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  1. TooCool

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    I just got home and I see a lovely 21-2 score. Thanks Scioscia!
  2. Stupid Cardinals bending over for the Dodgers in this crucial series to help them make the playoffs.
  3. Can't get more embarrassing than that Parker!
  4. Bedrosian and Ramirez already pitched too... that says a lot.
  5. TooCool

    Gameday 9/7 Angels @ White Sox (Upton back)

    This Buttrey guy can pitch. *knock on wood* A small bright spot to our garbage bullpen.
  6. Typical D-Backs. Easy chance to take a bigger lead over the Dodgers but instead they love choking in the 9th over and over.
  7. That made my Saturday.
  8. TooCool

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    We all know Scioscia is going to reward him tomorrow with a nice seat on the bench. Sit him for a few games so he cools off.
  9. TooCool

    Gameday: 8/10. A’s @ Angels. #VladHOF

    1 game over .500! Those Astros, , Indians, Red Sox, and Yankees are shaking in their boots!
  10. He doesn't have Scioscia as a manager. =P
  11. TooCool

    Max Muncy

    Thank you HR Derby!
  12. Wait what? You mean that wasn't a given 2 months ago? o_o
  13. TooCool

    Tyler Skaggs to 10-day DL

    Meanwhile the Halos training staff continues to say...
  14. TooCool

    Make one change to MLB

    Allow fights in baseball! lol
  15. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/29 Mariners @ Angels

    "We have a 4 game winning streak so let's suck today!" I'm sure that's the game plan boys.