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  1. Cool article on Fletcher and how weird of a player he is. Basically, how he is able to take a unique skill set and turn it into a huge success that doesn't look like anyone else in baseball right now.
  2. Hu, yeah. and 7 walks and 2 HBP. One batter reaching on an error...the math still isn't checking out, actually. That should only be 18 runs (with a runner stranded at 2nd when the inning ended).
  3. lol holy shit, I wish they had a play by play of this, not just a scoring play summary. Double, double, homer, walk, hbp, walk, walk, single, single, sacrifice, walk, triple, single, double. Those are just the scoring plays. In one inning. edit nvm they do!! walk, reach on error, double, double, homer, [pitcher change], line out (1), hbp, single, walk, walk, [pitcher change], single, single, rbi pop out (2), walk, walk, triple, single, single, double, strike out (3)
  4. krAbs

    Noe Ramirez

    wtf I love pujols now?
  5. krAbs

    Noe Ramirez

    I totally missed the game last night - can someone catch me up?
  6. Barria: I don't need your stupid strike zone.
  7. Had a feeling that was what happened as soon as I saw him go down. Especially when he couldn't put any weight on it while being taken off the field. Absolutely brutal.
  8. Feel for Suarez. Kid thrown out there in a tough position - the team could use a win right now, but the defense behind him really seems like their head isn't in the game. A lot of pressure on a 21 year old.
  9. Team is distracted.
  10. Its hard to say - its possible that Ohtani is a worse "hitter" than some other power hitters, but has more raw power than them. Like, others have more, longer home runs, but that's only because they are better able to square up MLB pitching. Ohtani, being new to the league, may still be adjusting and relying on raw strength. That being said, I think Judge is probably the guy with the most raw power. Watching him in the home run derby, it was like a man against boys.
  11. A good chunk of those are kinda what I would expect - baseball rosters are big, and things like car accidents happen over a 50 year period. That's probably a little more than you'd expect, but SHOULD expect the occasional tragedy. But, some of those are just crazy. Lyman Bostock was weird, but then Donnie Moore and the bus incident? That shit is crazy. That is getting way outside of the bounds of what you'd expect.
  12. Oh dear lord, please put the sign back.
  13. You would think, right? Basically, OBP is diving by plate appearances, while BA divides by at bats. Sacrifices don't count as at bats. So, if you have basically never walked, but you've had a few sacrifice flies, you can get your BA above your OBP. I had to look that up, though.
  14. Ah! So, given the fact that he sat against two righties before tonight, I take it you agree with my point?