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  1. Maybe - but this is basically just asking "Does a given pitcher have a better ERA when using one catcher or when using another, in way that predicts future results," and the answer was no. I mean, its possible that some others stat could show SOMETHING; but in the end of the day, if it doesn't help prevent runs (over any kind of time horizon- I'm aware of the problems with ERA, but you would expect it to stabilize with sample size if there was anything 'real' there), I'm not sure what the point of a better catcher is.
  2.'s%20ERA%20(CERA)%20in%20baseball,catcher%20in%20question%20is%20catching.&targetText=With%20it%2C%20Wright%20developed%20a,when%20playing%20with%20different%20catchers. "However, Baseball Prospectus writer Keith Woolner found through statistical analysis of catcher performance that "catcher game-calling isn't a statistically significant skill".[2] Sabermetrician Bill James, too, performed research into CERA, finding that while it is possible that catchers may have a significant effect on a pitching staff, there is too much yearly variation in CERA for it to be a reliable indicator of ability.[1] James used simulations of catchers with assigned defensive values to directly compare CERAs, which influenced Woolner to perform similar simulations but instead using weighted events to calculate pitchers' runs per plate appearance.[1] Through this, Woolner concluded that even if catchers do have an effect on pitchers' abilities to prevent runs, it is undetectable and thus has no practical usage.[1] He also stated that "the hypothesis most consistent with the available facts appears to be that catchers do not have a significant effect on pitcher performance"." ^^This is extremely damning and underrated research about the effect of defensive catchers.
  3. I can't imagine how painful it would be to know that this is out there about a close family member. Especially if this really was out of character for Skaggs. Dealing with the fact that everyone thinks he is someone who you know he isn't...god...
  4. krAbs

    Players weekend uniforms

    Yeah they are
  5. krAbs

    Players weekend uniforms

    I Facking love them. I would also accept bright red in place of the grey. The Astros is are is too much white for me, though.
  6. krAbs

    Gameday Thread: 8/23 Angels @ Astros

    What was the o/u line?
  7. krAbs

    Arm Mismanagement

    Worth noting - a lot of people in this thread seem confused about why this tweet matters. Doesn't really matter who posted it - could be a dog that fell on the keyboard and hit a bunch of letters that accidentally spelled out that tweet. The important part is Middleton appearing to agree. Second...idk. Not even looking at TJ specifically (which HAS been particularly bad for the Angels over the past 5 years, as Zen showed), the fact is that our rotation (and bullpen, but not as notably) has been ravaged by injuries for years. Look at that objectively. You hear about a soccer team that theoretically is good, but has had 80% of its members injured for the majority of the past 4 years. You hear about a basketball team who keeps signing new players, and yet always is forced to field their C team due to injuries. At what point do you start saying "maybe this isn't luck; maybe this team either has a problem with identifying risk, or a problem with conditioning"? Like...idk, I don't know what the problem is, but SOMETHING is broken with this team.
  8. So....who wants to be the one to tell him...?
  9. Hey, that's fucked up. The Angels lose against good teams also.
  10. I think this is what I'm thinking of - that line kinda sets alarm bells off in my mind. Especially when he throws heat, comes up to the majors, and almost immediately goes down with an elbow injury. Suffice to say...really hoping that he is coming back strong here.
  11. Hasn't he already had a history with injuries, even going into the minors? That's my memory of him, at least - he came from college, but was pushed really hard there; has good stuff, but came into the minors needing surgery or something and missed time almost immediately because of it, kinda leading to questions about whether his arm would hold up in the long term. Maybe I'm going crazy? I can't find anything online, but I could have sworn that he missed a substantial amount of time when we first signed him due to arm injuries, and I thought I remembered talk of a possible TJ surgery while he was still in the minors. Hoping I'm just going crazy here...
  12. Geeze, with his history, I had assumed he'd be out for at least a year. This would be huge. It would be nice to walk into next season with Canning, Suarez, Barria, and Sandoval looking like real, healthy options. They don't all have to pan out, but if they were all able to eat innings...then you sign Cole, and throw Ohtani in there...