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  1. krAbs

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    Fangraphs projects him to be our best reliever, by WAR (note - these numbers are a bit funky for relievers, because WAR is a cumulative stats, so projected IP has a big influence in a relievers WAR production); and a top 3 reliever by ERA. If he manages to bounce back a bit, this could be a great signing. 8.5 million feels like a bit of an overpay, but...that also may just be where the market is...
  2. krAbs

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    Thanks for the words and prayers, everyone. And thank you for that pic, @Chuckster70. I don't know if I'd seen that before. Its been nice reading through this in what has been otherwise a really, really shitty weekend.
  3. I know a number of longer term users on this board knew my dad (who went by Pablo on here). This morning, he was going for his daily bike ride, and he was hit by a car at Seal Beach and PCH. My understanding is that he died on site, and there was no pain. Due to the nature of the incident, they are doing a full autopsy, so I won't know the details until a couple weeks from now. I just wanted to thank everyone here. The Angels were always a thing we bonded over, and he introduced me to this place a few years ago. This has been the starting point of countless conversations between us over the years.
  4. While these may make more sense from a marketing and larger fanbase perspective, LB is FAR more convenient for my life personally - which I assume is the driving factor here.
  5. Ugh, they need to hurry up and move to Long Beach.
  6. krAbs

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Pujols for Bumgarner. Make it happen, Eppler!
  7. TIL Hermosillo slashed .333/.400/.611/1.011 over 14 games in September last year. An optimistic take says he is successfully adjusting to major league pitching and may be serviceable in right moving forward. Small sample size, but maybe he can have success as a 4th outfielder/platoon with Calhoun/someone who makes Calhoun the 4th outfielder until Adell arrives.
  8. krAbs

    Which player will rebound?

    If I have to pick, I think Calhoun. But, I kinda doubt any of them will fully rebound. My hope is that most (all?) split the difference. I know, I know, downer, but I feel like the last couple years have taught me not to rest too much hope on rebounds.
  9. ^^What we are jokingly referring to as "English".
  10. krAbs

    Alex Meyer back...

    I went to his last game in the bigs. He was absolutely incredible... And then landed on the DL, seemingly never to return. I feel like that is pretty much him in a nutshell. The stuff is real, but so is the injury risk. If he could manage to stay healthy, he would be something special.
  11. krAbs

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    I'm pretty sure she is a catcher...
  12. He's tanked a bit since leaving coors, but he has a career 'away' line of .269/.338/.453/.791. Not amazing, but not really terrible either. Looks better for a shortstop than 3b/1b, though...
  13. krAbs

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Guys, guys...Colon is a free agent, and he was pretty good like a decade ago. I bet we could get him for 10 million plus.
  14. krAbs

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Low key, I've just always wanted an excuse to eat one of Lou's shoes. Also, this won't be the reason.
  15. krAbs

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Hey guys, maybe we can really break bank and sign Lincecum for 15 million. THE piece.