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  1. the madman batting ohtani 3rd right behind trout in his first game back.... hell yea I've watched maybe 4 games all season, but I'll definitely be tuning in tonight.
  2. NrM

    Worst Halos decade

    Rebuilding would consist of trading away our assets, which I don't remember us ever doing since Arte Moreno became owner.
  3. NrM

    Shohei Ohtani wants to play

    i would lose my shit.. it's something scioscia would do.
  4. Don't you get an extra year of service time if you wait till June to call him up? They'd be pretty stupid to call him up now if that were the case.
  5. NrM

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    I stopped watching/caring since trout got hurt... How does ward look?
  6. NrM

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    Throw Mota in there as well. We for sure have the worst collection of broadcast talent imo.
  7. NrM

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    is this the annual gubicza hate thread? because I really can't stand him in the booth. I find it hard to believe that there are fans out there that actually enjoy listening to him.
  8. *positive adjectives* to get the gameday post count up
  9. Who says trout can't hit the high fastball!
  10. NrM

    AW in a Nutshell

    I was away mate. This was the perfect game to complain though. Trout and the Pen did everything while everyone else stunk.
  11. NrM

    Billy Eppler

    We just need to accept this is a rebuilding/retooling year imo.
  12. Simmons and then big dick pujols. The meat of the order ready to do some damage baby.
  13. Hell yea brother. Stay positive! we got this!
  14. Matt Harvey got that fat dip in. He aint F*cking around tonight!
  15. hey guys I'm here. I'm going to be positive for one whole game. Wish me luck!