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  1. rafibomb

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    Pretty amazing that when Ohtani needs TJ surgery and can't pitch next season we can just say, "alright well he can hit 30 homeruns as an everyday hitter". He really is a special player and we are still incredibly lucky to have him.
  2. rafibomb

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    So Ohtani will be cleared to hit next season even after Tommy John? Or will the surgery sideline him altogether for the entire 2019 season?
  3. rafibomb

    Gameday 9/2 Angels @ Astros - SHOWTIME!

    Lmao Matt wondering why Sho was only throwing breaking balls. Dude’s velocity clearly was gone.
  4. rafibomb

    Gameday 9/2 Angels @ Astros - SHOWTIME!

    Velocity down. Bullpen up.
  5. They seriously need a rebrand. That navy blue looks sooooooo good with the red.
  6. What Ohtani has done this year has been insane. Then I remember this is only his first year. He’s evolving before our very own eyes.
  7. Canning has been pitching better. Went 4.2 IP tonight's start with 5 K', 0 BB's, 2 ER's. His last 6 games: 27.2 IP 4.30 ERA 24 SO 8 BB
  8. rafibomb

    Gameday Thread: 8/22 Angels @ D-Backs.

    I remember reading that Buttrey's fastball was straight but that thing moves!
  9. rafibomb

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    Pls be good again :(
  10. Hoping the best for Chavez. Would love nothing more than to have him impress and don the Angels uniform as manager next year. With Cora and Boone, it seems like a desireable trait for the "new-age" manager is someone not too far off from his playing days to relate to the players in a more personal manner.