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  1. TooCool

    Machado to Padres....

    Good signing or not, it's hilarious to see butt hurt Dodgers fans today. I'm not sure why they're bitter when they knew he wasn't going to stay.
  2. Just heard the news.. RIP. =\
  3. TooCool

    Mathis Signs Again!

    Congrats Jeff. Your dad must be so proud of you.
  4. Thank you Red Sux. One more please and make it quick.
  5. Because Cody is a lefty. Also, Machado will chase since he wants to be the hero.
  6. That wasn't deep enough to run... why do it?
  7. TooCool

    F**ck Everything :-(

    Exactly @Blarg. That is what bugs me the most about Dodger fans in general. They seem to have a huge inferiority complex when it comes to territory. They're more hung up over the fact that we're called the Los Angeles Angels than their own team. I tell my Dodger friends time and time again that Halo fans don't give a **** about the LA in the front. That's Arte's doing and him only. Last thing we need here, for the sake of the Angels fan base moving forward is a Dodgers WS win. At least I can make fun of most of them knowing that they never even saw them win in 88...
  8. TooCool

    Let’s go Dodgers

    Won't be watching and won't be rooting for either team. However, when I look at the box score the Red Sox better win.
  9. Way to show up tonight Brewers... All we need is a Dodgers choke but I won't count on it. Here's hoping the Red Sox make short work of them or something.. Go Lakers!
  10. Over managing is not good either.
  11. Why are former Angels always getting it done for the Dodgers?
  12. TooCool

    F**ck Everything :-(

    Dodgers winning one would be the absolute worst. At least we could keep poking fun at their 88 World Series (and most of their fans today have never seen them win before). But if they win it, good luck during the freeway series Halo fans.
  13. It's a talent they acquire living in Milwaukee.
  14. Thanks for bending over Brewers... *sigh*