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  1. Didn't realize he was that highly coveted. Nice to see the Angels have top prospects again.
  2. anyone watch anime in here? I fell down a rabbit hole of Anime and I can't stop. I'm turning into a weeb pls send help.
  3. NrM

    Justin Upton appreciation thread

    I dono man why he so fat though. Like Facking lose some weight man. also why can't I Facking say F*ck. Like you think some Facking kid reads Facking and doesn't know what I'm trying to say? what the F*ck lol
  4. NrM


    eh I like him
  5. Is our farmsystem actually good or are people just saying that because it's better than it was the last few years. I looked up some of our top prospects and their stats are very underwhelming.
  6. They have competent managers.
  7. NrM

    Eppler's Manager

    A new manager would get me excited about this team again. Knowing Scioscia wouldn't be making anymore front office decisions would be fantastic. Every year I watch less and less games. tbh I haven't even watched a single game this year.
  8. NrM

    Bored on the Off Day?

    I'll be the first to admit I was a dipoto fanboy and didn't really think much of eppler. please don't dig up any of my older posts. I've been shamed enough.
  9. NrM

    Gameday: 4/4 Angels vs Indians

    Pujols looks like he's in so much pain everytime he has to run.
  10. NrM

    Gameday: 4/3 Angels vs Indians

    Today I finally got to watch a full game and wow. Jose Mota is something else. They're really giving him more commentating time.
  11. NrM

    Stock Market: The Thread

    anyone investing in cryptocurrency?
  12. fuck that. You don't trade top prospects for overpriced vets. The dodgers, cubs, yankees and astros are powerhouses because they built their teams through the farmsystem.
  13. hell yea this actually has me pumped for the first time in years.