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  1. It seems like we are having a lot of pen pieces starting games instead of starters. And it seems like our starters still aren't getting as deep into games as I would have hoped. Seems...odd.
  2. "I agree." In that case, La Stella will be our extra utility infielder, with Ward and Cowart working on their two way abilities in the minors.
  3. As for this year, I think Ward starts in the minors, and Cowart starts as the extra utility swing man. No sure which relievers we carry - is there anyone on the edge who we need to carry on the roster because they are out of options?
  4. A reason for hope: "Earlier in 2017, Cahill was excellent. Earlier in 2018, Cahill was almost identically excellent. Both seasons, though, took a turn for the worse. In 2017, Cahill went off the rails in July; this past year, the turn happened in August. Shortly after the turn in 2017, Cahill hit the DL with a shoulder impingement. Shortly after the turn in 2018, Cahill needed treatment for his back, and he would’ve gone on the DL had it not been September. What’s clear is that, when Cahill has been at or around 100%, he’s been a very effective starting pitcher. When there’s been discomfort, though, Cahill’s missed his spots by too much. He already works around the edges of the zone. He doesn’t have that great a margin of error." The take from Fangraphs is that he is basically a hold-me-over until we can get some other pitchers off the DL later in the year. Basically, he starts the year near ace level, but his body deteriorates throughout the year until there is nothing left. From that perspective, starting him on opening day makes perfect sense.
  5. krAbs

    Trout and then what?

    I feel like this team is headed in a better direction than any time in recent memory. This year will be somewhat tanky, but after this we start bringing up young kids to fill in gaps. Our farm has been improving, and is getting to the point where it can finally again start supplementing areas of the major league team so we don't have to spend big money on every position. I agree with AO's take on starting pitching - I almost posted something along those lines in the Keuchel thread. So, a solid rotation, plus Trout, Ohtani, Upton, Simmons, and Adell on the field/in the lineup. If we fill a few more holes with internal guys, this team is starting to look very solid. When Pujols comes off the books in a few years, we can also use that money to fill in more holes.
  6. Now I think its a worse idea to sign him. The "cash in the future to win now" plan doesn't make any sense anymore.
  7. So, about 35 million a year until he is 40, right? Assuming this kicks in after the previous deal concluded. This extension will be the largest contract in sports history - by about 75 million dollars. Mike Trout will make juuuust under 588 million dollars for playing baseball.
  8. krAbs

    AND he's done.

    I was 100% sure this was going to be an injury report on an Angels pitcher.
  9. krAbs

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    Okay, so, the most interesting rule update has largely been ignored here because of the 2-way player thing. MLB is doing two things to give us more baseball and less advertisement. 1. they are limiting how often a manager can change pitchers in a game (and limiting the total number of pitchers carried). This will result in fewer mid-inning commercial breaks. 2. they are shortening the time between innings. This will lead to less commercial time in the middle of games. Obviously, as a fan, I LOVE this. But, its kind of a crazy change. It feels like its going against entropy - how often do professional sports teams say "You know what? We are taking in too much add revenue. We should cut down on the number of commercials shown in our games." I hope it works out for baseball as an organization, but from my perspective, that's really cool.
  10. Hold up. I have mixed feelings about this rule, but like...I feel like impacting strategy is literally the point of rules. Rules determine which strategies are in or out of bounds. That is the reason we have rules in sports.
  11. krAbs

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    Awesome - I've been waiting for a post from you about this (as someone who has a finger closer to the pulse of the actual MLB establishment than anyone on here). I think a lot of the concern/confusion around Ohtani is the line about choosing whether to call someone a pitcher or a hitter at the beginning of the year, and then locking them into that for the year. It sounds like your take is that that would apply to switching between hitter and pitcher designation, but not switching between pitcher and two-way player designation. I think this is the sticking point for most of us fans - we really don't want to see Ohtani get screwed out of going two-ways because he can't pitch this year. But, if it works how you're saying, that makes Ohtani even more valuable than he is now, because he allows the Angels to carry one more "pitcher" than other teams.
  12. Anyone see Maitan looked today? I don't mean his swing or his fielding - I mean physically, how is he looking? Still like a fatty, or is he back in shape again?
  13. Our filthiest pitcher decided his stuff wasn't filthy enough, so he added a famously filthy pitch to his repertoire. Nice.
  14. krAbs

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    Walsh and Cowart end up being really interesting. If they aren't good enough to justify 20 innings of relief, their value TANKS (especially Cowart, who is pretty much a known quantity at this point). If they are good enough for that, though, they become much more valuable than they are now. Now they become a way to cheat and get extra relief pitchers on your roster, who don't count against your total pitchers. Actually, this gives them more clear value than they have now.