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  1. Probably feeding the troll but I'll bite... It's the same thing for every sport here. Does matter if it's the Angels, Dodgers, Kings, Ducks, Lakers or Clippers. (I don't watch football or soccer but I'll imagine it's the same thing.) That's just how it always has been. It would obviously help if the home team actually won these games easily... to shut up the fans invading and acting like it's their home. But it's unfortunate when our teams bend over backwards in front of their own fans who bother to show up. That's the main issue really. Keep winning, and the opposing fans are less likely to attend because they don't want to pay to see their team lose.
  2. Someone wants our bullpen? Trade them then! Automatic win.
  3. TooCool

    Hitters explain why they can't beat the shift

    Right? I think pride plays a big factor too. I remember when Pujols refused to bunt or anything like that.. just keep hitting into the shift, looking stupid. For me personally, if you're going to give me a free pass up get my batting average up AND get on base? Then I'm all for it. But I'm not a baseball player so what do I know I guess. That's just the thing with the shift. If you hit right into it, the defense looks smart and the offense looks dumb. You bunt properly and get on base? The defense looks stupid and the offense looks smart. Pick your poison really.
  4. TooCool

    Segura gets the nod / Angels fans fall short

    Unlimited? LOL. Good luck beating the script kiddies then.
  5. TooCool

    Gameday 7/8 Dodgers @ Angels

    So glad the Halos showed up tonight to take 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers. Now if only they would do this more often against the likes of Yankees and Red Sox too.
  6. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Jansen is throwing everything right down the middle and our guys can't touch him. Oh well, have a good night all
  7. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Well, that bruise is going to put Ohtani on the 60 day DL.
  8. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Does Pujols know he's irrelevant or does he still think of himself as a superstar?
  9. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Check swing that hits the bag.. lol. Can't get more lucky than that if you're the Dodgers.
  10. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Well, this is the only chance to tie the game or take the lead with Trout batting in the bottom half of the 8th.
  11. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Kole sucks. But we already know that.
  12. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Joe Buck doing his best to say... "Trout and scrubs." With that said, yay HR!
  13. TooCool

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Umpire has been a little generous with Stripling's curveball. But other than that, the Halos need to wake the **** up.
  14. TooCool

    Trout Sucks

    Interesting. It must be because he still hasn't hit a HR at Fenway yet so in my mind, he skus. lol
  15. TooCool

    Trout Sucks

    Should have made this when they were at Fenway. That guy struggles like crazy there.