacific. With Second Base's setup it's 505 miles for the CA division and 1,528 miles for the West division.
  6. the14thjoey

    Upton out for 8-12 Weeks

    I wasn't very excited about what Upton would bring. Objectively, he obviously produced and probably would provide a solid bat in the middle of the lineup, but he never passed the eye test for me. Whatever that means. I'm not sure what I'm saying. But...<<clicks Submit Reply>>
  7. This article (NYT blog post) supports some of what you're saying but Nolan Ryan definitely walked plenty in his no-hitters, particularly no-hitters #1-4.
  8. the14thjoey

    Assuming Sciossia doesn't come back....

    Who is Joe Torre?
  9. the14thjoey

    What the Maldy trade tells us

    Not to mention the value of WAR isn't linear.
  10. the14thjoey

    Assuming Sciossia doesn't come back....

    Angels broadcasters who become managers are never successful.
  11. the14thjoey

    Serious question about old board

    Or guys like me who post once every 7 blue moons.
  12. the14thjoey

    Serious question about old board

    I hated that dudé. He was such a troll, daddy-o.
  13. the14thjoey

    Season Seat Early Pay Prize Incentive

    I'd rather have the Scully jersey.
  14. the14thjoey

    Angels fans in Arlington

    Wet blanket hot! There was a nice breeze for a bit but it was just damp with no air movement for the latter part of the game. Punishment watching Nolasco get smashed!